A woman knows it’s a serious problem when thinking about her man makes her say ‘Ugh!’ When she finds excuses to avoid hanging out together. When his touch creeps her out where once it used to make her heart beat faster.

What does it mean? Do they have to break up now?! Or is it just a sign that the honeymoon phase is over and it’s now time to get real?

There are no easy answers to these questions.

For some, something as simple as fighting constantly can make them fall out of love. For others, that’s just a sign that they need to work upon their communication and find a way to arrive at a peaceful compromise.

But what happens when a woman realizes it’s the former? That she has truly fallen out of love with him?

Well, if that’s the case, she must take her time and make a decision first. After all, heartbreaks are a part of life. And sometimes the best thing she can do for her partner is to let him go so he can find someone who can love him better.

So here are 15 signs she’s falling out of love with him, and 10 that suggest she should give him another chance.

25-We’re Falling Out Of Love If It’s Been Ages Since We Last Laughed Together

Laughter is the best binder for love. And the best catalyst for it too.

That’s why, when we develop a massive crush on someone, we can’t stop smiling whenever we see him.

And the giggles are unending when we and our besties talk about him.

So if you just don’t find anything funny about your bae anymore, or haven’t laughed together in ages, it’s a clear sign that you are falling out of love with him.

24-Give Him Another Chance If It Was His First Big Mistake (Nobody Is Perfect)

Seriously. If this was the first time you got angry at him, welcome to the other side of the honeymoon phase. It’s over!

Stop being irrational as Hollywood romcom heroines and calm down. Nobody’s perfect. And no couple’s 100% compatible. You just have to give him another chance and see.

And don’t do this second-chance-giving inside your head. He’s not a mind reader. Tell him what the problem is and why it affected you so badly!

Trust us, if he truly loves you, he will remedy it straight away or be open to a happy compromise.

23-We’re Falling Out Of Love When We Don’t Wanna Meet Him

Here’s the thing. Once the honeymoon phase of love is over, we don’t feel the need to be joined at the hip with our bae anymore. We still love him and keep in touch every few hours, but we also love having some space to hang out with our friends and do our own thing.

So if you don’t feel like meeting him anymore or think of it as a chore, it’s a big sign you have fallen out of love with him.

In fact, it’s worse if you constantly keep making excuses to get out of meeting him!

22-Give Him Another Chance If We Still Trust Him

There’s a high premium on trust in relationships. That’s why it’s so rare to find someone who keeps his promises and does right by you always. But sometimes, we all make mistakes, and they’re not usually dealbreakers.

So if his actions and attitude make him trustworthy, give him another chance. You cannot escape problems in a relationship. But if you have trust, you will always manage to overcome every hurdle. And that too the right way.

21-We’re Falling Out Of Love When Cuddling Is The Last Thing We Want To Do

Remember the first time you held his hand? It made your heart beat so fast that you thought for a second that you were going to faint. And the first kiss? It was like electricity running through your veins.

But the best thing was definitely the first time you hugged him.

And then every time after that. Ah! It’s absolutely magical when our head is on his chest and his arms are around us.

So if that’s a thing of the past for you and you can’t even tolerate his touch anymore, it’s a big sign that you have fallen out of love with him.

20-We’re Falling Out Of Love When We Fight Five Days A Week

Fighting is stressful. It ruins everyone’s day. But if we can’t stop fighting, it’s time to rethink whether we are right for each other.

After all, fighting constantly is a big sign something is majorly wrong in your relationship. It could be because he’s too immature. Or because you two are truly incompatible. As in, he’s a day person, you are a night person, he likes to stay at home, you like to wander everywhere, he keeps things organized, you are cool with a little clutter.

19-Give Him Another Chance When We Realize We Are Partly At Fault

You cannot clap with one hand. Neither can you have a fight in a relationship without both parties being responsible for it in some way.

Just think about it. Would you have had the fight if you had spoken up sooner?

Or if he had not mistakenly judged you without knowing all the facts? Nope. You wouldn’t.

