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In today’s world, dating is no easy task. As a matter of fact, we are looking for the secret to making love last; some have it and some don’t. One thing that is for sure is that no relationship is perfect, and all relationships are hard work. Every single couple, even those married, will tell you that a relationship is like another full-time job.

The problem is that when a new relationship starts, many women get caught in the thrill of it, and miss so many signs that are indicative of a failing relationship. We know that the beginning of a relationship is supposed to be the best part, the one where we get butterflies and get stuck in the honeymoon phase, but what many forget is that it is also important to be very vigilant.

Now, if the relationship is a couple months or years in, and she’s still stuck somewhere on Honeymoon Avenue while he isn’t, many signs will be evident enough to show her that he is not her person. These signs are either subtle or very clear, but not all women recognize them as signs that he is NOT the one.

A man will never tell a woman he does not love her anymore straight to her face, which is why he will try to alert her with other little signs, usually through actions. The signs are crystal clear, but many women do not want to accept that their relationship is no longer what it once was, and they do not want to lose the men they love. Sadly, not every relationship ends with a “happily ever after.”

However, we are here to help all women see from the get go if the man they think is their Prince Charming will stick around or not.

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25-There Is A Major Lack Of Communication

One of the biggest signs he just isn’t your person is a lack of communication.

Communication is the key to any successful relationship, and without it, there is no point in even trying. If he is with you, communicating with each other should not feel forced.

He isn’t just ignoring you, it is much deeper than that. He does this because he has completely lost interest, and that is his way of trying to tell you the love is gone or was just never there to begin with.

If he always “forgets” to tell you about his promotion at work, while you’re the first to tell him your big news, he doesn’t belong in your life.

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24-He Is No Longer Involved In Her Life

Since you love him, you’ll want him to be there by your side at every event, or when you hang with your friends, but since he is not the one for you, he does not mind if you do things together or not.

When you two first met he was super into everything that intrigues you, and now he cannot stand your hobbies. If you tell him that you’d like to go out on a double date with friends, he’ll immediately reject the idea and find it irrelevant.

If he does not mind ditching your friends, and breaking the bonds he made, he isn’t worthy of your time. He clearly does not want to be “too” involved.

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23-He Is Always Picking Arguments

What happened to relaxing and taking things easy? This man gets fueled up for just about anything and everything. This is the kind of man that makes you feel like he is about to leave you every time you two get into a dispute.

Why are you even considering staying with a man who is clearly showing you that he has anger issues? If he always gets into heated arguments over the slightest things, and he explodes like the Hulk, it is not “just another argument.” Instead, it is “just another reason” to prove to you that he is not the one.

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22-He Tries To Change Her Into Something She’s Not

If you’re trying to change the person you are with, do not even bother because no one will change unless they want to. If he is trying to change you into someone more like him, and if he is always nitpicking at your faults, your fairytale won’t last.

If he starts telling you, “You’d be perfect if you were funnier like me,” you should not take it as something sweet. He is indirectly telling you that he does not like the person you are. You are not him, and he is not you, and there’s a real problem if he wants you to be like him or someone different. Even if you still love him, you’re not as happy as you think you are.

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21-He Is Rude And Disrespectful Towards Her

We are pretty sure mama always told you to be with a man who respects you, right?

Respect is the core of a relationship, but some men think it is all right to be rude; some think they’ll get away with it because they think their partner won’t dump them.

Remember, the way you let a man treat you is the way he will treat you. You may love him, and you may brush off the fact that he is harsh with you in public and in private, but that is the wrong thing to do. Why hold on to a man who disrespects you? You will be in an unhealthy relationship your entire life with a coward.

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20-He Is Secretive (Like Keeping Her A Secret)

If a man is nuts about you, he’ll want to show you off to the entire world; he’ll post stories and adorable photos of you two on IG. However, the guy you’re crazy about doesn’t do that. In fact, his friends and family do not even know you exist. We know that love sometimes makes us blind, but this is something you cannot disregard.

It is not even slightly acceptable for you to think he is the “one” if he hides you from parts of his life.

If he never takes the step to introduce you to his boys or the important people in his life, do not kid yourself, the relationship will not progress.

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19-He Hides Stuff From Her (Including His Phone)

All relationships are a two-way street. Because you love him you’ll do just about anything to please him, and because you have nothing to hide, you don’t mind that he snoops through your phone or other personal stuff.

Ask yourself this: why is he allowed to cross the line when you cannot even lay a finger on his phone?

If he suddenly starts crossing boundaries but does not permit you to do the same, his true colours are showing. Even if you love him, the relationship won’t work because he is calling all the shots and not going 50/50 with you.

Let him pick up the pieces as you bounce away because he isn’t the one.

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18-He Is Hot And Cold (From Buying Her Chocolate To Arguing)

“You’re hot then you’re cold,” are the words we once sang along to with Katy Perry.

