Honesty is the best policy, especially when it comes to romantic relationships. Ideally, significant others should be honest with one another and talk things out instead of jumping to conclusions and causing drama. After all, who really has time for that sort of immature nonsense?

Sometimes, no matter how honest a boyfriend is with his girlfriend in their relationship, there are still some secrets that they hold close to their heart and that they refuse to tell their other half for one reason or another.

Below is an eyebrow-raising roundup of a wide variety of secrets that boyfriends refuse to tell their girlfriend, but they have no problems spilling their guts anonymously to strangers on various social media websites.

20The Girlfriend Needs To Get A Major Makeover On Reality TV

My long-distance girlfriend recently moved in with me and it has been jarring to see just how out of touch she is in terms of her fashion sense.

She’s only 23 years old, but I am not kidding when I say that she dresses like someone who is Amish and it’s embarrassing when we’re out in public. We’ve talked about her lack of fashion and she knows it bothers me, but she keeps purchasing the same oversized clothes and my attraction to her is dimming.

19Shoplifting For Love

Met my current girlfriend when we were in high school; during that time, she was living with her very verbally and emotionally abusive mother that wouldn’t let her do “normal” teen things like go out with friends and even forced her to switch schools so she couldn’t see me.

During that time period, I fell into the habit of stealing items such as aspirin for her cramps or cough syrup if she got a cold because I didn’t make enough money at the time to keep up with the neglect her mother caused. I’ve never told her about this.

18Pining Over A Grade-A Narcissistic Ex-GF

Deep down, I still regret breaking up with my ex-girlfriend even though she kissed another dude right in front of me and blamed me for her self-harm issues.

I still love her so damn much and the thought of her crying makes me want to weep too because I sincerely believed that she really loved me.

17A Little Computer Forgery Won’t Hurt

Grew up in a really strict family that started snooping and invading my privacy when I began dating my girlfriend. It got to the point that they told me flat-out that I should break up with her.

My girlfriend doesn’t know any of this, but I began faking emails from my school to showcase events and emails from my teacher to create a plausible excuse to sneak behind their backs and see my significant other.

16Dude, Pick On Someone Your Own Size

My ex-girlfriend had a super younger brother and towards the end of our relationship, I couldn’t take the kid’s behavior anymore so I lost it one night when she asked me to baby-sit him.

When we were trying to watch television, he kept acting up so, in retaliation, I pinned this six-year-old down and spat on his forehead. He shut up after that and my ex never found out.

15Spending Tons Of Money On A Computer For Gamer Geeks

Purchased a kickass computer when I was visiting my long-distance girlfriend so she could play games with me online and edit her photographs despite the fact I owe her a hefty amount of cash because she paid for my plane ticket.

She assumed that my family was cool with the fact that I’d pay her back when I got home and purchased a computer for her on the trip, but what she doesn’t know is that I lied like a dog about my spending habits for her on the trip to my family and they still have no clue I bought her a computer.

14The Evil Queen From Snow White Approves Of This Scheme

Back when I was 22, I was really unhappy that my girlfriend wanted to go to a party due to the fact that one of her guy friends was a creepy douchebag that had a reputation of being handsy around the ladies and I didn’t want her to get hurt.

So I purposely slipped this medication that she has that without fail, always gives her the runs behind her back in order to stop her from being around the douchebag dude.

13Make A Kid’s Life Miserable To Make Your Love Happy

Two days ago, my girlfriend and I were taking her little sister out for the day at the local mall when her sibling spotted this gaming plaza and tried her best to get the fake toy diamonds, but to no avail.

I spotted this six-year-old boy that kept playing this game and he eventually got the largest diamond. Since I was sitting near the pick-up basket, I picked up the toy diamond and presented it to my girlfriend’s sister in order to impress her before the boy realized that I stole his prize.

12Time For McDonald’s Lovers Anonymous

When I was in a depressive funk due to being majorly unhappy at my job, I started to get a lot of take-out from fast food joints for dinner for me and my girlfriend.

Once I got a new job that treated me better and I decided to eat healthily, my girlfriend refused to make the meal plan switch with me. I realized then that I was responsible for her poor eating habits and accidentally got her addicted to fast food.

