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As we all know from experience, love is a difficult affair.

All relationships eventually have their bumpy phases.

Certain personality types are made for each other rather than others. They have a simpler relationship than others, and the next four are definitely the easiest ones.

Nothing can stop them from loving each other even more every day, even when they have the biggest fight and throw insults at each other for hours on end.

These people are soulmates and the love they have for each other goes far beyond the physical – it is spiritual.

The dynamics of their personalities is what makes them so suitable for each other.

Here are the 4 star sign pairs that will never break up unless forced by the worst circumstances.

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1) Aries (21.3.-19.4.) And fish (19.2.-20.3.)

Opposites are known to attract attention and this is certainly the case here. These two star signs almost always face each other in some way, although they are chronologically next to each other. This contrasting nature is what the puzzle of their romance brings together.

On the one hand, Aries is a hard-core, passionate workhorse, on the other hand are the fish, which are much more complicated and intuitive.

These two star signs move each other so that it fits perfectly. The ram ensures that the fish does its job on time and ensures that domestic responsibilities are dealt with while the fish ensures that the ram knows the new ice cream that has recently been added to the ice cream cafe down the street.

Simply put, only work and no fun is boring, and the fish will make sure that the ram does not become boring. Viewed analytically, these two star signs complement and complement one another, just as a white shirt complements a pair of blue jeans.

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2) Leo (23.7.-22.8.) And Libra (23.9.-22.10.)

Another classic case of opposites, but here lies the difference in their worldview. Lions are the center of the party – they are blunt, outspoken and sometimes brazen. They think with their hearts and may from time to time be reckless or even ruthless. That makes them unpredictable, which only a balance can handle really well.

The Libra is on the other side of the spectrum and is a calm and composed personality who, due to her ability to read and decipher feelings, can be highly empathetic and well cope with the lion’s battering ram.

It must be said that their relationship, like the others on this list, is extremely symbiotic. Scales can sometimes be very indecisive, just thinking with their heads and pondering countless decisions forever.

Here, the lion can be the adrenaline rush that makes a decision, and then tackles the consequences as they occur. Lions are dazzling personalities who even blind the ground on which they go, and here, too, the scales with their down to earth nature and their biting sarcasm for balance.

They may be the perfect couple as they have the most interesting conversations imaginable.

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3) Virgo (23.8.-22.9.) And Aquarius (20.1.-18.2.)

These two are the kind of couple one would expect at a comic fair or in a museum. They are nerds and geeks with their expertise in topics that nobody else knows. This pair is slightly ahead of others in intellectual capacity, which they are extremely proud of.

It has to be said that they are very protective towards each other and also very much in love with each other. If you look at their personalities individually, the Virgin is the John Watson to Sherlock Holmes of Aquarius.

The maiden observes and perceives as the Aquarius redirects her thoughts and recognizes things that no one else would have considered. But here the differences end and start the similarities.

While everyone else drinks or goes dancing on Saturday night, this couple prefers to stay home and look cuddled in a blanket of dice with chips and dips – and they’re proud of it. Their conversations are always fascinating, as they can talk for a long time about all sorts of topics and always have something to say.

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4) Gemini (21.5.-20.6.) And Sagittarius (22.11.-21.12.)

This couple will never part because they are almost the same person. Both love to go out, both love to immerse themselves in new activities that give them an adrenaline rush, and both love to explore new things.

This relationship is just perfect. The two experience adventures together, exploring distant places far off the beaten track and learning new skills that will be helpful to both.

Gemini and Sagittarius are two zodiac signs that desire an active lifestyle that is not boring and bland for a second. You do not want to be a typical couple who goes to fine restaurants and enjoys expensive meals; instead they would rather sit in a clearing in the woods and talk about life in peace.

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