Love is amazing no matter how old we are. However, all that love stuff can seem so damn complicated sometimes. First, I need to make one thing clear—there is no universal formula that can help us with love, dating and relationships.

There are so many things you are about to experience and go through in your 20s, but there are also some lessons every girl who wants to excel in love should know. You don’t want to skip this class if you want a straight A in Love and Dating, so let’s start!

1. It is better to be alone than with someone who makes you feel lonely.

2. You need to love yourself in order to love others and to be loved by others.

3. Love can be magical, but it can’t fix your problems.

4. Love does not equal happiness. You can love someone and still be unhappy.

5. Trust is the foundation of each and every relationship.

6. You will need to swallow your pride sometimes, because being happy is more important than always being right.

7. Never forget other important people in your life just because you’re dating some guy. Always dedicate some time to your friends and family. They were with you long before he showed up, right?

8. An ex is an ex for a reason.

9. There are plenty of fish in the sea.

10. Sometimes, love is not enough for a relationship to last.

11. Don’t let anyone mistreat you just because you’re in a long relationship. Time spent with someone is not a good excuse to stay together.

12. Love knows no race, age, gender or religion. You can’t choose who will make your heart skip a beat, nor who will love you.

13. Break-ups are hard, but they teach us to love better next time.

14. It’s okay to have a s**ual relationship only.

15. You can never love to the fullest if you are afraid of experiencing a broken heart.

16. The ‘Honeymoon’ phase is not forever; that’s why they call it a “phase”.

17. Being friends with your ex is as “easy” as understanding where various bits of subatomic shrapnel and cosmic rays come from.

18. If your partner abuses you in any way, you mustn’t tolerate it even for a second.

19. Don’t choose a guy just because he’s got money, looks perfect, and your friends and family adore him. Choose a guy that makes YOU happy.

20. Loving someone is a bumpy ride, but if the view is beautiful, you should just relax and enjoy.


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