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Next, we share a couple of indications related to the lack of love, sometimes realize that someone stops us from loving is very simple …

1. Do not have time for you

Do you get excited for a week, planning to go to the movies, or organizing a romantic dinner with your better half and what you get in return is a couple of difficult excuses to assimilate? Do you prefer to spend your free time in the company of other people, or justify your constant absence with “a lot of work”?

All this usually means that you have ceased to be a priority for your partner and, in reality, is looking for a way out of the relationship.

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2. Does not take you into account

Another feature that should alert you is that your novi  begin to organize your short-term plans without you, is capable of anything to avoid having to share your time, hobbies and feelings with you, do not kid yourself.

3. Does not like physical contact with you

If in the past your partner took every opportunity to touch you, caress you or show affection in a bodily form, and now he does not do it even when circumstances are appropriate, maybe you should start thinking about separating yourself.

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4. Does not care about “Yours”

I used to spend a lot of time talking to you, exchanging stories, opinions and points of view, and now you do not either? Your partner changed his attitude towards this element of your relationship and it does not seem to be anything temporary, you can expect the worst.

5. You do not care about your achievements

If your supposed other half does not love you anymore, your achievements will not impress you. In fact, it is even very likely that your reaction to it will surprise you in an unpleasant way.

Click Here The #1 Reason Men Lose Interest In Women They Love


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