Have you ever gone on a date with someone and realized you just simply aren’t compatible? It’s excruciating when you can’t see eye to eye and it almost seems like there’s a greater force that’s drawing you in opposite directions, a miscommunication that simply won’t go away. On the other hand, sometimes you hit it off with someone on such a level that sparks fly and you understand each other on an unspoken level – an attraction that goes past just having a few things in common.

All of you star-crossed lovers will be glad to know that energies are picked up from the planets and the universe, connecting us in a greater sense, a predestined fate of who we’re most synchronized with. Elements play a heavy role in these partnerships, such as combining two feisty fire signs such as a Leo and an Aries together. Their passion and dynamic can’t possibly just be ruled to a few personality traits – it’s their zodiac elements matching a unified heaven.

As astrology charts can be a confusing puzzle to look at, we’ve simplified things for you and listed your top zodiac combinations, both his and hers, to help you find your ultimate astrological match. When the stars align, sometimes you’re simply just meant to be.

24-Aries Man: A Leo Woman, Because He Needs Someone Who Can Fight Fire With Fire

Aries and Leo, you two are a feisty match with a flame that never goes out. Both fire signs, you’re ruled by a warm passion, one that means sparks will fly constantly. Connected physically and even emotionally, you two will find things to talk about right off the bat.

Conversations will be respectful and admirable, with both of you listening intently to what the other has to say.

Since you’re both dominated by the fire element, these conversations can turn heated as well. Not to worry though, whatever you may say to your Leo lady won’t be taken to heart, as she’ll bounce back with something equally as cutting. Once the heat of the moment dies down, you’ll both go back to blossoming together in a way any other sign simply wouldn’t understand.

23-Aries Woman: An Aquarius Man, As His Need For Personal Space Fuels An Aries’ Desire For Freedom

It’s not just fighting fire with fire that works all the time, as a feisty Aries woman needs an airy Aquarius to calm her down while simultaneously letting her roam free. This is a match that is built on a mutual trust and understanding since an Aquarian male desires his privacy at times which works perfectly for an Aries lady and her need to explore solo.

An air sign such as an Aquarius is perfect to subdue an Aries woman’s outrageous unpredictability at times. She can be headstrong and stubborn, but as the Aquarius is calm and dignified, this doesn’t bother him that much. In fact, he embraces her confidence and enjoys being around it. All in all, an Aquarius man is the perfect sign that’ll go with the flow, and give his Aries lady the confidence she deserves, finding her absolutely irresistible.

22-Scorpio Man: Capricorn Woman, Since You Both Respect Each Other’s Strong Work Ethic

Having the same set of values and goals is crucial to a successful relationship, and that’s why the Scorpio man and Capricorn woman get along so perfectly. You’re both exceptionally hard working and value security above anything else, which will give you both a very high level of respect for one another.

You’ll love watching your Capricorn lady flourish and she’ll ground you with her motivation, while you, in turn, will inspire her as well.

A Capricorn girl will be much more grounded than a Scorpio guy, so you may be taken aback by her lack of emotion at the beginning. As you grow to realize she’s simply being rational, you’ll grow to love her logic, as she’ll give you a more clear-headed outlook on life.

21-Scorpio Woman: Taurus Man, Since You Need Someone Who Will Be, Without A Doubt, Trustworthy And Loyal

What may seem like a surprising match at first is one that can grow into the most fruitful and fulfilling! The Scorpio woman is a passionate one, while the Taurus man’s stability and trustworthiness are traits that can bring out the best in you and ground you as well.

Being two opposite signs within the zodiac, you both can learn a lot from each other so this partnership will be some trial and error, yet the most rewarding if you stick it out. Once your Taurus gives you the stability you crave, you’ll, in turn, show him how well-spoken and headstrong you are, with your negotiation skills second to none. The perfect yin and yang, you two compliment each other in a way that’ll only make both of you stronger.

20-Gemini Man: Libra Woman, As You Both Love Being Analytical And Communicative

This is one of the most perfect matches in terms of communication since you both value talking things through and analyzing to the point that would drive other signs through the roof. You both value the arts and will find yourselves in friendly debate whenever you witness or experience something together – there will never be a moment when you’ll either be bored! Both charming creatures as well, you’ll flourish in social settings, being able to hold your own or go out as a couple and mingle to oblivion

The only downside to this pairing is how much you both love life’s finer luxuries.

