1. When you hug her, and she says she feels safe.

2. When she is proud of you.

3. When she comes later to bed and kisses you, thinking you’re asleep.

4. When she tells you that you smell nice.

5. When she crawls like a kitten into your arms.

6. When you say something funny and she laughs her ass off.

7. When she is scared and reaches out for you to feel safe.

8. When she texts you from work that she misses you.

9. When the first thing you see in the morning is her smile.

10. When she knows you so well, she doesn’t ask what you need, she just brings it.

11. When she puts her head on your chest and her leg over your belly.

12. When she is cold and you’re the only thing she wants to warm her up.

13. When you deeply know her and know exactly how she feels.

14. When she tells you secrets no one else knows.

15. When she cries because you’re not going to see each other for a long period.

16. When she says something smart and you’re impressed.

17. When you give her little kisses all the time and she smiles at every single one of them.

18. When you hug her in public and everyone knows she’s yours.

19. The way she curls her body into yours when you’re watching a movie on the couch.

20. When she ask you for your opinion and appreciates it.

21. When she sees something cute and totally melts down. You see how small things can make her so happy.

22. When her skin feels so soft when she touches you.

23. When she’s worried that you’re sick, even though it was just a sneeze.

24. When she reminds you of some daily tasks you’re forgetting.

25. When she talks about you in front of others and overexaggerates your talents.

26. When she initiates s.. and you understand what it feels like to be pursued.

27. When she gets goosebumps when you kiss her on her neck.

28. When she is completely spontaneous around you.

29. When she surprises you with random, intimate acts.

30. When she randomly tells that she loves you.

31. When you’re proud of having her.


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