Being a single lady is definitely a double-edged sword. It feels good to finally not give a shit about anything or worrying about your partner but it feels terrible to be showered with all of those annoying questions that make you shiver every single time you hear them.

Then you start asking yourself when they will finally understand that you’re content the way you are in life for the time being and there’s no need for them to act like psychiatrists or pretend that they’re overly worried about you.

8 annoying things single ladies are tired of hearing

1. “You’re so awesome! How come you’re single?”

If they only understood the absurdity that this question oozes. I mean, is it somewhere written in books that awesome people are forbidden to be single? They didn’t think that maybe you’re single by choice and not because you’re unable to find a partner?

Not every awesome person needs to be in a relationship to be considered awesome but that’s just too hard to explain to some people.

2. “So, you’re not going to have children?”

Currently being single has absolutely nothing to do with the future decision of having children. Being single at the moment doesn’t mean being single forever and that you’re not going to meet your Prince Charming someday.

There are many women out there who are determined to have children at some point but they won’t do so until they’ve met the right one. And you should never rush into a relationship only to prove to everyone that you’re interested in having children.

3. “You will meet the right one when you least expect it!”

Is there anything more annoying than this statement that has become so mainstream and overrated. Yes, you might meet the right one when you least expect it but this doesn’t have to be a rule. I mean, it’s not a part of the Ten Commandments or something.

Some women meet the right one when they least expect it, some don’t. Some women meet the right one when they decide to. Period.

4. “You have no idea how lucky you are to be single.”

And for God’s sake, can you people just stop comparing being single with being lucky when you’re going through some shit in your own relationships. Being single, just like being in a relationship, has its pros and cons and you should not label it upon stumbling over one trivial obstacle.

5. “Have you thought about online dating?”

When they ask you this one, the first answer that comes to your mind is: “No, I haven’t thought about online dating at all. Thanks for reminding me.” I mean, we live in the world of an improved digital era where you can have a robot partner if you wanted to.

So, yes, chances are pretty high that you’ve considered online dating but you simply don’t like the idea of it. You’re not interested in forcing yourself to meet some desperate soul whose main life goal is to a drink certain amount of beers in a certain amount of time.

You simply don’t have time to waste it on crappy online sites because you’ve got more fun and important things to do. And when you decide to meet someone, it will be face-to-face and not over a keyboard for sure.

6. “You should stop being so picky.”

Being picky and not having something to pick are two completely different terms. You have your own expectations of men so why should you settle for less if they don’t make you happy?

The right answer to this question is: “You should stop being so intrusive when it comes to my love life. Thanks in advance.”

7. “I know just the right guy for you!”

Please, just spare the world of your silly attempts to match two completely different planets. No one is asking you to go out of your way to find a perfect match because in 99% of cases it will be a fail.

If one guy seems right to you, it doesn’t mean that he’s right to everyone else. We’re all able to follow our preferences and think for ourselves, so don’t waste your time thinking that you’re helping because you’re doing the total opposite.

8. “Have you thought about going back to your ex?”

Going back to your ex is the last thing a single woman would ever think of. If it was meant to be, it would have lasted. It’s as simple as that and there’s no point in trying to excavate the past that had been buried a long time ago. Being single doesn’t mean being miserable and the sooner some of you realize it, the better.


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