So before you blame your bae for all the fault, analyze the situation and see if you are partly at fault. Because if you are, there’s a lot of scope for both of you to grow. Plus, a big chance for you to strengthen your relationship together.

18-We’re Falling Out Of Love When We Don’t Find Him Attractive Anymore

There are two things that truly make us fall in love with someone. How they look and how they think. The former is important because without physical attraction you would just be friends. And without the latter, you would not know what to talk about with each other, and thus, will never form a strong bond.

So if he used to tick both these boxes in the past (which is why you are together), but of late you just don’t find him attractive anymore, it’s a sign that you have actually fallen out of love with him.

17-Give Him Another Chance If We Are A Better Person When We Are With Him

Most people in the world will try to hold you back when you start to achieve greatness. Not because they are bad people. But because they are stuck in their ways and feel better when you don’t grow.

So if you are a better person in his presence and feel that he encourages the best in you, forgive him and give him another chance.

Everyone makes mistakes. It would only be a problem if he promises to improve and then does nothing about it. Because then he would not be upholding the ideal that he holds you up to.

16-We’re Falling Out Of Love When Our Friends Ask Us If Everything Is Alright

It’s easy to become defensive when your friends and family ask you if everything is alright in your relationship. Why wouldn’t it be? We are perfectly fine!

But they wouldn’t have asked if they had not noticed something off between the two of you. And that feedback can be very valuable. Especially when we have been avoiding our partner and they notice it. Or when it seems like we are constantly in a bad mood.

So pay attention if your inner circle seems worried.

15-Give Him Another Chance If He Wants To Fix Things

Actions might speak louder than words, but there’s no harm in giving him one more chance if he desperately wants to fix things between the two of you.

Just remember: if you agree to give him that chance, you need to stop putting in the effort that you used to earlier.

How else is he going to realize that his one chance is the last?

If things don’t change even after that, give it one month tops. After all, it shouldn’t take one month for him to start fixing things.

14-We’re Falling Out Of Love When We Don’t Wanna Make Any Plans Together

Here’s the thing. Falling out of love works differently for different people. Some like to avoid talking to their partner or touching them. Others do it like a chore just because they believe it’s what will help “bring back the love.”

But if deep inside you always groan or sigh whenever he makes plans for the two of you or invites you out on a date, it’s a big sign you are over him.

13-We’re Falling Out Of Love When We Daydream Of Being With Someone Else

Well, if you have been guilt-tripping because you suddenly have developed a massive crush on someone who is not your boyfriend, ask yourself why.

Is it because he’s never around? Is it because you don’t feel connected to him? Or is it because, honestly, you have lost all interest in him?

Scolding yourself is not going to make your attraction towards the other guy vanish.

But if the reason is a total lack of interest in your S.O., then perhaps it’s time to end things and move on. All other reasons are just a sign that you and your partner need to invest more time and energy in the relationship.

12-Give Him Another Chance If He Has Matured Since The Last Time

This point speaks of a time when you have actually split from him and he has come back begging you to give the relationship one more chance. Because then, that chance depends on whether he has matured since the last time you were together.

So, obviously, if he comes crawling back in five days, you know that’s not enough time to mature. But if he does so after a year of no contact, give him a few dates to convince you of his maturity.

The fact that he has come back even after having enough time to be over you is a sign that he truly does love you. But it would be foolish to give a second chance to someone who is still the same guy with the same problems.

11-We’re Falling Out Of Love When We Don’t Trust Him Anymore

Trust is a fragile thing. Once cracked, it can take a while to be reestablished. Especially if the breach was because of something major. Like, breaking a promise or flirting with someone else behind your back.

So if you do not trust your partner and don’t think you can forgive him, move on.

Love cannot exist without trust. And there’s no way around this. And if he’s got a track record of lying and deceiving you, that’s bad news.

10-Give Him Another Chance If He Is Capable Of Change

This one’s a big thing. Because most people only say they will change, but they never do. They may talk a good game, but when it comes to action, you never see it happen.

So if you have witnessed a massive change in him since the time you got to know him, and that change was for the better, you already have proof that he is capable of growing and improving. In that case, there’s no harm in giving the relationship one more go.