11Cheesy Love Triangle Ahoy

I’m in love with both my girlfriend and my best female friend. The former has no clue about my conflicted feelings, but the latter knows that I’m stuck in between a rock and a hard place.

I told my BFF that it’s too risky for us to be friends ever since she announced her love for me, but she insisted that she won’t compromise what I have with my girlfriend and I’m too weak-willed to argue with her anymore.

10DUIs Are What False Friends That Hate Your GF Get As Revenge

About two years ago, I got SUPER pissed off when my so-called friend cursed out my girlfriend and called her a bitch, so I decided to get some sweet, sweet revenge.

That weekend, I happened to see him leave a party drunk off of his rocker and I followed him in my car while I called 911 about a reckless drunk driver. The wind up was he got a DUI and couldn’t drive for a while.

9The Purse Is Basically A Second Bank Account Y’All

I won’t lie, I feel pretty bad about this but I have taken money from my girlfriend’s purse when she wasn’t looking or when she was fast asleep at night.

She has no idea that I do this and still leaves her purse wide open when we are at home.

8Urine And Shampoo Is The Best Hair Conditioner Ever

My girlfriend had catty roommates that kept picking fights over really dumb things like someone not doing the dishes after eating a meal and it got to the point she’d just break down and cry from all the stress. We all worked at the same store, which only added to the drama.

After one such fight, I was hanging out with my girlfriend at her apartment and spotted the bottle of conditioner that her roommate kept bragging about so I dumped some of it out, urinated in it and shook the concoction. The piece de resistance was telling some of my co-workers about it and humiliating the mean roommate in public.

7Smartphones Reveal All

Been having a bad feeling that our relationship was slowly but surely going downhill, so I decided to snoop on my girlfriend’s old phone that she kept around as a backup for her main phone.

Turns out my gut instinct was right—she’s been having an emotional affair behind my back that has lasted five months or so.

6Not All Those That Wander Are Lost

I lie to my girlfriend pretty much daily about where I go when I am leaving the house; I always tell her that I am going to visit my parent’s place or chill with my best friend at his house.

In actuality, I actually go to hang out with her ex-boyfriend (all three of us were friends at one point) in order to smoke weed and play ping-pong so she won’t flip out since she still holds a grudge against him.

5Pooping The Bed Is Not A Good Look, My Dude

Devastated to find out that my now ex-girlfriend of almost two years had been cheating on me for almost the entire single time we had been dating.

I confronted her when she messaged me wanting to “work things out,” but it ended badly and she stormed out of the room. In a petty act of revenge, I decided to take a dump right in the middle of her bed and covered it up so she would find it by surprise later on.

4All The Friends Go Bye, Bye, Bye

Met some folks during my freshman and sophomore year of college that I became good friends with and I always brought my previous girlfriends to events at their places with nary a word said.

During a stressful period in my relationship with my current girlfriend, I started lashing out at them because of all the tension and ditched them as friends. Looking back, I still feel guilty about what I did and realized I was in the wrong.

3No One Wants To Hear About Idiotic Reality TV Shows

Been dating my girlfriend for five years but it drives me up a wall whenever she starts talking about her favorite reality television shows like The Bachelor because I can’t stand that kind of stuff.

One night before I went to bed, I had a low battery and told her I’d chat until my phone died. Once she started going about The Bachelor, I started to get a headache from the mere mention of it and pretended my phone was about to go so I wouldn’t have to listen to her ramblings.

2Tiffany’s Must Be Side-Eyeing This Dude So Hard Right Now

Back when I was a freshman in high school, I didn’t have a lot of money so I got a cheap-o necklace and put it in a Tiffany box in order to impress my girlfriend.

I was so pleased with my sneaky act that I told my friends but the joke was on me: we broke up not long after the box incident.

1When Kids Are Annoying, Their Phones Go To The Bad Place

When my girlfriend’s kids are getting on my last nerve, I block their devices on my router so that they can’t access my WiFi; they can’t use data either since their devices are WiFi-only. The youngest, in particular, is really bratty so I blocked his iPad and it remains blocked to this day.

My girlfriend isn’t the least bit tech-savvy and has no clue that I do this.


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