Women are from Venus, men are from Mars… but we all do things that could be considered pretty gross (even if we’re not into admitting it). While we get together with our best friends and chat all things that time of the month, our boyfriends love to talk about some truly strange subjects with their pals. Maybe we just all have a different tolerance for these types of topics. What one person considers to be too awkward to talk about, the next person loves discussing.

Even though we’re head over heels in love with our boyfriends, we can admit that we find some things that they do to be gross. Read on to find out 18 things guys do that gross women out, along with two things that we actually kind of like.

20Wearing The Same Thing For Weeks

Whether it’s a t-shirt with a funny saying on it or a beloved sweatshirt, we can admit that our boyfriends like to wear the same items of clothing all the time. Things get kind of sketchy (and gross) when they literally wear this stuff for weeks at a time. And when we mention it to them, it’s like they didn’t even notice…

19Leaving Dirty Socks On The Floor

Chances are, if we think about all of the guys that we’ve dated over the years, at least some of them have left their dirty socks on the floor. It’s just a thing that guys do.

Again, if we asked them to move them or even brought it up, they might look at us like they’re not sure what we’re talking about. It doesn’t bother them… but if we move in with our BF, it’s definitely going to bug us.

18We Actually Like: Wearing Too Much Cologne

Not every gross thing that guys do is actually, well, gross.

Sometimes, if a guy wears a ton of cologne, this can be something that we actually like. What can we say?! We might actually like the smell and we might be into this. Of course, there are scents that are way too overpowering, so let’s hope that our boyfriends have good taste when they pile on the cologne.

17Shaving In The Sink (And Not Caring About The Mess)

Whether we have a guy friend, brother, or boyfriend, if we go into their bathroom, we’re going to find the same thing: tiny hairs in the sink from when they shaved this morning.

Why does this happen? Why can’t they clean up and make the sink cleaner? We might never do. It’s definitely a mystery.

16Clipping Their Toenails Anywhere In The Apartment

Everyone has to clip their toenails. It’s not nice, it’s not pretty, but it’s a fact of life. While we’re thrilled that our boyfriend has good hygiene habits and makes sure that his toenails aren’t out of control, he might share this gross habit with other guys: clipping his toenails all over the apartment.

This needs to be kept to the bathroom… and the bathroom alone.

15Telling Fart Jokes

To guys, fart jokes are the best things ever, and there is no situation where a fart joke can’t improve the mood. To us… these are gross and need to be kept out of every possible conversation.

If we tell our BF that we’re not into fart jokes, he’s probably going to laugh and say that they’re funny. To each their own, right?!

14Not Showering Right After Working Out

Can we imagine doing a crazy hard workout, sweating a ton, and then sitting around our apartment for an hour or more? Probably not… because after a gym session, all we want to do is take a nice, long, hot shower.

We’ve probably noticed that guys don’t mind waiting to shower after a workout. It’s weird… and it’s definitely gross.

13Eating Weird Combinations Of Junk Food

Some guys love eating junk food for pretty much every meal, and they especially love combining different foods that we wouldn’t really want to. Hot sauce is delicious, but while we might not want to put it on everything, our boyfriend doesn’t see why he can’t. He also doesn’t see why he can’t put pickles on his pizza or potato chips on that pizza. We’re not about to try that.

12Wearing Underwear With Holes In Them

Why do guys wear underwear that is totally falling apart?! The truth is that this happens to everyone but you really do have to throw said underwear out and buy some new ones.

We get that underwear shopping might not be our boyfriend’s favorite thing and that it’s boring, but that’s really no excuse.

11Taking Selfies In The Bathroom

If we go through a guy’s social media accounts or his dating app profile, we’re going to find one thing: bathroom selfies. As in, a lot of them.

We’re not sure why guys think that the bathroom is the greatest location ever for taking a picture. It’s actually the opposite, especially when they choose gross public bathrooms. (Shudder.)

10Going A Super Long Time Without A Haircut

Long, messy hair can be attractive. Long, messy hair that clearly needed a haircut a month ago? Not so much.

Some guys hold out on going to the hair salon for so long that their hair doesn’t even resemble a real style anymore. It’s pretty gross and we’re not really sure why this happens.

9Letting Out A Super Loud Burp

Just like farts, guys find burps to be totally great and hilarious. And just like farts, we don’t share the same sentiment.

Letting out a large burp is truly gross. It’s just something that anyone should do in polite company, or even when just hanging out with their girlfriend or friends.

8Scratching A Lot

We’re watching TV and having a chill, relaxing evening… and then we turn to look at our BF and he’s scratching.

He’s going to look at us like, “What?!” and we’re going to sigh and turn back to the TV show that we’re watching, but not before we think that this is kind of gross.

7Waiting All Morning To Brush Their Teeth On Weekend Mornings

Sometimes, a guy just wants to enjoy his Saturday morning. He wants to drink coffee, make some pancakes and bacon, and watch Netflix. We get it… but why doesn’t he want to brush his teeth until the day is already half over?!

We might have caught our boyfriend with bad breath and realized that he was waiting to brush his teeth. If we asked him why, he might just shrug.

6Watching The Movie Or TV Scenes That We Turn Away From

Even if we’re horror movie fans, we still might not want to watch certain scenes. The same thing goes for any TV show that we’re currently watching. Our boyfriend, on the other hand, doesn’t mind watching these gross scenes at all. In fact, he might actually love them, and be staring at the screen with a big grin. (Again, to each their own…)

5Not Doing The Dishes For Days

For those unlucky souls living in apartments without dishwashers, doing the dishes is a completely necessary thing.

When should you do the dishes after you’re done eating? We would say a few minutes after… or the morning after at the very latest. Our boyfriends might say a few days later is totally fine. Well, we would say that’s gross.

4Talking To Their Friends About Totally Disgusting Subjects

Guys love getting together and having the most disgusting conversations ever. It’s another one of those mysteries that we’re not going to solve.

If we ever hang out with a guy and his friends, we might be surprised at how quickly the discussion can turn gross. Nothing is really off-limits. It’s like they just can’t help themselves.

3Not Even Noticing When The House Is Super Dirty

Chances are, we haven’t gone into a guy’s apartment or house or dorm room without thinking, “This place is super messy.” And if we ever said that to them (even politely), they would act like it wasn’t messy at all. Or they would say that they hadn’t even noticed.

We always have two choices in this type of situation: accept the mess… or clean up ourselves. (Ugh.)

2We Actually Like: Sweating A Lot

It sounds weird… but sometimes, when a guy sweats a lot, it can actually be kind of attractive.

This is one of those gross things that guys do that we actually like. Of course, we have to already have a crush on said guy in order to find this cool. Otherwise, yeah, it’s just gross.

1Drooling On Their Pillow

The final gross thing that guys do? Drooling on their pillows when they’re sleeping at night.

Okay… so we might do this too, sometimes… and we’re all only human. But we’re still going to call it gross. (We do give our boyfriends full permission to call us gross if we do the same.)


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