What happens when two completely different worlds collide? They make their own universe or at least that is true when it comes to love between an extrovert and an introvert.

When it comes to a relationship between these two, the saying ‘opposites attract’ is true and very obvious.

The force they have connecting them is so strong that you can almost touch it. They add to each other’s lives and they always meet each other halfway.

When you think about it, this relationship makes perfect sense; if both people are talkers and enjoy the spotlight, they easily become each other’s competition and when they are both quiet and like to keep things to themselves, it will be so much harder for them to establish communication and open up.

That’s why a relationship between an extrovert and an introvert is a match made in heaven. But it’s not all that easy. This relationship is hard work until they meet each other in the middle and if they do, they will form a bond so strong that nothing can break it.

To understand more of what it is all about, take a look at the reasons why an extrovert and an introvert make the best couple:

1. They are each other’s first choice

They are each other’s only choice and there is no doubt about it. They make each other feel seen and valued. Their actions of how highly important they are in each other’s life speaks volumes.

Just the fact that they are making all the efforts to meet each other halfway is enough. But they go above it. They make their best to silence all the insecurities, they provide reassurance whenever it is needed. They are there—heart, body, and mind.

2. They inspire one another to push through their comfort zone

They are both a challenge and an inspiration to one another. While a perfect Saturday night for an introvert would be a movie night in the comfort of their own home, an extrovert would much rather spend it socializing in some public place.

They will accommodate one another, probably by staying in sometimes and sometimes going out. By trying to fit into each other’s world, they will push their own limits and have the best of both worlds.

It’s not about changing the other person, it’s about slightly bending. Because the thing about comfort zones is that ‘nothing ever grows there’; by shaking each other’s world a bit and constantly bringing in newness, they become the best versions of themselves.

Also they hardly ever share a dull moment as their relationship is always fresh and full of adventures, no matter how small they might seem.

3. They understand each other on a deeper level

Once they have entered into a relationship, they have already accepted each other just the way they are, with their similarities and differences. And that’s the healthiest way in which you can approach a relationship.

For example, without a word said, an extrovert will pick up that his partner is uncomfortable in some situation and they will call it a night. Likewise, an introvert will notice that their partner is feeling trapped inside of the apartment and they’ll propose a night out.

They have different personalities but the love they share is the most important thing they have in common. They have a connection and they can really sense what the other person is feeling, without any need to have a conversation about it.

4. There is more to their relationship than meets the eye

People often underestimate the relationship between an extrovert and an introvert and they couldn’t be more wrong about it.

They always have a better and more relaxed time by themselves than in public. Which is no surprise, as an introvert will be more comfortable in the privacy of their own home and alone with their partner.

When they are together, it’s like they are in a safe, judgment-free zone. An introvert will talk more and an extrovert will try to listen more. They won’t be burdened by other people’s opinions or expectations; they will feel free to act goofy or weird in front of each other.

They usually have the best time when it’s just the two of them and there is no need to parade their love and affection in public. They know what they have and they don’t feel the need to prove anything to anyone.

5. Alone time is just as important as quality time and it’s the same for both

Contrary to popular opinion, just like introverts, extroverts need some time for themselves; the only difference is in the duration and naturally, an introvert will seek more time to be alone.

Extroverts don’t go to extremes with their socializing either, they need some time for themselves to be alone and at peace, they can’t spend every second of every day surrounded by people, which is exhausting for anybody.

They get each other in this area. They have time they spend together, time they spend with other important people in their lives and time they spend alone and they are extremely happy with the way things are.

6. They are each other’s missing piece of the puzzle

Their relationship won’t be all sugar and spice and all things nice. They have a bumpy road ahead of them until they manage to build a relationship they are both happy in.

One reason why an extrovert and an introvert make the best couple is that they bring balance into each other’s lives. They fill the voids and empower one another. They guide each other through the unknown and make a new and better world for themselves.


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