Being a mom is the best, but some women just aren’t ready for their second babies. They need a bit more time with their first children before expanding their families, and there is nothing wrong with this. Babies are amazing but are such a big commitment.

A woman should definitely be 100 percent sure that she is ready for baby number two before taking the plunge. Some women are quite content to have only children. Others want two or more kids. So many factors are at play when it comes to how many kids a woman will have, but at the end of the day, it’s a personal choice

This list is filled with 20 common signs that a woman just isn’t ready for round two. Anyone who is considering having her second baby should check out this list.

20-She’s Already Stressed With Just One Baby

If a woman finds herself stressed out a lot while caring for a first child, she may not be ready for another one. It might be better for her to focus on finding ways to relieve her stress before expanding her brood. Two children are going to create more stress than one, according to Parents.

19-Her Partner Is Pressuring Her To Get Pregnant

If a partner, such as a hubby, has baby fever and a woman doesn’t, it may not be time for baby number two. Both partners should be on the same page before a family expands. A woman should never get pregnant just for the sake of her partner; it’s a group decision.

18-…Or Her Partner Doesn’t Want Another Child

This is a big one. Some partners do not have baby fever. They feel like one kid is more than enough, or maybe they want to wait awhile before welcoming second babies into their families. It’s probably best if partners talk about how many kids they want before starting families.

17-She Hasn’t Forgotten About Labor And Delivery Pain

Some women have very bad memories of labor pain. They may feel a sense of trepidation when they think about getting pregnant again because they haven’t forgotten how labor and delivery made them feel. For women like this, waiting a while to get pregnant again may be a smart strategy.

16-She’s Worried Baby #2 Will Hurt Her Relationship With Her First Child

Some moms bond so deeply with their first children that they worry about the impact of second babies. They are concerned that second babies might hurt their relationships with their first children. Baby Center explains that moms should feel really secure in their bonds with their first kids before having more kids.

15-Her First Child Is High-Maintenance

Some first children are mellow and easy to take care of, while others are a bit more “high maintenance.” Garden Web explains that children who have temperaments and moms with high maintenance kids may have a lot on their plates. They may not feel equipped to handle second babies, because their first kids are demanding.

14-She Feels Like She Just Bounced Back

If a woman is just starting to get her groove back after baby number one, she may want to enjoy feeling like herself again, rather than rushing into pregnancy, according to Parents. Some women need more time to bounce back than others do. A woman should build a family at a pace that works for her.

13-She’s Not Fantasizing About Spending Time With A New Baby

One of the best things about being pregnant is dreaming about time with the baby. It’s about mulling over baby names and fantasizing about new motherhood. If a mom doesn’t have dreamy periods where she is thinking about a second baby, she may not be ready to have another.

12-Her Finances Are Not Looking Good

In a perfect world, women could have great big families without worrying about money, but it’s not a perfect world. Seventy-two percent of moms (and dads) hold back from talking to their kids about money because they don’t want their children to worry, according to Lots of moms have money worries.

11-She’s Considering Pregnancy Only Because Of Her Other Child

Wanting another baby so an only child won’t be an “only” anymore isn’t a bad thing, but it shouldn’t be the only reason why a woman considers pregnancy. A woman should plan another baby because she wants to be with that baby. According to, half of women would prefer big families.

10-Her Support System Is A Little Weak

Having a bigger family without a good support system may put a lot of stress on a woman. Women who don’t have support systems must take care of many things on their own. A woman who wants to expand her support system should join mommy support groups or find other ways to connect, according to Working Mother.

9-She Doesn’t Feel Envious Around Moms Who Have Multiples

A mom of one who doesn’t feel a little pang of jealousy when she sees other moms with two kids or more may want to reconsider having another baby. She may not be ready yet. Circle of Moms suggests women who do feel pangs of jealousy are probably ready for round two.

8-Her Romantic Life Has Gone Down The Tubes

There are women who have noticed some negative changes in their relationships after childbirth, or have gone through breakups after childbirth. These women may feel lonely because they don’t have strong romantic ties. Women like this may want to build healthy romantic relationships before trying for more babies.

7-She Remembers Morning Sickness From The First Time Around

Women who experienced severe morning sickness while pregnant may realize that their second pregnancies probably won’t be any easier than their first. Parents notes this may be a good enough reason to hold back on having second babies. Severe morning sickness really takes a toll on a woman.

6-She Knows Caring For Two Kids Will Be Exhausting

Being a mother is amazing, but it’s awfully tiring. A second baby will mean late-night feedings, which means sleep deprivation. Parents reminds us that when there is an older child to take care of, the exhaustion intensifies. A mom will need to know that she can handle it all before getting pregnant with a second baby.

5-She Has Hardly Any ‘Me Time’

“Me time” matters. Every mom needs time for herself, whether she wants to read or get a manicure or go for a hike. If a mom feels deprived of “me time” with one child, she may not want to get pregnant again until she finds a balance. She’ll have even less “me time” with two kids.

4-She Wants A Second Baby Because Society Expects Her To Have One

A mom with one child may feel societal pressure to have another child. For example, she might feel that her peer group wants her to have a second child. Relatives might also be making her feel like it’s time to get pregnant again. Women should get pregnant only because they want to.

3-She’s Enthralled With Her Job

Some women love working. They get fulfillment from what they do for a living. These women may find that one child and a job is enough. Two children might mean less time for work. A woman needs to consider the pros and cons carefully when it comes to having another baby.

2-Her Child Doesn’t Want A Sibling

First children shouldn’t be in charge of family planning, but some kids really don’t want baby brothers or sisters. When first children have this attitude, moms may want to ease them into the idea of living with siblings. Positive talk about the benefits of having siblings should help.

1-Her Home Is Short On Space

Sometimes, practical stuff, like the size of a home, does play a role in whether a woman is ready to have a second child. Some moms who live in smaller dwellings may not have enough room for second children. They may need to make changes before getting pregnant.


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