If I got a dollar every time I heard about some guy playing games with my female friends, I would be richer than Oprah by now. Seriously, we live in a world where dating has become a battle for survival.

Males have become like hyenas stalking women for all the wrong reasons and their insatiable greediness (with the exception of good guys who are so rare). They lure women into their toxic nest only to play games with them.

They are no longer even shy about just wanting sex and sex only; they’re ready to use every single dirty trick in the book to get you into bed.

And, guys, you know what the worst of all is? You think we don’t notice things – that we’re too naive to believe your manipulative nature.

I’m sorry, but you have no idea that we’ve always been one step ahead of you.

We predict your every move, we can tell when you lie to us and we have even devised imaginary radars that can measure the levels of toxicity in certain males. Yup. (Okay, kidding about the last one. Or maybe not?)

So, I think this is a pretty good reason for you to finally stop playing games with us women because it’s no longer fun and we don’t fall for any of it anymore.

But, if you need more reasons to stop being ultimate assholes (again, with the exception of all the good guys), here is the entire list!

1. We don’t buy your bullshit anymore

As already said, the main reason why you should seriously stop playing games with women is because they no longer buy any of your bullshit.

Women are perfectly aware of every single trick you’re using against them to appease your selfishness and they no longer fall for it. So, why waste your time being an asshole when no one is buying that shit anymore?

2. You’re ruining it for all the genuinely nice guys

Yup. When you pretend that you’re all nice only to jump into our pants, you’re deliberately ruining it for all the genuinely decent guys out there.

Do you know why? Because we’ll no longer trust anyone.

While you may fool us once, you’ll definitely not fool us twice, yet still there will be this suspicion in the air every time a genuinely good guy does or says something nice.

Our reason will warn us that they are just like the rest of you, even though it may not be the case. So, why ruin everything only so that you can satisfy your own ego?

3. Playing with someone’s emotions is the lamest thing you can do

Seriously, we’re no longer in elementary school. Gone are the days when little boys were teasing and playing games with little girls.

It’s high time you become grown-ass men and behave accordingly; playing with someone’s emotions is definitely the lamest thing you can do.

But, being a grown-ass man who knows what he wants and respects women is a totally different thing.

You should understand that no one likes douchebags and it’s about time you understand the serious consequences of playing with someone’s emotions and heart.

4. Being yourself will get you so much further

If you think that the only way to get what you want is by playing an asshole, you’ve definitely got it all wrong.

The truth is, being yourself will get you so much further. You want to know why? Because every woman will respect a man who respects himself; every woman will sooner give a chance to a man who is not an ultimate asshole.

Being yourself will change your life and your game. You’ll be appreciated, respected, and wanted for who you are. Remember that no woman alive likes jerks, so seriously consider stopping being one.

5. Women are capable of playing those games too, and probably much better than you

If you think that women are incapable of playing the same games that you’re playing, you’re sadly mistaken.

Women are capable of playing those games too, and the truth is that they would probably be much better than you.

Women were blessed with the gift of understanding complex emotions and they could easily use that against you, but they choose not to. Why?

Because they aren’t assholes – they care about how others feel. They are neither selfish nor narcissistic to only think about themselves.

6. Your reputation will haunt you

“Once a cheater, always a cheater.” When you break a woman’s heart, she will definitely never forgive you.

But, to make matters worse, no woman out there will ever forgive you because we live in a small world where people talk and everyone seems to know everyone else’s dirty laundry.

Your game-playing with women will hurt your reputation and this will haunt you for a long time after your sinful deeds.

And even when you change your mind about being an asshole and start treating women with the respect they deserve, they still won’t believe you. Do you know why? Because “Once a cheater, always a cheater.”

7. You could really hurt someone

Do you ever think about possible consequences while playing your silly games? I suppose not. Well, did you know that you could really hurt someone mentally and even physically with all your bullshit?

And this is no fun at all. No person out there (be it male or female) deserves to be manipulated or treated like shit.

No person out there deserves to deal with your toxic nature because you’re not the one entitled to destroy other people’s lives. Playing God is a dangerous thing, you know.

8. It’s just a waste of time for all of us

If you’re still not convinced why you should stop playing games with women, just think about how the world would look like if there were no assholes, manipulators, toxic people, liars, and narcissists.

It would be like heaven on earth because the levels of unhappiness and shitty people would significantly decrease.

And you would save tons of your time by doing good things instead of only shitty ones.

So, why waste your time and the time of other people on playing silly games when you can start making the world a better place just by changing yourself?

As Mahatma Gandhi said: “Be the change you wish to see in the world.”


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