When we hear of a couple sleeping in separate bedrooms, we often think that the couple is having marital problems, but, according to ABC News, that is often not the case. In fact, sleeping in separate bedrooms can actually be good for a marriage and create extra time for bonding.

Sleeping in the same bedroom can often cause misgivings in a relationship. One person wants to sleep a certain way while the other person has her or his own style of falling asleep. What happens is neither person gets the sleep she or he needs to function the next day. It can create a lot of friction in a relationship and be a source of arguments.

In fact, numerous sources are citing that 25 percent of couples in the United States are sleeping in separate bedrooms. People are starting to take their sleep more seriously and if they can’t get the sleep they need together, the easiest solution for them is to sleep apart in separate bedrooms.

Aside from a good night’s sleep, there are a host of other benefits to sleeping separate from your life partner. What’s more, couples are finding that the time they do spend together is far more intimate than the sleep time spent in a shared bed.Continue Scrolling To Keep Reading


According to the Huffington Post, the main reason why couples choose to sleep in separate bedrooms is snoring. It is the classic example of the light sleeper and the heavy snorer that often comes to mind, and as we age, our snoring gets louder and louder. Instead of spending nights battling a snorer and the snorer trying to get some sleep while being jabbed in the ribs, couples are opting to sleep in separate bedrooms. The light sleeper gets the quiet rest she or he needs and the snorer can blast away the night with strange noises. That way, both the light sleeper and the heavy snorer can catch a healthy night of sleep.

14-Different Sleep Schedules

A prominent reason for couples wanting to sleep in separate rooms is their sleep schedule. Some people are naturally night owls while others are morning folk. Sharing the same room with different sleep cycles could lead to arguments over the light being left on or both partners suffering from lack of sleep. Work shifts can also affect a couple’s sleep pattern. If she works third shift and he works first shift, there is always the possibility of interrupting someone’s much needed sleep. The solution to this problem is as easy as sleeping in separate bedrooms. The couple can then share a bed on nights off or spend some cuddle time together before parting to their separate rooms.

13-TV Habits

Do you need absolute quiet to fall asleep or do you like to fall asleep with the television on? There are people who like to watch television late into the night and find that they can fall asleep better with the noise of the television in the background. There are also people who need absolute quiet to fall and stay asleep. For these people, sleeping in separate rooms makes sense. What happens when both people in a couple like to watch television at night, but don’t like the same shows? Instead of one person watching television in bed and the other person watching it on an uncomfortable sofa, it makes sense for them to just have separate rooms with their own television sets.

12-Mattress Comfort

Do you prefer a hard mattress or a soft mattress? How about your soul mate? Everyone has a preference for the type of mattress they feel the most comfortable sleeping on. While there are mattresses that allow individuals to “dial” in their comfort, they mattresses are expensive and not everyone finds them comfortable. Getting separate mattresses will make both people in a relationship happier, and you don’t have to put the mattresses in separate bedrooms if you don’t want to. It was once fairly common for married couples to sleep in the same room, but on separate beds.

11-Bedroom Temperature

Bedroom temperature plays a large roll in whether you sleep comfortably or not. You may like to fall asleep to a chilly bedroom and snuggle up under your covers, but your partner may prefer to sleep in a warm room and sprawl out on top of the covers. If the two of you are at the opposite ends of the bedroom temperature spectrum, the easiest solution to your problems is separate bedrooms. This way, you can close your door, crank up the AC or turn down the heat, and hibernate under the covers while your mate sprawls and slumbers in his summer warmth.

10-On Call

Do you work a job where you are always on call? How about your partner? When late night calls are a common occurrence and the other person is grumpy from being woken up by the calls, it is time to take action. Set up a second bedroom for the person who is on call. During the on-call nights, the couple can sleep in separate bedrooms. On off nights, they can snuggle up together in one bed, if they choose. If late night calls are a serious problem, look for the easiest solution: separate bedrooms. There is no point in having arguments over a person’s work schedule.


Before the two of you moved in together, you let your cat sleep in bed with you and he had his German Shepherd on his bed. Now that the two of you are living together, the bed is overcrowded and the pets don’t seem to want to stay still during the night. Many pet loving couples are comfortable sleeping with their pets in the bed and moving into separate bedrooms allows the individuals to keep on sleeping beside their fur babies without bothering the other person in their relationship. There is nothing wrong in preferring to sleep with a pet over a person. In fact, as you will see, there are some great benefits to sleeping separately.

