1. “There’s still hope.”

We try to convince ourself that all hope is not lost. If something is broken, it doesn’t mean that it can’t be fixed. But we don’t pay attention to whether it’s just a bit chipped or it’s completely shattered.

Maybe fixing a chipped piece is not so hard but to put back something together all the way from the start is a completely different story.

We lie to ourself that there is still hope because we don’t want to admit that in reality, there is no hope.

2. “We didn’t have s.. that often, that must be it.”

What we do with our body is our own choice. We shouldn’t change for anyone’s sake. And if that really is the reason why you broke up with him, then he is a jerk.

Respect your body and always do what you want with it. And if you ask me, if all my relationships are going to fail because we are not having enough s.. , then let them fail.

I’m choosing the freedom to do with my body whatever the hell I want and no one will succeed in convincing me of the opposite.

3. “My ex is an idiot!”

I know you hate him and you should because that is the only way to handle what you’re going through right now. But marking him as the earth’s worst man who ever lived won’t help you in the long run.

It’s so much easier to label him as the bad one, so you can deal with him leaving. We all judge others before we stop to take a look at ourself. Maybe there is something we need to fix about ourself.

So don’t look at this break-up as something terrible but look at it as a chance to improve yourself and to become someone else’s perfect girlfriend.

4. “All relationships are work.”

Sure, some effort is necessary to keep the relationship and the love alive. But if your relationship is all work and no enjoyment, then something is wrong.

Nothing in life should be forced and neither should your relationship. Things between the two of you just didn’t work out because it wasn’t meant to be.

5. “It’s all my fault!”

Again, this is a big, fat lie. He just wasn’t cut out for you. It’s nothing you did, it’s who you are. And not everyone is meant for everyone.

Something in your behavior, in your personality, bothered him and he left you. But you can’t hide those things for the rest of your life. It’s who you are.

So, stop lying to yourself and stop making excuses for the ending of your relationship, because a man who won’t be bothered by anything you do will come along.

6. “I need to get back on my feet ASAP”

No, you don’t! And no one has ever done this. It’s impossible to just erase everything that happened and move on with your life right after a break-up.

Allow yourself some time to grieve. Be in a dark place and cry your heart out for as long as you need. Cancel all the plans you have and just deal with your pain the best way you know how.

Once you get it out of your system, you’ll finally be ready to move on.

7. “Life sucks.”

Your relationship didn’t define you. You managed to live a perfectly normal life before he came along. That means you’ll be able to move on as well.

Life only appears to suck because you’ve been hurt. But when you think about it, there will be no more sleepless nights worrying about the survival of your relationship. You are free from that.

When you see a hot guy walking down the street, you’re free to act on it, you can ask him out on a date. You can become a girl who does whatever the hell she wants. Your life has no limits whatsoever.

8. “What we had was perfect.”

Make a list of the things you love about this person and the things you don’t. Be completely honest with yourself and after you’re done, you’ll see that breaking up was the right decision after all.


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