It’s easy to meet a nice guy and even easier to date one – what really provides intrigue in a relationship is when a girl lives her best life and keeps an eye out to see if he can keep up. Not only does she want to meet and exceed her personal goals but she wants a man to stick around through the good and bad times. Some guys like to brag about how nice they are, how real their feelings are and how they’d never do anything to hurt their girl, but how many can actually live up to their word? When times get tough, is he really going to stay by her side or is he going to disappear without a word?

Keeping in mind there’s no surefire way to tell whether a man is as good as his word, there are a few important things that show a girl if he’s truly willing to stick around. If she wants to know if her man is ride or die, all she needs to do is keep an eye out for a few telltale signs. If he does the majority of the following, he’s truly invested in the relationship.

25-He Has Pics Of Her All Over His Social Media

Any guy worth his salt isn’t going to be afraid to tell the world who his girl is. He’ll have her pictures all over his social media pages, he’ll tag her in things and he’ll include her in some of his updates. How can a girl really tell if he’s her ride or die? If he’s willing to put her out there and show off their love!

If your man isn’t uncomfortable about having pics of the two of you together all over the place, then he’s in it to win it. Don’t question the strength of his feelings because he’s got his feelings on blast!

24-She Has The Keys To His Place

No man is ever going to give a girl the keys to his place, his sanctuary, unless he’s serious about her. Once a woman has the keys to his place, she’s able to pop in whenever she wants. Only a man who is one hundred percent dedicated to his girl would be able to hand over a copy of his keys.

He knows that the keys are so much more than just an open invitation to stop by – they’re an open invitation into the most private portions of his life. If you have the keys to his place, he’s pretty much already proven he’s your ride or die.

23-He Says ‘We’ When Talking About The Future

Any guy who says “we” instead of “me” or “you” is basically saying he thinks of you both as a forever couple. When future events are in question, he’s thinking in terms of the two of you being together, so he’ll automatically assume he’ll never be a “me” again.

Any guy invested in a long-term relationship is willing to acknowledge his first priority – you. What does this mean? It means the next time someone asks him if he’s available to meet up at a party next month, your man will respond, “Let me talk to my girlfriend and we’ll see if we can make it.”

22-His Grandparents Know You

Nothing says “ride or die” like his elderly grandparents knowing exactly who you are. No one introduces their partner to their closest and most revered family members just because they can – he’s introduced her because he wants her to be part of the family.

He may not have popped the big question just yet, but easing her into his world is one huge sign that he’s thinking of forever. When his grandparents know who his partner is, they’re normally inclined to push him to make a move to produce some great-grandchildren. He knows this and won’t introduce her unless he’s serious about her.

21-Her Neighbors Know Him

Your man is coming over so often that your neighbors not only know him by sight but they also know his name, the make and model of his car and are capable of holding conversations with him before he even steps into your home! He probably hasn’t even made it up the driveway before he’s stopped by them for a quick chat!

Your neighbors don’t just know him, they like him. Heck, they might even like him more than they like you. He’s definitely your ride or die when he’s willing to spend all his free time with you – and one huge indication he’s doing so is when he’s over so often your neighbors know and like him.

20-He Talks About Their Future As A Couple Without Batting An Eye

Some guys aren’t ready to think of forever, they’re too caught up thinking of the here and now. There’s nothing wrong with a guy who likes to take his time, but if you’ve been with your man for a few years now and you’re counting the days until he finally pops the question, he should at least be talking about a future with you.

In fact, a ride or die guy is usually talking about your future at all points in the relationship because it hasn’t even occurred to him that there may not be a future with you. He’s in it for the long haul so he talks about the future without even the smallest hint of hesitation.

19-He’s Reliable

Ride or die guys don’t leave their women hanging. He makes you a priority and has never proven to be unreliable. If you need him, he’s there, whether it’s to serve as a shoulder to cry on or to bail you out of a bad situation.

By standing by your side through thick and thin, he’s proving he’s not only reliable, but that he cares about you and he wants to be with you when times get tough. If nothing else, you know he can be called to action whenever you need him, just be sure to give as much as you get.

18-He Remembers The Little Details

A man who pays attention to the details is a man who wants to stick around. He knows what his woman likes, what she dislikes and how to make her happy. By noticing the smaller details of her personality and preferences, he is able to interact with her on a deeper level than any other guy who might approach her. He knows the perfect birthday presents to buy and understands how to respond to her comments.

