Valentine’s Day is already creeping up on us—can you believe how quickly this year is going to fly by? Naturally, going into 2018, we all wonder what our love lives will have in store for us. We all want to meet someone special, to fall head over heels for a guy who will treat us right, to find that person who will give us our “happily ever after.” And some of us will! This Valentine’s Day will reveal all kinds of things about your romantic future with whoever you’re dating—some people will be lucky in love, and some will not.

So, how can you tell if you and your boo are destined for romance, or headed for total disaster? Well, as always, you can look to the stars for a clue. If you already know your zodiac sign and your guy’s birthday, we have a handy list ready for you to read through to see what your future holds. Some couples will have an amazing Valentine’s Day and realize that they are truly destined for each other, while others will have a serious wake up call and see that they were never meant to be—here’s the truth!

24-Will Have No Luck With Cupid: Aries and Aquarius

Aries and Aquarius are too stubborn and headstrong to make it work together. It’s a shame, because they do share some pretty important similarities. They both stay true to themselves in every situation—they don’t bend or change for anyone. They both value exploration, travel, and getting out of their comfort zones. But neither of them do very well with compromising, and they also don’t feel the need to explain their actions or decisions to anyone else—which can make for some serious issues with communication. They are often on totally different pages when it comes to decision making, and when one of them has made up their mind about something they want to do, they will not budge. In fact, they’re probably arguing over what they should do for Valentine’s Day right now!

23-Will Have The Best Valentine’s Day: Taurus and Cancer

Yup, here’s another Taurus who will be having a wonderful Valentine’s Day! Any Taurus who is dating a Cancer will be feeling very lucky in love on February 14th. Why do Taurus and Cancer get along so well? Honestly, it’s easy to see. Cancer totally accepts Taurus for who they are. And Taurus can attend to all of Cancer’s emotional needs, because they are super mature and caring. In fact, these two care for each other so deeply that other couple’s often feel very jealous. On top of that, they are great communicators. There’s no room for lying in this relationship—they are always very honest with each other. This couple will probably be making a home-cooked meal together on Valentine’s Day, and then curling up on the couch to watch their favorite film.

22-Will Have No Luck With Cupid: Capricorn and Scorpio

Unfortunately, this couple is just not meant to last—in fact, they probably won’t even last until Valentine’s Day, and that’s for the best. Capricorn would probably be too busy working to celebrate anyway, which would leave Scorpio totally heartbroken! Capricorn does not understand Scorpio’s emotional state at all. And Scorpio will eventually start to feel like Capricorn is basically a robot who never cries or feels sad—and to Scorpio, this is a completely foreign concept. It’s rare that these two signs even get together in the first place because they are such opposites. But sometimes, the passion and dedication of Capricorn will appeal to Scorpio—for a little while. The truth is that these signs are complete opposites with have totally different priorities.

21-Will Have The Best Valentine’s Day: Gemini and Aquarius

Gemini? In a relationship? It’s certainly not impossible, they just have to find the right person—and that can be a tall order for a Gemini! But there are plenty of Geminis who do find themselves very happy in stable, monogamous relationships, despite all of the Gemini stereotypes! One sign that Gemini works very well with is Aquarius. This can seem surprising, because Aquarius is a tough sign to fully understand. But Geminis are super comfortable with themselves, and so is Aquarius—and here’s a bonus, neither of them get jealous about exes or past relationships. While Gemini isn’t the best at communicating, Aquarius is great at it, so they can always sort out their issues, it just takes a while! They will definitely be having a romantic, relaxed Valentine’s Day.

20-Will Have No Luck With Cupid: Sagittarius and Capricorn

Earlier, we discussed how Sagittarius and Scorpio go pretty well together, and we just taught you exactly why Scorpio and Capricorn can’t make it work…so is it any surprise that we’re about to let you in on why Capricorn and Sagittarius are one of the worst combos in the entire zodiac? These two don’t just have different priorities, they have completely different lifestyles and visions for their futures. Why would they even get together in the first place? They might assume that they can balance each other out. Sagittarius thinks that Capricorn can help them settle down, while Capricorn assumes that Sagittarius will help them lighten up a bit. Instead, they just end up going at each other’s throats—they’ll probably be fighting on Valentine’s Day.

