You’d think with a zodiac sign that has such an easy time expressing what they’re thinking at nearly all times, that it’d be easier to tell whether or not a Gemini man is actually really feeling you or not. Geminis have an easy time sharing their thoughts to be sure, but for those of us who weren’t blessed with the ability to think a mile a minute, or switch topics without a second of hesitation or explanation, it can be kind of tough to know where a constantly moving Gemini is really at.

However, there are a few pretty clear and undeniable signals that can indicate if a Gemini man is really into you or if they’re just not feeling you at all. So, if you’re crushing on a Gemini guy and you want a little extra clarity when it comes to whether or not he might be crushing on you then just check out these 5 ways you know he’s into you, and 5 ways you know he’s not!

10He’s Into You If He Can’t Stop Talking To You

As an air sign, the Gemini has a tendency to be thought and intellect oriented more than anything. Even among their fellow air signs, Geminis tend to be exceptionally fast talkers and thinkers, and they often times flit from topic to topic faster than you can even follow. But one thing is a definite sign of a Gemini’s affection, and that is when they’re simply talking your ear off. It doesn’t take a lot to get them to start talking, but if you can keep them going it’s because they’re finding you particularly interesting, exciting, or entertaining. Definitely a sure sign that they’re into you!

9He’s Not Into You If He Doesn’t Listen

Pretty much all Geminis love to talk, but it might come as a surprise that they also love to listen. Even if it doesn’t always seem like it, Geminis are great listeners, because while they love expressing their own thoughts and ideas they love to have thought-provoking conversations with others, too. If a Gemini is actively listening to you that’s because you’re saying something that they find thought-provoking, but unfortunately the converse is probably true too. If they don’t seem to be paying attention to what you’re actually saying it’s because they’re simply not feeling interested or inspired by it.

8He’s Into You If He Flirts A Lot

Obviously if any person is flirting with you a lot then that’s probably a good sign about their feelings for you, but when it comes to Gemini this can carry a little extra weight.

They’re not necessarily a naturally flirtatious bunch, but they are the type of person who usually knows what they think and are born with the kind of gift of gab that allows them to make that known pretty easily. If they like you they know it, and even if they’re not ready for you to know it too it’ll usually become clear in the way that they talk to you.

7He’s Not Into You If He Doesn’t Want To Talk To You

In case it hasn’t already been made clear, Geminis are naturally total chatterboxes. They have a lot of thoughts, and they love talking about all of those thoughts, and sometimes it will even seem like they’re content talking about those thoughts with nearly anyone who will listen. But Geminis love people who make them think too, so usually they’ll test the waters with anyone, but only keep up their relationships with people who fuel their fire. Therefore if a Gemini man that you’re into doesn’t seem to want to talk, that’s a pretty solid indication that you’re just not fueling their fire.

6He’s Into You If He Gives You Random Gifts

This seems like a pretty obvious tell that anyone is into you, period, but when it comes to Gemini it means a little extra something. Geminis can jump from thinking about one thing to another to the next in less time than it often takes a normal person to just complete one thought. So, if they give you any little gift or token that they picked up while you two were apart, then that means you were not only on their mind, they are actually out there in the world seeing things that are immediately bringing you to mind, which says a lot.

5He’s Not Into You If He Avoids You In Person

Geminis are ones who love to talk and share their thoughts, and to be honest, they’re so quick minded that they can sustain a conversation with someone with hardly any thought or effort. So if you’ve gotten into something with a Gemini guy who maintains the occasional chit chat with you online or through text but who never seems to actually want to meet up in person, then that’s bad news. He might not dislike you, but he’s not feeling you in the way that you’re feeling him either. Socializing is one of their favorite things to do, so if you’re being excluded from that then that’s saying something.

4He’s Into You If He Wants To Party With You

A lot of Geminis might seem like party animals, or the person who is always at the center of attention at a party, or just the person who can somehow strike up a conversation with anyone. That’s definitely one of their gifts as a sign, they think fast and often times know at least a little bit about everything, so they can find something to chat about with almost anyone. However, if they want you to stick by their side at a party it’s because they really like you and they feel like your presence is really going to enhance their social experience.

3He’s Not Into You If He Ignores You

Because they’re represented by the twins, a lot of people might say that it seems like a Gemini has two different personalities (if not even more). That is probably because their mind tends to move a mile a minute and sometimes things don’t hold their interest for very long.

But if a Gemini that you’re crushing on seems to be flat out ignoring you for more than a day or two, then, unfortunately, he’s just not that into you. Their focus can change at the drop of a hat to be sure, but if they really like something then they keep coming back.

2He’s Into You If He Wants To Take You Places

Geminis are naturally social butterflies, so if they love to hang out and have a chat with you, then it can be hard to tell if that signals their genuine interest or if they’re just talking to you like they talk to everyone else. However, if this Gemini guy asks you to go do things with him and go places with him, then he’s definitely digging your vibe. He wants to go out and socialize, yes, but he also wants you by his side when he does, which is a pretty big deal to someone who’s social life is so vital to them.

1He’s Not Into You If He Tells His Friends He Isn’t

If a Gemini man is not a fan of you then you might not hear that from the horses mouth, but if a Gemini dislikes someone then you can be sure that they are going to tell the people that they DO like about it. If you’re unsure of how your Gemini crush feels about you and you sincerely want to know the real deal, then you might as well take that question to one of their friends. They’ll know one way or another if he’s feeling into you, and if he’s for sure not into you his friends will for sure know about it.


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