9-We’re Falling Out Of Love When We Feel Awkward Around Each Other

Strangers feel awkward around each other. Not lovers. And definitely not people who have a history of being intimate with each other and sharing sentimental moments together.

So if you have suddenly developed an intense awkwardness around your partner, ask yourself why.

Do you feel disconnected to him? Do you think he does not care for you? Do you think you might not be in love with him anymore?

8-Give Him Another Chance If He Makes Us The Happiest

You might be angry at him. But if you know he makes you the happiest, you should give him another chance.

Trust us, he wouldn’t have managed to retain that spot if there wasn’t anything good and awesome about him. So chalk up your grievances to being the adjustment phase after the honeymoon, and work things out.

You would regret your decision if you don’t.

7-We’re Falling Out Of Love When We Feel Trapped In The Relationship

Seriously. If you feel trapped in your relationship, get out. Literally.

Take a train and go away for a few days to a place where you can be alone. Or, call up your bestie and ask if you can crash at their place for a few days because you want a change of scene. And when you do this, tell him not to contact you. Find some other way to let him know you are safe, in case that’s an issue.

If the time away does not make the claustrophobic sensation go away when you come back, it’s because your spirit feels crushed in your boyfriend’s presence.

Not because he’s a bad guy! Just because you both are not compatible and you don’t love him anymore.

6-We’re Falling Out Of Love When His Habits And Quirks Annoy Us

When we have freshly fallen in love, everything about him excites us. We don’t find anything annoying. Not even his habit of calling us forty times a day. Why would it be annoying? We want to spend as much time together as we can!

But that changes once the honeymoon phase is over. That’s when we start noticing the little habits and quirks that are kinda irritating.

Anyhoo, such annoyances are minor and don’t make us feel as if they are with the wrong person. So if that’s not the case–you are extremely annoyed by every little thing he does–then it’s because you truly don’t love him anymore and want out.

5-Give Him Another Chance If He Treats Us Like A Queen

This one’s easy. Because most people don’t have enough time to look away from their selfies to treat others well.

So if your bae treats you like a queen and respects you greatly, give him another chance.

Don’t let human imperfections get in the way of your happiness.

If even after that things don’t get better, or if you absolutely can’t solve your differences, it’s probably because you two have incompatible personalities. And there’s nothing you can do about it. Trust us, someone treating you well is not going to make that go away.

4-We’re Falling Out Of Love When Everything Else Comes Before Bae

Sorry bae, but we have to cancel our date night because I have to work on a project that has a deadline three weeks away. And no, I cannot hang out because I have to go bowling with my buddies. Once again.

Face it. If your relationship is the last thing on your priority list, you definitely are not in love with him anymore. Or, maybe you are in love but really do have a lot of other things to focus on. Like, your work.

So it all boils down to the real reason why you have pushed him to the bottom of the barrel.

3-Give Him Another Chance If The Reason For Breaking Up Is Gone

Finally, you should give him another chance if the reason why you wanted to split is no longer valid. Like, if he has changed, or if you two have found a nifty solution to your problem.

After all, there’s no point in holding on to the past once everything has been solved. Just remember the lesson and move on.

Also, don’t bring up the past as ammunition when you fight next time! That would tell him that you were not satisfied with the solution but lied that you were.

2-We’re Falling Out Of Love When We Only Think About Ourselves

Love is about giving. Giving everything you’ve got and then some. And doing so with a happy heart because it’s a way for you to express how much you love him.

So if that’s missing, it’s probably because you are not in love with him anymore.

That is, you absolutely have no interest in compromising or finding a middle ground. In fact, if you don’t get your way, you are more than happy to take the highway. Trust us, if in your head you always come first, you really don’t love him at all.

1-We’re Falling Out Of Love When We Wake Up One Day And Know It For Sure

And here it is. The biggest sign you have fallen out of love with him–you are not sure if you do.

That thought wouldn’t have come into your head if you were still madly in love.

Because we never have to confirm whether we like someone or not. Have you ever done it when you had a massive crush on a guy? You just knew you wanted him!

So if that’s missing, it’s probably not good news.


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