19-Will Have The Best Valentine’s Day: Cancer and Virgo

As you can see, there are lots of Cancers out there who will be having an awesome Valentine’s Day! Cancer is a water sign, but they definitely work very well with earth signs. That’s because Cancer is so sweet and caring, and earth signs are stable, loyal, and appreciative of everything that Cancer does. Cancer and Taurus make a great match (as we explained earlier!) but Cancer and Virgo also go well together! Virgo is an extremely practical, no-nonsense sign, so while Cancer is the more affectionate one, these two have an extremely trusting relationship. There are no fears of cheating, dishonesty, or sudden break ups. They always feel comfortable and relaxed around each other, and this Valentine’s Day will be no exception—they’re in it for the long haul!

18-Will Have No Luck With Cupid: Scorpio and Taurus

It should come as no surprise to anyone that Scorpio and Taurus are a horrible couple. Not to sound too harsh, of course, but the truth is that these two are simply incompatible—there’s no way around it. Scorpio is just wired to be extra emotional and dramatic, and it’s easy to set them off. And Taurus just does not get it. When Scorpio really needs someone to be there for them, Taurus has a tendency to brush off their pain and act like it was no big deal. This upsets Scorpio even more, and twisted cycle begins that neither of them can break out of it. Both signs have a completely different nature, and there is just no getting around it or changing it. They are better off breaking up before Valentine’s Day!

17-Will Have The Best Valentine’s Day: Leo and Libra

Leo and Libra together—seriously? Yup. These two signs might seem like they wouldn’t get along on the surface, but deep down, they share many of the same values. Leo and Libra both strive for excellence in everything they do. And yes, they both do care about their image, which can make for an interesting dynamic, but once they get overvaluing looks and materialistic things over substance, their odds are good. They are also both very social signs. They like to go out with friends, network, and attend all kinds of events together. Neither of them are really introverted—they are both extroverts, so they can handle lots of parties and other social engagements together! Expect to find them on a double date this Valentine’s Day!

16-Will Have No Luck With Cupid: Libra and Cancer

As expected, Libra and Cancer are not exactly going to be riding off into the sunset together. They are just on totally different planes of existence—their values are incompatible, and there’s no way that they can be in a happy relationship together. Does this sound a little too “gloom and doom?” Well, we’re just being real with you! This Valentine’s Day will not be a happy one for Libra and Cancer. Honestly, Cancer is probably the one who will end up broken-hearted and alone! Cancer tends to think that Libra doesn’t focus on what’s really important in life, like relationships with friends and family, while Libra feels like Cancer is immature and overly sensitive. Libra will probably be the one who initiates the breakup.

15-Will Have The Best Valentine’s Day: Virgo and Capricorn

Virgo and Capricorn go so well together, it’s actually insane. And this might seem surprising to some people because you might assume that their relationship would be boring. They’re both hard workers, super practical, down to earth—well, they’re both earth signs, after all! Yes, sometimes this relationship can seem a little drab to outsiders. But here’s exactly why it works. Both signs are very independent, so they spend a lot of time apart and cherish the time they do spend together. This arrangement totally works for them, even if other people don’t really understand it! And they are super supportive of each other’s careers. On Valentine’s Day, they’ll spend some quality time together, even if they are both working late—they would never forget a special holiday!

14-Will Have No Luck With Cupid: Taurus and Virgo

Two earth signs who can’t make it work—what’s the deal with that? Well, let’s take a minute to explain exactly why Taurus and Virgo don’t make such a great couple. Basically, they are too alike. They’re both pretty serious signs who value stability and organization. Sounds like they who would understand each other well and be pretty happy together, right? Wrong. They just bore each other. Because they are so similar, they don’t push each other to learn anything new. They find themselves agreeing all of the time, which is blissful at first, but over time, it starts to become annoying. This relationship does not challenge either of them to grow as people. They simply stay stagnant and get tired of doing the same thing—and Valentine’s Day will be another boring night!