Since you both have a desire for adventures and experiences, you may only play into each other’s need to burn a hole in your pockets.

19-Gemini Woman: Leo Man, As You Both Love Being Outgoing And Social

Gemini girl, you have a lust for life and adventure and need someone that’ll be on the same level as you are, if not more outgoing! Your Leo guy is the perfect match, as he craves being social and bold, living every day as if it was his last. You’re both charismatic creatures, and will find yourselves striving to make the other laugh – after all, it fills your own ego with joy that someone can appreciate what you have to say all the time!

The only difference between you two is that your Leo may be a bit more organized than you are. Don’t fret though, a little stability never hurt anyone, and this will only help better your flighty nature!

18-Pisces Man: Cancer Woman, Since You Need Someone Who Is Just As Romantic And Compassionate As You

This match between a Pisces man and a Cancer lady is probably the most emotionally conscious and intuitive pairing in the horoscope. You’re both sensitive to each other’s needs and highly affectionate, never coming across as cold or inattentive.

Both masters of empathy, you can always rely on your Cancer lady to be there for you if you’ve had a rough day, and vice versa!

The downside to this pairing is you’ll both be so romantically committed to one another that you may lose a grip on reality and the real world. Not necessarily a bad thing, but be careful not to get too carried away with one another!

17-Pisces Woman: Scorpio Man, Since You Love Their Confident Ability To Support And Protect You

A Pisces is a very emotional and caring sign, so it’s natural that sometimes a Pisces lady can get taken advantage of! What she needs is someone who can take control of her and protect her, and a Scorpio guy is just that. Although Scorpios aren’t considered natural leaders as opposed to other signs, such as Leos, they can definitely take the reigns of a situation if they want to. After all, the scorpion is a creature with outstanding strength, and they’ll be sure to look after you whenever need be.

Also a very passionate sign, the Scorpio may even be more emotional than you are, so this pairing is a whirlwind in the best way possible.

16-Taurus Man: Perfect Match Is A Pisces Woman, As They Are Both Creatures Who Admire The Arts

The Taurus man is the bull personified. Headstrong, powerful, yet sensitive, the Taurus yearns for peace, family, and beauty. He loves the arts and needs to find a partner that will indulge him in the same vices he personally craves. Cue the Pisces lady.

A sign that also values culture, beauty, and peace, the fish and the bull can build a harmonious life together — one that is fruitful in all the things they desire in life.

As alike as the Taurus and Pisces are, they’re also different in the most unified way possible. A Pisces lady is a dreamer, with her head in the clouds constantly. What she really needs is a partner who is stable, and the Taurus man grounds her perfectly, while her imagination adds a colorful element to his sometimes black and white world.

15-Taurus Woman: Cancer Man, As You Both Have A Need For Security And Comfort

A Taurus woman is the ideal lady to settle down with. Her desire for a family and security makes her a perfect match for a man that isn’t about roaming freely without a desire for domestic bliss. The Cancer man shares her need for security and a home while wanting their space to flourish with creativity and intellect. You’re both very sensitive signs, which is a plus, since you’ll both be able to be exceptionally empathetic with an ability to nurture and get each other through the hard moments in love. All in all, you’ll be each other’s rocks, building each other up whenever possible.

14-Aquarius Man: Libra Woman, Since You Want Your Match To Be Your Best Friend And The One You Can Endlessly Chatter To

A common misconception about an Aquarius is that it’s a water sign due to the water-bearing logo, however, it’s an air sign, much like fellow Libra. It’s because these two signs belong to the same lighthearted and easy-going element that an Aquarian’s best match is a Libra lady.

Since you’re both lovers of the gab, you have no issues holding a conversation with one another, with an obvious psychological connection that’s important to you both.

It’s because of this that this pairing won’t just be romantic – you’re both destined to be best friends as well. Communication is key to every relationship, so the Aquarius and Libra pairing is a lucky one who this comes naturally to.

