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You probably assume that men are not romantic in their nature and that is where you are wrong, even though most of them present themselves as tough guys who think of everything romantic as cheesy and pathetic.

When it comes to romance and romantic gestures, the only difference between men and women is that they perceive it differently. We simply think of different things as romantic.

That is why we gathered together 23 men to tell us which romantic gestures fascinate them and which ones make you girlfriend material, and here is what they told us.

1. Make him breakfast

No matter what anyone might think, food really is one of the best ways to almost any man’s heart. So if you want to please your guy, one of the ways to do so is to make him a home-cooked meal.

This doesn’t have to be anything complicated—it can just be a plain sandwich but it will show him your love.

If this meal is breakfast, it would be nice to take it to him in bed. Besides being romantic and cute, there is also no better way to start a busy day.

2. Take care of him when he’s sick

We all know that most guys are big crybabies when they are sick, no matter how tough they pretend to be when it comes to everything else. Men have a hard time dealing with any type of illness and most of them think it’s the end of the world when they just catch a cold or when they have a headache.

That is why you’ll show your man how much you care about him if you care for him when he’s sick. Every man likes to see that his girl cares for him and he’ll immediately feel better if you do something simple for him, like taking him a hot cup of tea or making him soup.

3. Ask him about his day

When your boyfriend comes home after working long hours and after he’s had an exhausting day, the best thing you can do is show your genuine interest in it. If you want to be a good girlfriend, you’ll ask him how he spent his day and if anything has happened that he would like to share with you.

I know you sometimes don’t want to listen to him talking about his work but trust me—it will make him feel a lot better.
Of course, if your man prefers to enjoy a quiet evening and not talk about his day, that’s OK too and you should respect it. Just make sure he knows you are there for him if he decides to share something with you.

4. Surprise him for his birthday

Another small, romantic gesture you can make for your man is to surprise him for his birthday.
No matter how old he is getting, knowing that you remembered his birthday and that you’ve made an effort to make this day special for him is something which will make him happy.

You don’t have to surprise him with an expensive or fancy gift—just show him that you remembered and surprise him at midnight with his favorite cake or something symbolic.

One romantic idea is to dedicate this entire day to him, if that is possible. Just do the things he enjoys doing the most and do your best to please him in every way possible.

5. Show him you worry about him

When you are trying to show your man you really love him, you can do it by showing that you care about him.

A simple question about if he has gotten home safe or if he has eaten will be more than enough. This way, he’ll know that there exists someone who thinks of him and that will mean more than anything to him.

Just make sure not to overdo it because after all, you are not his mom.

6. Let him be the little spoon

Whenever you and your boyfriend cuddle, he is always the big spoon, right? And you know how that makes you feel protected and safe? He has you wrapped in his arms and you feel like nothing bad can happen to you while you lie there like that with him.

Well, the truth is that your guy would enjoy feeling the same from time to time, no matter how much of a macho man he is. So just let him be the little spoon sometimes. And remember—this doesn’t make him any less of a man.

7. Pay him a compliment

You may think that only women enjoy receiving compliments from their partners but you couldn’t be more wrong.

The fact is that a man also likes to be complimented, especially if those compliments are coming from the woman he loves.

Therefore, if you want to be romantic, surprise your man with a compliment out of nowhere every now and then. You can say something about his looks or personality. You don’t have to exaggerate or sweet-talk him—just tell him how attractive he is or that he’s well-dressed—whatever you like about him at that specific moment.

8. Tell him you are proud of him

For most men, it is very important to feel appreciated and respected by the women by their side. Therefore, another romantic gesture you might make for your partner is to show him how proud you are of him. Never fail to show him how happy you are to have him by your side and how proud you are about the man he has become.

Whatever this guy does for you, you need to show him you appreciate his efforts.

Of course, you can also tell him this but it’s important to show him that you wouldn’t choose any other guy over him.

9. Watch a sports game with him

So you are not a huge fan of any particular sport and you would probably never watch a sports game if it was up to you. But your boyfriend probably has a favorite sport and a favorite team and athlete.

He enjoys watching games or sports matches on TV or going to a game to see it live. And he will definitely appreciate it if he sees you share the same enthusiasm about his favorite club winning. He’ll love to see you cheer and get excited because of something he enjoys.

You can also surprise him by buying him tickets and accompanying him to watch a game in person. Trust me—he will consider this to be more romantic than anything else and it is one of the most wonderful ways to show him you love him.

10. Buy him concert tickets for his favorite band

Another thing every guy will definitely appreciate is if you buy him concert tickets for his favorite music group. This will be especially nice if you two don’t listen to the same type of music because you’ll show him that you are doing something just to please him, even if that something doesn’t interest you.

You can accompany him to this concert or just buy him the tickets to go with some friends.

11. Pack him lunch for work

I am definitely not saying that you should be the one who does all the cooking if you are living with your partner.

But it would be nice if you could pack him lunch for work from time to time because a homemade meal is always much better than the regular fast food he probably eats at work. This way, he’ll think of you when he gets a break and when he eats it. This will be a sweet gesture because you are showing him you care about him and about his day.

12. Pay attention to details

The truth is that most men don’t enjoy big, typical, romantic gestures in the same way women do. Instead, what they do like is for the person they love to pay attention to small things and details which concern them.