He isn’t spoiling her out of a sense of duty, he’s doing it because her joy is his joy. He just wants her to live her best life and he wants to live his – by her side.

17-She Knows His Phone Password

Any man who gives his girl the password to his phone might as well put a ring on it because he’s just given her full access into his personal life. At any time she can just casually pick up his phone, read through his messages and even post on his social media pages. Only a guy without secrets can afford to give his girl free reign.

At this point, he’s admitting she can dig as deeply as she can and still won’t find evidence of anything but his love for her, so if he gives her the password to his phone, she should immediately recognize he’s her ride or die.

16-He’s Willing To Cut Out Toxic Friends For Her Sake

Sometimes guys will keep their same group of friends from the time they’re in elementary school all the way up into their 20s and beyond. While that lasting friendship is great, sometimes a guy will only remain friends with a toxic person simply because of their established history.

Enter girlfriend. Once he’s dating someone, he’s willing to drop that toxic friend for the sake of her comfort. Perhaps the friend is always talking badly about her or he’s hating on the relationship itself. However he’s being toxic, it’s affecting the relationship, so a ride or die guy will end that friendship in a heartbeat.

15-She Asked Him To Quit A Bad Habit That Drove Her Crazy…And He Did

A girl should never enter into a relationship with hopes of changing her man, however there are some bad habits that might develop or that she never knew about. A great example is if he’s smacking his lips and chewing with his mouth open at every meal. By asking him to stop, she’s not trying to make him change his entire personality – she’s just asking him to stop being so rude.

Any guy who is willing to stop a bad habit for the sake of his girlfriend’s comfort is definitely a ride or die – especially if it’s a lifelong habit he’s never noticed before.

14-He Doesn’t Make Decisions Without Her Input

Like all good men, your ride or die isn’t going to just make random decisions and plans for you as a couple without your consent. He knows things will depend on whether you have any other commitments, whether you have an adequate amount of time to take a vacation from work or if you even want to go along!

Unless it’s for the sake of a surprise party, he isn’t going to make any plans for the two of you without your permission – mainly because he’d be inconveniencing you otherwise. He’ll give you a voice and insist you play a role in all couple-related decision-making.

13-When He Needs Help, He Calls Her

A man who can rely on his woman is a blessed man indeed. If he’s going through something and chooses to call you up before he tries talking to his friends, he’s basically saying he’s your ride or die. He trusts you with his emotional side and isn’t avoiding opening up to you.

It’s difficult for some people to reach that level of comfort with others, especially love interests, so if he’s coming around looking for help on an emotional level, he’s doing everything a ride or die would do. Trust him with half as much effort as he trusts you and your relationship will thrive.

12-He Admits When He Makes Mistakes

Nothing says “ride or die” like a man who fesses up to his mistakes. It’s really hard for some people to have to bend their pride a little to admit when they’re wrong – and this is especially true for guys who have to admit to their girlfriends that they made a mistake. Honestly, it doesn’t really matter whether you’re a guy or a girl, the truth can hurt sometimes and it takes a strong person to own up to their mistakes.

If he comes up to you and admits he made a mistake, don’t taunt him or make him feel worse. Accept that he’s coming clean and be ready to forgive the man you love.

11-He Forgives Her And Doesn’t Throw It Back In Her Face Later

To forgive and hold a grudge is human, but to forgive and forget is ride or die material. Relationships are complicated and it’s very tempting to throw past wrongs at your partner in the midst of a verbal altercation, but a strong person will hold back from making things worse and will keep the past where it belongs.

When you argue with your man, even through the red haze you can still tell when unfairness is targeted at you. He might have every right to throw one of your past wrongs back in your face, but he doesn’t and he never has because he wants to make progress with you, not fall into a routine of tossing blame back and forth.

10-He Keeps 100 Percent Of His Promises

Honesty is always the best policy, which is why your man takes promises seriously. If he says he’s going to do something, he’s going to make it a priority and is going to make sure to complete whatever task he says he will. To him, a promise isn’t something to casually give, he’s going to take it to heart.

He wants to keep his promises to build up a good reputation, both for your sake and for the sake of the relationship. By keeping his promises he’s proving that you can rely on him and he’ll always pull through for you.

9-He Wants To Get A Pet Together

Nothing says he’s in it for the long haul like wanting to co-parent a fluffy cat, playful dog or really cool reptile! By creating ways to bring you closer to each other, he’s telling you he wants to be around for the long-term, and possible forever.