13-Aquarius Woman: Gemini Male, Since You Love Being Challenged With A Healthy Debate

The second an Aquarius female and Gemini male meet, sparks fly and the attraction is undeniable. You’ll most likely challenge each other in a friendly debate, and you, Aquarius, will appreciate the Gemini’s ability to offer insightful information on a variety of different topics.

Besides being highly intelligent, you’re both natural creatives, who admire the arts and use them as an even further opportunity to discuss what you’ve just experienced. Your creative nature will make you both romantic, with the Gemini man sweeping you off your feet whenever possible. Because you’ll be too busy enjoying each other’s company, you may let daily chores and tasks slide, so just remember to make time for both!

12-Cancer Man: Virgo Woman, As You Both Build Each Other’s Self-Confidence Up

The Cancer man and Virgo lady are one of the most powerful combinations in terms of communal understanding and communication. This is due to the fact that you instinctively understand each other given that you both have similar outlooks on life. Cancer, as you tend to be emotional at times, you need a girl that’ll be able to handle these mood swings with ease.

Cue the Virgo, as her patience is second to none, and it’s her own stability that’ll in turn ground you as well.

Since the Virgo girl is a bit calmer than the Cancer male, the only downside to this combination is the Cancer mistaking her desire for solitude as a personal slight. Never fear, however, if you give her a chance to recharge her batteries, she’ll come back even more nurturing and loving than before.

11-Cancer Woman: Scorpio Man, Since Your Both So Intuitive, You Don’t Even Need To Talk

Cancer girl, you’re sometimes too intuitive for your own good. Ruled by your emotions and loyalty, you need someone that will understand your level of passion. Lucky for you, a Scorpio is your perfect match, making you feel adored and looked after more than any other sign. You’re both homebodies who value intimacy over going out and being overly social, so don’t be surprised when you both want to stay in and enjoy each other’s thoughts and company. Since you’re both so in sync, you’ll find that you won’t even have to talk all the time, since simply being in each other’s company is enjoyable enough.

10-Sagittarius Man: Aries Woman, Since Her Desire For Adventure Will Inspire You Endlessly

The Sagittarius is known for his desire for adventure and all around wanderlust. He’s constantly on a quest, looking to try new experiences and absorb as much about the world as he can.

An Aries lady is his perfect match, as she’s just as inquisitive and charismatic as he is, loving his philosophical nature as she can learn so much from him.

The best difference here that makes for a perfect pairing is that the Aries girl is more of a doer – she puts her ideas into play right away and makes them a reality. You, on the other hand, Sagittarius fellow, tend to always have your head in the clouds, so you could benefit greatly with someone behind you giving you a little nudge in the proper direction!

9-Sagittarius Woman: Aquarius Male, Since Your Both Intellectual And Progressive Thinkers, Always Open For Discussion

Sagittarius girl, you’re an inquisitive thinker and you’re always interested in enriching your mind with new concepts. An Aquarius is your perfect match, as he’s a forward thinker as well, with a zest for life that’s unmatched. You both have a spark of creativity and desire to explore, so other more needy signs may view you two as detached – but that’s just the way you like it!

As you both love learning so much about the world, your discussions will be filled with debates since you’re both such natural conversationalists. Both social butterflies, you two will thrive in social situations together, never getting jealous nor out to steal center stage from the other!

8-Libra Man: Aquarius Woman, Since You Need Someone That Will Question Topics And Have Friendly Debates With You

The Libra man and Aquarius woman are a match made in intellectual heaven. Both academic minds who love stimulating conversation, these two will chatter on for hours, never once running out of things to say. Your mental connection is intense and combined with both of your outgoing personalities, you’ll both be perfect hosts for whatever party you throw together.

What’s good about this partnership is because you’re both so outgoing, you’ll never mistake the other’s outwardly friendliness towards others as flirtation.

This will save you a handful of arguments you would be having with any other sign! It’s because of both of your light-hearted perceptions of life that you’ll both be in perfect harmony together, mentally and emotionally.

7-Libra Woman: Sagittarius Man, Since You Need Someone As Outgoing and Charismatic As You

It’s interesting that the match between a Libra girl and a Sagittarius guy is so powerful since Libras are known to be harmonious and diplomatic, while the Sagittarius is known to come across as blunt and bold. The passion you both share for spontaneity and adventure is what keeps this match strong, combined with both of your outgoing natures that no other signs can top.