There will always be ups and downs in any relationship, but if his behaviour and attitude are not constant from the start, there’s an issue, and it will remain that way. He cannot think it’s all right to shower you with gifts one day and then throw it all back in your face the next. You did not ask for that gift, neither did you ask for the uncalled-for behaviour. No woman should put up with a man who changes his mood like a shower knob from hot to cold.

We just advise you to not fall for the trap, and not fall for the sweet gifts, because it is how he reacts afterwards that counts most. His instability, no matter how much you love him, will forever be a part of him.

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17-There Is No ‘I Love You’

For him to say “I love you” is like the end of the world is upon us. One day he says it, then the next week he doesn’t – or he refrains from murmuring those three words at all. Some men are complete wusses and are even afraid to tell the women that they have feelings for that they love them.

Well, because he does not say it, you two may have stopped saying and acting as couples do, and that is a big deal – a HUGE deal. Actions and words are both important, and if he cannot say it or show it, he isn’t worthy of your love. A relationship involves two people, not just one.

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16-He Always Compares Her To Other Women (Including His Ex)

Your “person” or “other half” will not be a man who is hypercritical; it is better to know that sooner than later.

If he is criticizing everything that you wear, and comparing you to just about any woman he sees on the street, or his ex-girlfriend, do not mistaken it for honesty. If he is always throwing hints at you, saying you should change your hairstyle or telling you to dress with more class and sass like that woman at the bar, he is not worth it.

Why be with a man who never has anything good to say about your appearance? He probably has unresolved issues that he’s taking out on you. Do not make excuses for him.

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15-He Has No Guts To Apologize (When He Did Wrong)

Since we are not two years old anymore, no woman should have to teach a man the basics, like telling him to say sorry when he did something wrong. If he never apologizes to you, why are you accepting that?

This man will never offer you an apology, even if he has done you wrong many times. Why? Because he does not respect your feelings. If you let him always lead the way, and accept whatever he does because you love him, he’ll never care for your feelings.

On the contrary though, if you did wrong he’ll instantly expect an apology and will act like a big baby with a sour face until he gets one.

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14-He Doesn’t Even Try To Make Her Happy Anymore

Get your head out of Honeymoon Avenue, and be realistic with your man, ladies. If he is not putting equal effort into the relationship, then what do you have? A relationship will not survive and will come tumbling down if there is no balance.

Before, he was always all about giving back and making sure you were content at all times, and now he can no longer follow through with plans or even plan a casual date night.

For a woman to be fully happy in her relationship, both parties need to put in the time and effort to advance at a happy pace. Now, if you ain’t got that, then whatever you got just ain’t enough. Recognize that he is barely making a pinch of effort to make you happy.

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13-He Cannot Be Trusted (With Anything)

When you feel like things are going wrong, listen to your gut, or you may end up in Khloe Kardashian’s shoes.

Trust is the basis of a relationship, so it should be there from the start. Many women get an instinct when they feel something is off about their men’s loyalty, but they leave it on the back-burner.

Remember when you would do multiple choice tests, and your teacher would always tell you to go with your first instinct? The same applies IRL. If you’re feeling something’s not right, there’s a reason. And if he ends up breaking your trust, the wound will never heal; you’ll spend the rest of your life worrying about him and being paranoid.

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12-He Is Irritated By All That She Does (Even When She’s Cute)

He could have the worst dance moves and you’d still cherish him, but you dance while cooking in the kitchen and it bothers him. Usually, when a man loves you, he will find all the quirky and weird stuff that you do funny and cute. On the other hand, when a man is annoyed by everything you do, it is unacceptable.

He once found all the things you did super playful, but now they have become a source of irritation. Why would you want that? If this man is frustrated by your presence, then he does not deserve to see your funny and loose side. He’s not the one if you cannot be your silly self around him.

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11-He Avoids Any Talk About The Future

When you talk about the future with him, it feels like you’re talking to a wall, right? You ask him things like, “Love, when do you think we’re going to move out?” and he looks around the room as if you may be talking to some ghost. You ask him when you are going to meet his extended family, and he answers you, “Maybe someday.”

If you’ve gone through this with the man you love, he is not thinking of the future the way you are. You need to be with a man who wants the same things as you, so if every time you mention the future, he acts like he has gone deaf, it is because he is unwilling to take two steps forward into the future with you. His feet are very, very cold.

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10-He Does Not Prioritize Her (He Rather Watch GoT)

He is your main priority, yet he puts you at the bottom of his priorities list. Do you see the problem here? We often just let it go right past us. If you’re not your man’s highest priority, then why are you with him? He’s allowed to do his own thing, yes, but a man should always make his partner his number-one priority.

If he truly cares about you, prioritizing you will be the simplest thing to do. If he does not care about you being on top of his “to-do list,” then he won’t mind if he spends his time playing video games or binge-watching GoT instead of being with you. If he’s a repeat offender, he still has a lot of growing up to do and isn’t your person.

