I have never met a person who disrespected themselves intentionally.

Sometimes, we do that but we are not actually aware of it. This is the biggest problem of love relationships and even though we don’t want to feel that way, all of a sudden we can see some of the signs.

If you have some doubts because you think you might be stuck in a relationship like this, I suggest you read further.

Maybe it is worse than you think!

1. You are not a priority to yourself

You should understand that you are the highest priority and all the people around you need to go an extra mile to reach the same level.

I know a lot of girls who totally neglected themselves in their relationships. If their guy wants to go out for dinner, he is the one who will choose a restaurant.

And the girl?

Well, since she doesn’t think straight, she will listen to him. I understand it is great to have favorite places to go out to, but sometimes we will want different things from our partners.

And that is totally okay. I suggest a compromise in situations like this. You can choose your favorite place one evening and you can go to his favorite one next time.

It is so simple, but unfortunately, many couples don’t understand it!

2. You say you are sorry often

Hey girl, you can’t say you are sorry for every single piece of crap that happens in your life.

Just think?

Probably you are not guilty of most of them, but still, you have the need to say you are sorry.

Why are you doing this? Is anyone going to feel better?

I don’t think so. If your guy had an awful day at work, you can say that you understand him and offer to watch a football game together to relax.

But you don’t need to say you are sorry. You weren’t the reason for his crappy day and you should finally understand that.

Pump your brakes!

Next time, think twice when you are going to say these words.

Otherwise, people will take you for granted!

3. You never say what you think

All couples have a dominant person and a submissive one.

Unfortunately, that’s the way that cookie crumbles.

The submissive ones will never say what they want because they don’t want to hurt their partners.

But what about hurting yourself?

You can’t say ‘yes’ to someone if that means saying ‘no’ to yourself. What is the point then?

You are putting someone else ahead, and you are not sure they deserve that.

Please be smart and never let anyone be more important than you are.

It is true that you need to be wicked and tricky in that game but hey, that’s life!

4. You wear clothes you don’t like just because of him

This is the worst part of any relationship.

You two meet, fall in love and he says how good you look like in that dress.

Something like, ‘Baby, you are dressed to kill!’

A month later, all of a sudden, he says that he doesn’t like when you wear that same dress.

And people say women are complicated!

Hey dude, what happened to you?

How come you have so many oscillations in your behaviour?

This is something that is called jealousy. If you wear something that looks good on you, he will want you to stop doing that because he is afraid that someone else may be attracted to you.

If you are young enough, you will probably listen to him because you love him crazily and you can’t imagine your life without him.

On the other hand, if you are a strong and mature woman, you will never change yourself unless you want to!

5. You don’t argue

People who live in healthy relationships argue a lot. Period.

Well, sometimes it is not arguing but just expressing their opinions which are different from those of their partners!

If you don’t want to have your heart on your sleeve, you will never be truly happy in a relationship like that.

Just imagine how many things you are keeping inside you. What will happen if they explode one day?

You will be totally ruined. So, every time you don’t like something, say it loud and clear.

Everybody has a right to his or her opinion and why would you be an exception?!


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