The only downside to this pairing is both of you have a desire to be entertainers and the life of the party, so being frugal is something neither of you is good at! As long as you keep each other in check, the Libra lady and Sagittarius man have plenty of years of laughs and good times ahead of them.

6-Capricorn Man: Pisces Woman, Since She’s Empathetic And Will Look After You Gently

While the Capricorn male is practical and ambitious, he needs someone with a little bit of imagination and empathy- cue the Pisces lady as his perfect pairing. She’s very sensitive and intuitive, sensing whenever something is off with you or you’re feeling down. She’ll be able to build you back up whenever you’re needing some emotional stability, and in turn, you’ll be able to provide her with a grounding when she gets ahead of herself with dreaming.

The only issue with this seemingly perfect pairing is both of your desires to spend.

You tend to be a bit on the materialistic side, while your Pisces counterpart also loves to spend, but more so on experiences and her future.

5-Capricorn Woman: Capricorn Man, Since You’re A Misunderstood Sign That Only Another Capricorn Can Handle

The Capricorn woman is one that is notoriously misunderstood by other signs. What people mistake for being cold or unemotional is actually just her being painstakingly rational, a creature who values logic above anything else. Because of this, who better to understand her than another fellow ram?

Both of you are practical and value hard work, this is a pairing that will do very well together professionally while still being able to maintain a wonderfully stable personal life with one another. The only danger is you both have a tendency to be stubborn – as long as you both stay level-headed and analytical during your arguments you’ll persevere, as a Capricorn values logic above everything else.

4-Leo Man: Libra Woman, Since You Both Adore The Finer Things In Life

The Leo man and the Libra woman is a phenomenal match since both signs enjoy and lust after the life’s finest luxuries. You’re both sophisticated, with exquisite taste that you love to indulge in. As the lion has a large ego, he’ll enjoy his Libra’s ability to offer meaningful compliments, making himself feel important and big.

The Libra lady, on the other hand, is ruled by the scales and hates decision-making more than anything else.

This is where the headstrong Leo comes into play, always able to take charge and lead a situation. It’s with this harmony that both signs will naturally gravitate towards each other, and lead one another to luxurious bliss.

3-Leo Woman: Sagittarius Man, Since You’re Both Energetic And Fun Loving

The Leo woman is a playful kitten and one that has an excess of energy. The Sagittarius man is her ideal mate, as he’s explosive in his energy as he is in his desire for adventure, meaning this is a match that’ll have the best time exploring. As you both love to live life to its fullest, the attraction that you have for each other will grow quickly, and you’ll enjoy the highs and lows of passion you both have.

The Sagittarius man enjoys critical thinking a bit more than the Leo woman, so he’ll be sure to spark interesting conversations in his downtime while you’re both not off exploring the world together.

2-Virgo Man: Capricorn Woman, Since You’re Both Highly Organized And Rational

A Virgo man values time management and rationality above all, so it’s very fitting that his ideal match, the Capricorn, is just as organized as down to earth as he is. You both have so much common sense that arguments are always logical between the two of you, and you’d be hard-pressed to find to find a better match that is more capable of coming to a communal decision more than this combination.

As you’re both perfectionists, you’ll motivate and egg each other on to achieve your goals, inspiring one another to always deliver your best.

It’s this quality that you both have that makes you extremely successful, both in your personal lives and professional.

1-Virgo Woman: Taurus Man, Since You’re Both Reliable And Stable In Your Own Ways

Virgo girl, you’re clever, organized, and fast. You’re highly motivated and enjoy having high goals in life! Unfortunately, however, you also tend to be highly critical of yourself and have a tendency to put unrealistic expectations on yourself. When things don’t go as planned, you get down on yourself, and you need a partner that’ll pick you up and set you right back on course. The Taurus man is perfect for you, headstrong and reliable, and also very goal-centric in his life. He doesn’t worry as much as you, so he’ll give you the confidence and reassurance you need, the type of security you’d be hard-pressed to find from any other sign.


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