He might not have gotten down on one knee or officially proposed to you, but by asking to co-parent a pet, he’s saying he’s going to eventually get around to popping the question! When a man is willing to take on a serious responsibility with you, he’s saying he’s ready to be your ride or die.

8-He Keeps A Toothbrush At Her Place

Similar to having a key to his place, when a guy keeps his toothbrush at your place he’s telling you he plans to stick around for a while. He’s marking his territory so anyone who visits you knows he’s coming around often enough to need a toothbrush at your place.

This is an especially important message he’s sending out to any guys who come to visit you. This isn’t to say he doesn’t trust you, it’s just a sort of passive way of noting he’s your partner and the relationship is serious enough that any guys who visit you don’t stand a chance!

7-They’ve Discussed How They’ll Parent (And Don’t Have Kids)

It’s one thing to see a kid throwing a tantrum in public then talking to your partner about how you’ll be more strict, but it’s another thing entirely when your man randomly starts talking to you about parenting styles.

When a guy starts talking about kids in general, not just how he wants to parent, he’s telling you what he wants your future to be like. He not only wants to start a family with you, but he’s also sharing what his ideals are, how he sees things playing out and, most importantly, he’s saying there’s marriage and a real future for you as a couple on the cards.

6-He Expects Equality In The Relationship

If he’s a true ride or die, he’s expecting the relationship to be all about equality. Sure, he’ll still be chivalrous but that isn’t to say he’s going to treat you like a spoiled princess every day of your life. He wants to be spoiled sometimes too and when it comes to household chores, he’s expecting you to pull your weight.

A real ride or die will sit you down and discuss how chores and bills will be split and he’ll be more willing to take on the chores you dislike if you’re willing to take on the ones he doesn’t like doing. However the compromises go, he expects to get as much as he gives – and he should.

5-He Doesn’t Make Excuses

There are no excuses for your man. He’ll either say he’ll do something and follow through, or he’ll fail and admit he made a mistake. He won’t try to feed you a ton of excuses in the hopes of avoiding an argument. He understands that as an adult, he needs to be accountable for his actions. He own’t disrespect you by downplaying any mistakes he may have made but he also expects you to understand that sometimes things come up.

As long as he’s a man of his word for the most part, don’t worry about him making up excuses – he’s not about that life.

4-He Shows He Cares In Little Ways

When you come home to a clean house and dinner ready, he’s showing you he cares. He’s telling you he loves you and values your peace, so he wants you to come home and enjoy a little rest and relaxation instead of always having to come home to do chores and help with making dinner.

Sometimes he’s telling you he’s your ride or die in other, even smaller ways. Maybe he watches what you want instead of his first pick. Sometimes he’ll ask what you’re in the mood to eat even if he’s been craving cheeseburgers all week. However he chooses to show his love, believe it’s in a small but powerful way.

3-He’s Willing To Step Out Of His Comfort Zone From Time To Time

Your man dislikes dancing but he knows you love it. He isn’t going to avoid dancing for the rest of his life just because it makes him feel awkward. He’s still willing to go out with you from time to time and might even dance with you during the next wedding reception you attend.

He’s willing to step out of his comfort zone for your sake because his temporary discomfort is worth your joy. If your man is willing to step out of his comfort zone like this from time to time, he’s proving what real love is and that’s what a ride or die man is truly made of.


If your man thinks a few public displays of affection are no big deal, then he’s a keeper! He’s okay with you marking your territory when you’re out in public and he’s definitely fine with you letting him mark his. By holding your hand, wrapping his arms around you and pulling you into a big bear hug in public, he’s showing you he’s your ride or die.

Public displays of affection are one of the many ways in which he’s willing to show that he just wants you all to himself. He’s also ensuring there’s no doubt from anyone in the vicinity – you two are together and that isn’t going to change!

1-He Doesn’t Mind Matching

Some couples are a little over-the-top with their need to always match when they go out, but if your man is willing to throw on the same designs from time to time, then he’s not all that bad. He doesn’t see matching as awkward or uncomfortable; he sees it as a way to show you how much you’re loved and to show off how far he’s willing to go just to make you happy.

Sometimes a true ride or die will even initiate the matching, choosing to wear similarly-colored clothing or outfits that complement each other. However you’re matching, he’s happy to participate.


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