13-Will Have The Best Valentine’s Day: Libra and Gemini

Here’s another couple who will be having a fantastic Valentine’s Day—Libra and Gemini! These two just “get” each other on a deeper level. They also somehow manage to balance each other out. While Gemini is more fun-loving and spontaneous, Libra is a bit more chilled out and organized. They keep Gemini from going completely wild, and Gemini keeps Libra from working too hard and having a little more fun! But what really pulls this couple together is their interests. They both love to get out of their comfort zones and learn new things, whether that’s through travel, reading, or learning new things. Maybe they’ll be taking a trip out of town this Valentine’s Day, or heading out to a cool new museum—anything goes with these two!

12-Will Have No Luck With Cupid: Aquarius and Libra

Aquarius and Libra is definitely not a match made in heaven. In fact, they shouldn’t be a match at all. When these two signs dates, they typically know that they are making a huge mistake right off the bat, but sometimes they ignore it because they find each other super attractive (and we can’t blame them—both Aquarius and Libra are very attractive signs). But dating someone solely based on physical attraction is simply never going to work out! These two may have the hots for each other at first, but soon, Aquarius will be irritated with Libra’s obsession with their looks and overall image, and Libra will not understand or enjoy any of Aquarius’s offbeat interests. They’ll be lucky if they make it to Valentine’s Day!

11-Will Have The Best Valentine’s Day: Scorpio and Sagittarius

Yup, this can be a volatile relationship—don’t get us wrong, a Scorpio dating a Sagittarius is taking a gamble! These two might fall head over heels for each other, or they might be at each other’s throats—there’s really no telling which way it will go at first. But Scorpio and Sagittarius both have a good outlook for this year, and they’re happy with the way their own lives are going. Therefore, their relationship is pretty steady and stable, unlike what some people would expect! They understand each other’s need to live life to the fullest. Sagittarius understands the depth of Scorpio’s emotions, and they can handle the rollercoaster of their moods. Scorpio understands while Sagittarius feels restless, and they’re always up for a new adventure. This Valentine’s Day will be a special day for them!

10-Will Have No Luck With Cupid: Pisces and Leo

Okay, this match is unexpected for a reason—because these signs get along about as well as oil and water. They just do not mix in any way. Pisces is super sensitive, emotional, introverted, and creative—they are focused on getting in touch with their inner self and carving out their own unique path in life. Leo, however, is basically the exact opposite. They want to climb to the top of the career ladder, they are extremely extroverted, and they are not very emotional at all! Any Pisces and Leo couples who took a chance on each other in late 2017 or early 2018 will be giving up by Valentine’s Day. There is no way that these two will be making it work long term—they’re all wrong for each other.

9-Will Have The Best Valentine’s Day: Sagittarius and Pisces

Fire and water together? Well, this relationship can go one of two ways—burning bright or burning out! But this year, Sagittarius and Pisces are a match made in heaven. Sagittarius is just as imaginative as Pisces. They want to see the world, to foster their creativity, to push themselves out of their comfort zone. And Pisces wants the same! They may be more sensitive and easily hurt than Sagittarius, but they still have those same desires. And that’s why this couple works so well together. Neither of them want to settle for anything less than their dreams. They will work together to create the future that they have both imagined. On this Valentine’s Day, catch them looking at photos of their adventures together and planning new, exciting things for this year.