Every man would think you are a ‘jackpot girlfriend’ if you would just buy him his favorite chocolate, for example. You need to understand that it’s not about the chocolate itself—it’s about the gesture and it’s about you knowing what he likes and dislikes and about you making an effort by getting him something he loves.

13. Take him out on a date

Traditionally, men are usually the ones to take females out on dates. But why not switch roles for a night? It doesn’t matter whether you and your partner are in a long-term relationship or if you two are even married—you can still go out on a date.

But instead of expecting him to take you out, why couldn’t you be the one to surprise him? And you don’t need to wait for some special occasion, like a birthday, anniversary or Valentine’s Day.
Just arrange a date, preferably in his favorite restaurant, and take him out. When it gets to the end of the night, be the one to pick up the bill.

I am sure this will amaze him because it is something different.

14. Make him a personalized gift

If you and your partner have been together for ages, I am sure you’ve run out of ideas on what to buy him for his birthday and for other special occasions. You feel like you’ve already bought him everything you could think of and you don’t know what to do.

But one of the most romantic things you could do is make him a personalized gift.

This present will probably be less expensive than anything else you’ve gotten him in the past but trust me—he’ll cherish it more. He’ll see that you’ve put an effort into making something especially for him and he’ll definitely keep this gift with him forever.

15. Give him a relaxing massage

Both you and your partner live busy and stressful lives and your time together should be an oasis of peace.

That’s why one of the cutest, most romantic gestures for your boyfriend should definitely be to give him a massage. This way, you’ll relax him and show him that you don’t have a problem taking care of him, even if you are also tired from a busy day.

Besides, this is a great introduction to some action in the sheets.

16. Listen to him

One of the most romantic things you can do for your partner is pay attention to the things he’s telling you.

He needs to see that you really listen to him carefully and that whatever he is talking about matters to you.

If he sees that you are putting an effort into having meaningful communication with him, he’ll automatically feel closer to you. He’ll know that he can open up to you and that he can share with you everything that’s bothering him.

This way, he’ll sense the enormous love you feel for him and that is the most romantic thing there is.

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17. Initiate s**

Another romantic gesture that you can make if you want to show your partner how much you care for him is to initiate s** and do your best to please him in bed.

If you two are one of those couples in which the male initiates s** more often, it’s time for that to change. You need to understand that he can be insecure as well and that there are times when he needs your approval.

By initiating s**, you are showing him that you still find him attractive and that he can still turn you on without doing anything.

You want to spice up your s**life? Skip the romantic atmosphere and the candles, because let’s face it—you are the one who likes that more. Break the routine by wearing se*y lingerie or by thinking about some se* games that might be interesting for the two of you.

18. Write him a love letter or a love note

Your boyfriend isn’t as romantic as you would like him to be and he feels uncomfortable when you two talk about your feelings face-to-face. But you still want to find a way to be romantic in your relationship.

And there exists a solution for that.

You can write your partner a love letter or a love note, full of romantic couple quotes. It doesn’t have to be pathetic, cheesy or too romantic—you can express your feelings in a funny way.

Just leave this letter or note somewhere where he’ll find it. This way, he’ll have the opportunity to read it while he is on his own.

19. Touch him affectionately

Another cute and romantic gesture you can make for your boyfriend is to touch him affectionately without any special reason.

Play with his hair, hug him from behind or just give him a kiss on the cheek.

This doesn’t have to be anything s**ual. Instead, it is a way of you showing him affection and the love you feel for him.

This way, you’ll show him that you can’t keep your hands off him and that your body has the urge to be close to him.

20. Grab his hand when you’re walking or driving

Also, you can grab hold of this man’s hand when you’re walking or driving.

The two of you have probably been together for a long time and you’ve lost the habit of holding hands while you are out in public. But this intimate thing can sometimes be more romantic than anything else. It brings you two closer and it shows the entire world that you are together.

Also, you can grab his hand when he is driving. One of his hands is on the steering wheel and that gives you the opportunity to hold the other.

21. Spend time with him when he’s enjoying his hobby

Your boyfriend enjoys hiking or fishing? He likes to take part in marathons or he enjoys to volunteer?

Either way, it will be romantic of you if you accompany him while he’s enjoying his hobby, even if that is not your favorite thing to do.

This shows him that you are not selfish and that you can find the time to do something he likes to do. It also shows him that you find his happiness important and that seeing him enjoy himself is more than enough for you to be happy as well.

22. Surprise him with a movie screening of his favorite movie

You want to spend a nice evening at home together with your boyfriend but you want to do something different which will make the evening memorable?

If you’ve run out of ideas, here is a great one.

You can surprise him with a movie screening of his favorite movie. It is probably some horror or action movie and you would prefer to watch a romantic comedy or a chick flick but remember—you are trying to do something romantic for him and you are trying to please him.

23. Give him a photo of the two of you together

You want your boyfriend to think of you even when the two of you are not together? Give him a photo of the two of you to carry in his wallet.

You may think this is old-fashioned because he could just have your picture as the background on his phone but it is actually quite romantic.

You can also frame this photo and give it him to put on his desk.

It shows that you’ve put the effort in to find the photo and to print it out. Trust me—he’ll never want it out of his sight.


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