According to experts, these are the 9 signals to detect an infidelity:

  • He never has a cell phone in sight. You do not know what’s going on but you do not leave your cell phone on the dining room table as before. He carries it in his pocket, he insists on always keeping it and you have the feeling that he is erasing whatsapps and calls. Weird, weird …
  • Spend less time with you. Work has become a priority, meetings at odd hours, always late and very busy.
  • Duplicate the rituals of personal hygiene. He had never done it but now he suddenly also showers when he gets home.
  • Concern about your physique. From night to morning he worries about his body, he joins the gym and even goes on a diet.
  • Renew the wardrobe. He never liked to go shopping and now he does not stop brandishing rags. Younger clothing or any unexpected style change is suspect.
  • Spend more money It is not very economical to maintain two relationships. Look at the small expenses, small amounts, frequent payments … they are always indications of some activity outside the couple’s scope.
  • More passion When the relationship is more abandoned, your partner seems to suffer a sudden attack of falling in love with you. More passion, more kisses, details, gifts, romantic dinners … A clear symptom of his bad conscience.
  • Here it is easy not to be wrong, if your partner has been unfaithful in the past, he has all the ballots to be again. Beware of recidivists.
  • Well-founded suspicions. The signs can take you to the data and from them get evidence. Hiring a private detective can be very useful if your suspicions are well founded. Do not leave any loose ends.


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