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9-He Always Spends Most Of His Time With His Boys

We all want a man that we can share a lazy night in with, but if he feels like it is an obligation to hang with his bae, he’s not her man.

While you want to spend every breathing minute with him, he’d rather go to the bar with the boys. Does that sound like a man you’ll have a healthy relationship with?

He’s certainly allowed to hang with his boys, and that is cool, but if he makes a habit of ditching you each time to see his friends instead, the feelings are not fully mutual. He’s the type of guy who’d rather spend spring break in Cancun with his friends, over vacationing with his girl. Let him go with his friends and ditch him.

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8-He Lies To Her Very Often (And She Catches Him)

“Liar, liar, pants on fire!” His pants may not literally be on fire, but if he lies to you multiple times, and you catch him, you must put an end to whatever you two have going on. This man is supposed to be your partner in crime, not the man causing the crimes.

And seriously, can it get any worse? If a man is literally lying to your face, he is not the “one” that you will want to start and raise a family with. He surely doesn’t have enough courage to be with you, so he lies and lies.

A man who wants out will do just about anything to push you away so you can end things.

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7-He Makes The Relationship A Routine

Sadly, many relationships become a routine, but women choose to stick around because they love their partners.

If things in a relationship get dull and bland early on because of him, things will remain that way.

A relationship is supposed to be fun and all about the good times, and if he is the reason why the fun dissipates and the relationship becomes a routine, he’s not worth it. If on his side, there is no spark and no sizzle left, it is because being with you is now only a habit. He is supposed to be the one to add spice to your life, not the one to make you feel like the relationship is a routine.

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6- He Finds Whatever She Does Is Always Too Much

Because you are a woman in love, and a sweet woman who goes bonkers for her man, you show him how much he means to you by getting him gifts and expressing your lovey-dovey feelings, but for him, that is all “too much.”

This man clearly cannot accept the person you are, and what comes along with you and a serious relationship. He also does not know the price of love, which is why the relationship will not last.

Many men get scared of love and all the goodies that come with it, so they freak out when they receive too much love and affection. Clearly, this man does not like cheese, since he cannot accept the cheesiness.

You deserve a man who will give you those things in return.

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5-He Isn’t On The Same Page (Especially Not With His Feelings)

Many relationships end because of one common issue: the two people involved are not on the same page. While some accept that they are not at the same level in the relationship, others don’t.

If a woman is crazy in love with her man, his feelings need to be somewhere close to hers to make the relationship worth it. A relationship needs balance, but not imbalance; feelings must be met at least halfway. If she loves with all her heart, and he only has a crush on her, he will make it clear and obvious, and when she realizes it’s not the same, things will go downhill.

No one can force a man to love them or want them, but remember, a man should always love his lady more than she does.

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4-He Cannot Seem To Connect With Her Spiritually

Opposites do attract, but if there is a huge gap in the way partners view things in life, there could be some real problems in the long run.

If she is a free spirit, and he is always negative, they won’t work long-term. Why? Because if his values do not align with hers, they won’t ever fully connect as they will never completely understand one another. For instance, if the two are of a different faith, and he does not respect or try to accept her beliefs, she needs to take a step back and re-evaluate her relationship.

If he’s the one, he will make an effort to connect with you not only physically, but spiritually as well. He would want to be a part of the “good vibe tribe” with you.

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3-His Goals In Life Are Nothing Like Hers

Do you know what often tears relationships apart? Growing in different directions.

If a woman falls for a man, and she thinks he is never going to leave because he is the one, she is wrong. Many men have different life goals, and those goals become things that could potentially pull their relationships apart. Some men even leave without a warning one day or change their direction in life without even consulting their partners.

Now, just because he decides one day that he wants to continue school or travel the world, that does not mean that he doesn’t love her, but that he is putting himself, and himself only, first. If he makes his goals come between you two, it wasn’t meant to be.

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2-Her Opinion Never Matters To Him

In relationships, having different opinions on things is normal, but if he always devalues her opinions, or if they are never to his liking, he isn’t her person, even though she may think otherwise.

Relationships are all about compromise, and if he is not even willing to consider your opinion, how will your relationship survive the test of time? It is unfair on you if you stick around when he completely disregards your input.

Not seeing eye-to-eye on every topic is totally fine, but when your opinion on anything from children to a house is not valued, then there is a real problem that you cannot just overlook.

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1-He Is Stuck On His Past (Like On His Ex)

Ya’ll should learn a thing or two from Ariana Grande, and tell your men “next.”

We know that new relationships come with their ups and downs and that as women we sometimes fall in love quicker, but do not be naive and listen carefully whenever a man talks about an ex-girlfriend.

If he constantly brings her up, whether he says good or bad things, chances are he is still not over her. Somewhere along the line, you’re going to have to take a pair of scissors and cut the cord between you two. Why? Because you cannot advance into the future with a man who has a mindset that is still stuck in the past. Please keep your ears open, because you’ll know early on if he is man enough to move forward in life.

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