8-Improves ___ Life

It is true. Sleeping in separate bedrooms can improve a couple’s ___ life. Think about it. There is your bed and his bed. When you glance into his bedroom, your thoughts will gravitate towards last night when you crawled into his bed and had special time with him. You won’t be thinking of his snoring or the blanket fights you have in the middle of the night. He, too, will think of your room as a special place to surprise you with an early morning snuggle. He won’t be thinking of your weird face masks or how you grind your teeth all night. When you sleep apart, the bedroom becomes a special place for together time.


Have you or your partner spent any significant time single and alone in bed? It is easy to get comfortable with sleeping alone. Add another person to your bed and it can get uncomfortable. Many people just prefer the comfort of sleeping alone for numerous reasons. For example, you know you like to read a book late into the night and sometimes you fall asleep with the light on. You also know that your partner would hate this. Instead of lying awake in the dark so you don’t disturb your partner, you choose to sleep in a different room. You are being considerate to him while addressing your own comforting habits.

6-Alone Time

You got up at 6 this morning and he was already up and heading out the door for work. You kiss goodbye and then wake the kids for school. After breakfast and dropping them off, you make the mad dash to the office to begin your shift. Come evening, everyone is back at home and dinner needs to be made. He stopped at the store on his way home and got the steak and the two of you prepare dinner. Then it is homework with the kids, a family movie, and bath time. The kids are now snug in their beds and tomorrow you and your mate have to do it all over again. All you want to do is curl up in bed and have some alone time before passing out. He wants the same thing, and the two of you give each other a kiss and a hug before going off to separate rooms.

5-Night Light

It might seem weird to some, but there are a lot of people who prefer to sleep with a light on. It could be a small night light or a light on the nightstand. Whatever their reason, they need that light on to feel safe and secure. If you are a person who can’t fall asleep with any lights on, who needs total darkness to get comfortable, having a light on in the bedroom can be annoying. Sleeping in separate rooms allows each individual in a relationship to sleep with or without a light without bothering the other person’s sleep cycle.

4-Restless Sleeper

A restless sleeper is someone who can’t stay still in their sleep. They constantly switch their position during the night, from left side, to back, to right side, and then onto a total belly flop that nearly knocks you out of bed. Restless sleepers flail their arms, kick out their feet, and can easily leave you with only a foot of bed space. Every time you crawl into bed with one of these sleepers, you risk a busted lip, a black eye, and a few leg bruises. Separate bedrooms resolves this problem and takes away the risk of bodily injury.


Your two year old daughter likes to come into the bedroom some nights and sleep with you. Your husband isn’t comfortable with the arrangement. He feels awkward with his daughter in the bed between you both or maybe he is just scared that he might roll onto her in the middle of the night. Instead of him going to sleep on the uncomfortable sofa, the two of you decide to set up a separate bedroom just for him. That way, on the nights when your daughter needs the security of a parent, your husband can sleep in the extra bedroom and your little one can sleep safe and snug with you.

2-Keep Your Blankets

You crawl into bed with the person you love, turn off the light, and snuggle up. Drifting off to sleep like this is the best part of the night. In fact, it is the only good part about the night. You know that as soon as he falls asleep, the blanket battle will begin. Sure enough, his breathing turns slow and steady and the battle begins. He tugs on the blankets, pulling them up, off your legs. You tug back and slowly drift off to sleep. At two in the morning you wake with an awful chill. He has all the blankets piled up on top of himself. You struggle just to get a corner of the blankets to get warm. Night after night this happens. You’ve even tried sleeping with separate blankets, but he grabs those, too. The solution? Separate bedrooms. Finally, you get to sleep the whole night without losing the covers.

1-Creates Special Together Time

Believe it or not, when a couple chooses to sleep in separate bedrooms, they automatically start creating a schedule that gives them the time they need to be intimate with each other. They might make it a nightly ritual to snuggle together on the sofa at night before going to their separate bedrooms. In the morning, one of them might crawl into the other’s bed for even more snuggle or intimate time. Instead of spending 6 to 8 hours together, sleeping restlessly in a shared bed, these couples are creating quality, meaningful times to be together.


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