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At the beginning of the relationship everything seems so beautiful and romantic and you feel that this is the person you have always wanted to be with.

But deep inside, are you really sure? Are not you a little confused as to whether you made the right decision? There are certain things that make you feel like this relationship could not work.

The truth is that you are afraid of losing the person and trying to ignore certain signs. But you have to find out if your relationship will work or not and this text could help you with that.

There are 6 signs that will show you that he is not the right man for you:

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1. There is no chemistry between you.

The relationship is not just about opposing poles attracting each other, but many factors combine to what we call the “chemistry” in a relationship. Two people may feel attracted to each other and even like each other, but it is not necessary that they form a chemistry.

You will understand that the chemistry between you is right when you both feel the other’s presence even when you are not together. You will know it is true love when the people around you notice how well you work as a couple and wherever you go together, your presence is felt as a couple and not as an individual.

If this does not exist in your relationship, or you feel that he is not the right man for you, then it is definitely not true love.

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2. Your partner never compliments you.

We are social beings and have our own problems both professionally and personally. The purpose of entering into a relationship is to find peace and be happy.

Sometimes we need compliments from our partner to make us feel loved and appreciated. A compliment like “Wow, are you beautiful” or “the food you cooked is really delicious” is not praise, just a recognition of the fact that we are loved.

Compliments cheer us up and give us a good feeling and when a person loves, he also wants his partner to feel good, especially in his presence. If it comes from the person closest to us, it can even cheer up a terrible day.

In a healthy relationship, couples occasionally compliment each other and express how happy they are with each other. So if you do not get compliments from your partner, then your relationship is going in the wrong direction.

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3. Your partner behaves as if you did not exist at all.

We all need freedom in our relationships. But too much space you should consider as a warning signal. Your partner may be busy, but he should also take his time.

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He does have a job, his friends and colleagues with whom he has time to spend time, and he also needs time to be alone, but you also exist in his life and he should understand that. For him you should be something special.

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He should take time for you and not pretend that you do not exist at all. Tying up is just the beginning of a relationship. A relationship is like a beautiful plant that needs to be cared for and you have to take care of it. If your partner deviates from this responsibility, then it is time to think about leaving him.

4. You have to explain his behavior to your friends.

You are in a relationship to be happy.

Why did not he even bother to call you when you were ill?

Why do not you eat together? It’s been a while since you left.

Why does he always come to you with his friends? Do not you spend any time alone?

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Do you often ask these questions from your parents or friends and justify them over and over again for their behavior? Why do you have to explain his behavior, even if it hurts you?

Think about it a bit. Not only do you doubt your relationship, but also your loved ones. They can give you good advice as they see your relationship with other eyes.

This behavior, which you defend as “normal” or “natural,” is unacceptable. You have to understand that this love can not be true love. A partner who does not do his best at the beginning will not show any better behavior later on and at some point you will have enough of it yourself.

Spare it from one another and make it clear to yourself and the men how you want to be treated by them.

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5. You have a communication problem.

Problems in communication are one of the essential elements in a relationship that require immediate attention. How many times has it happened to you that you had to think a hundred times before you tell your partner or write him a message? How many times have you had the feeling that you can not communicate with your partner?

Soulmates understand each other perfectly. True love requires two people to understand each other without words. If this is not the case then you have to accept the hard truth that the relationship will not work.

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6. There is no tendency for you to spend the future together.

If your love is real then you should spend all your life together. It is natural that soulmates make joint plans for the future. For example, they are planning a vacation, want to buy a new car, or intend to marry in the next few years. Did you try to talk to your partner about this topic?

Did you try to talk about these things, but your partner avoided the conversation and said that you should not dream so much? You need to know if your partner can imagine a life with you or not. If you do not get that security, it’s natural to lose faith in the relationship because such relationships can never work.

It’s hard to break up, but remember that your partner will leave you someday if you do not leave him. So, if you discover these signs in your relationship, then separate yourself from your partner before you fall in love with him too much. You will soon find true love.

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