You are probably wondering why anyone would stay somewhere where they didn’t feel okay, right? But when it comes to love relationships, things are not so simple.

And all abused women know that too well. They know what it feels like to put up with all those things that they should run away from but there they are, still waiting for something to happen, still not losing hope and believing that tomorrow, things will get better. But the harsh truth is that they never do.

To help you understand better why some women stay in abusive relationships, here are the true confessions of some of them.

Maybe after you read them you will feel like you are not the only one going through this kind of hell. And if you are lucky enough, you won’t know anything about this.

1. “I was with my boyfriend for five years and even if he was abusing me emotionally, I never dared to leave him. Every time I tried, he would go down on his knees and promise me that he would change.

He said that he loved me and that he couldn’t live without me. And honestly, I am not leaving because I believe I am the only one who can save him from this condition. I believe I can really heal him so he will become the best version of himself.”

Natalie, 33

2. “I was thinking about leaving my toxic ex but every time I tried, he would somehow make me think I was ruining everything that we had built. He made me feel guilty for trying to leave him.

That’s why I always gave him other chances. I simply didn’t want to be the guilty one in the end.”

Nancy, 26

3. “I was scared to death to leave my boyfriend because he told me that he would kill himself if I did. That’s why I stayed with him and put up with his mood changes.”

Dolores, 22

4. “I couldn’t leave my husband because we have 3 kids and I had nowhere to go. Also, I wasn’t working at that time and I was depending on him.

That’s why I decided to stay with him and stay ignorant of his abuse. I focused on my kids instead and that has helped me through all these years!”

Hannah, 35

5. “I was thinking about leaving my boyfriend but I didn’t have enough self-esteem to do that.

I thought that I was not beautiful enough and that I would end up alone.”

Carrie, 31

6. “I could never leave my abusive boyfriend because I kept thinking that he would change. Every time I would leave, I would go back because I loved him and I wanted to help him feel better.
I would like to just leave but that is not possible because I really care about him.”

Anna, 26

7. “I was in an abusive relationship for five years and I couldn’t leave because we were in a foreign country because of my husband’s job. I wasn’t working and I didn’t know the language.

He was my only connection to the world and I couldn’t leave.”

Maria, 29

8. “I was in an abusive relationship for two years and I couldn’t leave because my boyfriend had a s.. tape of me and he blackmailed me, saying that he would show it to my friends and my parents.

He promised me that he would put it on the net and that everyone would see that I was a slut. Because of being young and naive, I couldn’t leave him.”

Mona, 19

9. “I stayed with the man I hated for two years because I was worried about what others would say if I left him.

I didn’t want to get divorced because I was living in a small town and everyone would judge me about that.”

Leah, 30

10. “I was in an abusive relationship for six years and I never admitted to myself that it was abuse. I chose to believe that he would change and that we simply didn’t get each other at that time.

It took me so much time to actually open my eyes in front of the monster I lived with for such a long time.”

Nina, 28

11. “When I remember what my ex was doing to me, I get chills all over my body. He was manipulating me, using his charm to make me stay. And I fell for it every single time.

It took me so much time to actually break free from the chains he chained me with.”

Lindsay, 29

12. “I didn’t leave because he told me that my kids and I would regret if I did. He told me that he would take them away from me and that I would never see them again.

That’s why I put up with all his abuse and stayed with him.”

Susanne, 31

13. “I remember my abusive relationship like it was yesterday. He totally isolated me from my family and friends, telling me that he was the only one I needed and that I would ignore them if I loved him.

I did that and in the end I didn’t have anyone to ask for help. So, I stayed with him, going through hell every day.”

Gloria, 33

14. “I was in a lousy mental state when he started abusing me. I suffered from panic attacks and severe depression and I believed he was the only bright light in my life.

I thought it was all my fault and that I was the crazy one there. In fact, I was grateful to him for putting up with me all that time but in fact I was putting up with all his crap.”

Lilly, 29

15. “When I got married, we moved to a foreign country and I didn’t have a job, and I didn’t know the language.

He abused me and kept me as his personal slave for two years. And there was nothing I could do about that.”

Mandy, 38

16. “I stayed in an abusive relationship for three years, thinking it wasn’t happening. I thought we were just going through a rough patch and that everything would get better.

I would probably have stayed longer if he hadn’t beaten me up in front of our kids and sent me to hospital with severe injuries. After that, I asked for a restraining order and in that way, I got my freedom back.”

Jessica, 32

17. “I stayed in an abusive relationship because my parents were working in his family company and he would always tell me that he would make their lives a living hell and that he would make sure that they never found another job in our town in case I left.

He acted jealous and possessive but I put up with all of that for the sake of my parents, who believed I had a happy marriage.”

Simone, 35

18. “I couldn’t leave my boyfriend because I was afraid that he would do something bad to himself. He told me that he would do something stupid if I left and that I would regret it.

He told me that he would always haunt me and that he wouldn’t let me be happy with another man. So, being afraid of what he might do, I decided to stay with him.”

Lucy, 27

19. “I didn’t have an option and I had to stay with my abusive husband because when I asked for help from my parents, they told me that I should have listened to them and not married him and that I should accept the consequences now.

I didn’t have anywhere to go so I put up with his abuse for as long as I could, praying to God for him to change.”

Lisa, 34

20. “When I first got married, my husband was the perfect man. But after we had our first child, he got jealous, possessive and aggressive. When I tried to leave him, he threatened that he would kill me and our baby girl and that nobody would ever find us.

So, I decided to stay and wait for him to be the old version of himself. Of course, that never happened.”

Mia, 28


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