A lot of people I know went through so many shitty relationships until they found the one that satisfied all their criteria. I don’t know why, but finding your soulmate the second you start dating is almost impossible. It seems you have to go through so many nasty things with your exes to find what you have been looking for. That’s the scenario I had in my life as well. I was dating guys with different profiles but I could never find the one who would fulfill me completely. With all of them, I had the constant feeling that something was missing.

And because of that feeling, I couldn’t give myself all in. Then I decided I would rather be alone than in bad company. I decided to wait for love to come to my door instead of me trying to find it. And that was the best decision of my life. If you still think that it is better to go out and try to find love, I will give you 8 good enough reasons why it is better to wait for love to come to you.

1. In the right relationship, you will develop trust

Trust is an essential part of every relationship. If you don’t trust your man, it is very difficult to take your relationship to a whole new level. Every time he goes out with his friends, you will be panicking that he might cheat on you. But if you have a stable and a healthy relationship full of trust and love, you won’t think about the bad things at all. Instead, you will enjoy all those happy moments as a couple and work with your man to make an amazing story together.

2. In the right relationship, you will want to make memories

When you are with the love of your life, it is normal that you will want to make some nice memories. With the man of your life, you will want to share your life problems, your happy moments and all those things that are called life. With him, everything will finally make sense and you will feel that he is the one.

3. In the right relationship, you will feel that you are a priority

Every woman wants to be a priority to her man. Every single one of us wants a loving and caring man who would kill to be with us. And frankly speaking, that is what we deserve. No woman deserves a shitty boyfriend who will make her an option instead of a priority. Only a real man can commit to only one woman and be happy with her. And that my dear is something that only a strong man can do.

4. In the right relationship, your partner will be your best friend

I think that when two people meet, they should first be friends for a while and then develop a romantic relationship. In that way, they will be able to get to know each other much better and they will know what to expect in their relationship. And when life gets tough, you will know that you have your best friend next to yourself who you can come when you feel down. He will always be there to tell you that he will protect you and that everything will be just fine.

5. In the right relationship, your partner will love you for yourself

When you find the right one, he will love you just the way you are—silly, stressed out or totally relaxed. He will show you that he accepts you with all your pros and cons and that he is all in. He is there and he is not planning to go anywhere anytime soon. He is the right man for you and he will wait for you to be ready for the next step.

6. In the right relationship, you will feel worthy

Everything that you do will make sense because things will work out in your favor. It won’t be a problem for you to work hard to earn more money for the house you want to buy because your partner will do the same and he will support you on your life path. It is very important that the both of you want the same things and that you will feel worthy with a man like that.Once you feel this, you will know that you made the right decision.

7. In the right relationship, you will pursue your own dreams

And your man will constantly be there for you. He will look at you all the time and support you in achieving your personal goals. He knows how important it is for you to get what you want because things like that will fulfill you. You will feel free to try new things in life and you will work hard to get things that make you happy.

8. In the right relationship, you will have the feeling that you haven’t settled for less than you deserve

In the right relationship, you will get everything that you craved and you won’t have any need to ask for something more. You will be pleased with all the things that your partner provides for you and he will be satisfied because he can do that. You will feel that you have finally found what you have been looking for and you won’t take that smile off of your face.


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