The problem with toxic relationships is that most of them are very subtle …

We do not realize that these relationships are beating us until the damage is done. When you are with someone or with somebody who completely drains you and drains the energy out of you, you are forced to set limits in order to stay normal in that relationship.

If you are having a relationship with someone who is constantly having an emotional and mental war with you, you probably do not understand how you actually entered into that relationship.

There are 7 types of subtle toxic relationships with people who consume your energy:

1. The person you feel bad about because you are not friends.

If you are in a relationship just because you would feel bad when you finish it, you need to understand that you do not pity that person, but you feed your need to be loved by all. In that case, you only use that person.

2. The person who does not take responsibility.

This is the person who always has something to complain about, does not accept advice, or always finds a way to be out of control. This is a person who wants to spread negativity and base the whole relationship on complaining, gossiping, and developing other stressful ways of thinking.

3. The person who is intentionally helpless.

This is typically the kind of person who is so afraid of losing people that he fakes helplessness just to make others feel that they can not leave.

Another way this can manifest itself is when someone has been confronted with much suffering in their lives, so that he begins to believe that he is helpless and stops trying to make changes.

Either way, this person will blame you for their emotional pain.

4. The person who can not stand the pain of other people.

This is the person who gets angry if you do not share the same opinion with her or if you tell her that her behavior is not right. These types of people tend to be unpredictable and often give you a bad feeling when you’re not always in a good mood. They can even get mad at you “because you ruined your day”.

5. The person who can not endure the happiness of others.

This is the person who is without reason the lawyer of the devil. It does not celebrate your successes and only puts emphasis on what might go wrong or what you should pay attention to. She can not accept your success or well-being, so she’s always trying to find a way to subtly get ready.

6. The person who forces you to earn their love.

This is the person who makes you feel that you are not quite good enough for them . She wants to be with you, but does not want to bind herself. In a moment she talks to you and then ignores you for a long time.

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You feel like you’re being judged for simple things, like how many friends you have or what kind of music you listen to. Her goal is to make other people feel bad so she can feel better. Sometimes you will feel confused because you have to earn your recognition and love.

7. The person whose gut feeling tells you to avoid them.

If this person calls, you do not want to answer. If you have plans, you feel bad and would like to avoid them. You have no logical reasons why you do not want to hang out with this person and yet you defend yourself every time and end up feeling you are bad and drained.

This is a person who wants to approach you despite this feeling and then the toxicity is used. It deprives you of your energy and you are not aware enough to set limits.


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