If you have never experienced cheating, you are lucky. You have not experienced this soul-burning pain, resentment, and anger. Those emotions that roll like an ocean wave, stunning it with freezing cold. Those emotions that you do not need at all, which you did not ask for.

And well, if you never have to deal with it. And to be on the alert and not to give someone a deep wound to your soul, read this horoscope about the main cheaters. If all these feelings are familiar to you, and you have experienced what treachery is, then you will surely be interested – what if the person who stabbed in the back was simply doomed to treason only thanks to the stars.

Here are 5 main traitors in the zodiac family.

1. Aries

There is no mistake. It is among the Aries most of all traitors.
Almost every one of them. Of course, spiritual love exists for them, but there is also carnal weakness, which they cannot resist (more precisely, they don’t even want to) and cannot control them.
The object physically attractive to Aries becomes the subject of their passion. Changing and dealing with * ksom, they do not even think that they are committing the most real treason.
Then it will come to them, of course, what they have done, but this does not guarantee that this will not happen again. Only contemplation of the painful torment of a loving person from their betrayal can affect them.

2. Cancer

Cancers are accustomed to justify their treason. And there may be a lot of reasons: an obsessive thought that they have fallen out of love; a sudden wave of emotions with thoughts “here it is, my destiny!”. Then, of course, the wave subsides, and Cancer will repent of their deeds. Hide his fact of treason will not work, because everything will be written on his face. Very soon the deception will be revealed.

3. Libra

Are you surprised that Libra is on this list? How could such wise and judicious creatures become traitors? So be surprised even more! Libra – skillful cheaters in this regard. No, they are very respectful and respectful of their marriage, they love their wife and children, their home, they put a lot of effort here. However, this does not prevent them from having a serious relationship on the side and living on two fronts. The truth is extremely rarely opened, because Libra is careful. But when this happens, they leave the family.

4. Sagittarius

Sagittarius consider treason not as a love phenomenon, but as a dangerous game, where adrenaline rush and thrills await. They consider it a forbidden fruit, which they like to eat and at the same time come out dry from water. A special peppercorn adds the danger of being caught, but this does not prevent the Strelets from taking the risk again and again.

In time to stop this sign is not smart enough, he plunges into a passionate adventure with his head, completely forgetting that they have a man who loves them. Of course, after such a treacherous spit and disregard of betrayal, it is even out of the question to maintain a relationship with this vile traitor. The reason can only be children, but in this case, everything will last very long.

5. Pisces

This is a very tricky, sometimes even insidious sign. Fish are perfectly capable of giving up physical contact with the object of lust. But this will happen not because of moral considerations, but only because these silent people are afraid of revelations.
However, when the Pisces of something (or, we will say directly, someone) strongly x @ tyat, they get what they want.

And they will not give a damn about the feelings of a permanent partner, because it was necessary to satisfy their desire. For excuses, Pisces doesn’t disdain to use fantasy in full, inventing convincing, in some places not very good, excuses that have to be taken. But sometime it should get bored!

Interesting fact:  Taurus is considered the most faithful sign of the zodiac! Taurus rarely go to treason, because they are strongly attached to people.
Here is such a list. There are unexpected participants in it, and there are quite expected ones. Have you met a traitor among these signs of the zodiac?


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