And the story goes like this…

You meet a guy and the two of you hook up. Everything is great and you feel like you are in heaven.

But still, there is that feeling that bothers you so much. A feeling that things are not as great as they seem.

So you start wondering if he can be your soulmate. You are racking your brain with things you can’t affect. So, just pump your brakes and find out whether your guy is worth the wait.

This is a list of things you MUST do together before getting married:

1. Travel together.

Traveling can be a very good way to shake the stress away but it can also help you get to know your partner better.

You can see how much private things are important to him, does he make a mess in the bathroom or he leaves his “creative mess” all around. If you see something that you don’t like, you can simply discuss that with your partner on time.

Maybe he thinks doing something is fine with you until you say the opposite. Talking always works!

2. Pee in front of him.

This can be an awkward situation but if you are planning to spend the rest of your life with someone there shouldn’t be any shame.

Just leave the door open while you are peeing so your partner can see you. After you finish, you will see his reaction.

If he is freaking out about this, then you two are not meant to be together.
At least you found out on time!

3. Shave your legs in front of him.

My suggestion is not to shave your legs for a long time and when you finally decide to do it, invite him to the bathroom.

This is the moment of the truth. He will see you in your worst ‘edition’ and if he decides to stay with you even you look like a monkey, that’s the real guy for you.

He needs to know that you can not be all dressed up and tip-top every single day. He needs to know that once kids move into your lives, you won’t have so much time for yourself.

If he can live with that, don’t let him go!

4. Get to know each other’s families very well.

Some women say that they have married him and not his family.

Well, my dear, you are wrong!

When you marry someone, you immediately accept everything that is part of him, including his family.

So, getting to know his family before the marriage can make things easier. At least you will see whether your mother-in-law is a cold bitch or a normal person full of understanding.

You should definitely check this so you can run away in time!

5. Have an argument with him.

Fighting with your partner before getting married can be very healthy for your future relationship.

It is always good to say what bothers you and try to find a solution. If your partner really cares about you, he will never do the same thing that made you feel bad.

Having an argument with him can show what kind of person he really is. We all behave very nice in front of others but when we argue, our real face comes to the surface.

If he is a kind of guy that smashes things around when he gets angry or even wants to hit you, it is time to leave him. No matter how much you want it, he will never change.

Later in your life, you will realize that it was the best thing you could do for yourself!


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