8-Will Have No Luck With Cupid: Virgo and Gemini

Virgo and Gemini—who knows how these two ended up together in the first place? However they met one thing is certain—they made a big mistake when they got together? This combo usually begins as a friends with benefits situation that Virgo gets a little too emotionally invested in. And by the time they get their wake up call that Gemini isn’t interested in staying with them long term, they feel bitter and hurt. We can’t blame them, but they should have seen it coming! Around this time of year, Virgo will probably try to plan out a nice Valentine’s Day date, only for Gemini to totally shoot down the idea and suggest that they see other people. Yea, that’s not going to be heartbreaking at all!

7-Will Have The Best Valentine’s Day: Capricorn and Aries

Yes, this is a match that might surprise people—but so far, that’s been a common theme throughout this list! What’s the deal with all of these unexpected pairings? Well, 2018 is a year when many people have decided to try something new, to follow their heart, and go for something unexpected instead of something “safe”—therefore, all of these new couples are taking risks, but they’re loving it! Anyway, back to Aries and Capricorn. Here’s why they work so well together: they both know exactly what they want, they’re prepared to go get it, and they always have faith in themselves. So when they decided that what they want is to be with each other, good luck stopping them! They’ll be having a delicious fancy dinner at their favorite restaurant on February 14th.

6-Will Have No Luck With Cupid: Leo and Cancer

Leo and Cancer don’t even sound like a good match on paper—spend just five minutes around this couple and you’ll understand exactly why they were never meant to be together! It’s probably pretty easy to see why these two just can’t work it out. Cancer loves to be at home in a comfortable, familiar environment, spending time with people they already know and love. On the other hand, Leo needs to be out and about, constantly meeting new people and trying new things. A quiet Friday night at home with a movie sounds like the perfect date to Cancer, and sounds miserably boring to Leo! And that’s probably what Cancer will suggest for Valentine’s Day, only to get shut down and possibly even dumped—ouch!

5-Will Have The Best Valentine’s Day: Aquarius and Leo

Aquarius definitely have a great year when it comes to romance—IF they’re paired up with the right sign. And it may come as a shock to some people that this year, Aquarius just might find true love with Leo! What is it about these two signs that make them work so well together, even if it seems like they wouldn’t get along? Isn’t Leo super concerned with their image, but Aquarius just doesn’t care? How on earth do they make it work? Well, Aquarius helps Leo to see that there is more to life than what other people think of them—and Leo shows Aquarius that being social and going with the flow every once in a while doesn’t have to mean compromising on who you truly are. That’s why they’ll be having a magical Valentine’s Day!

4-Will Have No Luck With Cupid: Cancer and Sagittarius

Truthfully, Cancer doesn’t have that many other signs that truly understand them. They may go well with other water signs and some earth signs, but as far as air and fire signs go, forget about it. It’s just not happening. That’s why Cancer and Sagittarius is a match doomed from the start. They just can’t be together. The funny thing is that these two can be good friends—they find their opposing qualities amusing, and in terms of friendship, they actually can balance each other out. But sometimes, they make the huge mistake of trying to take this friendship a step further and turn it into a relationship, and you can already see how problems arise—Cancer needs the comforts of home, while Sagittarius needs the excitement of the open road.

3-Will Have The Best Valentine’s Day: Pisces and Scorpio

Pisces and Scorpio together—oh man, what could go wrong here? Well, truthfully, there is a lot of room for error, but their relationship can also be strong and loving. They definitely understand each other’s emotions. Yes, they will probably fight more frequently than other couples, but this is just how they work—they will always calm down, discuss it, and work it out. And when Pisces is crying over something that other people may not think is a big deal, Scorpio will not minimize their pain because they knew exactly how it feels deep down. They already have a super romantic Valentine’s Day planned—their will be a delicious dinner, fancy drinks, long romantic walks under the moonlight, and maybe even breakfast in bed the next morning!

2-Will Have No Luck With Cupid: Gemini and Aries

Gemini and Aries can definitely be friends—partners in crime might be a better way of putting it—but they just can’t date. They can certainly hook up or be friends with benefits and have a pretty good time together, but a serious relationship? Forget about it! They will cheat on each other within a couple months. Here’s the thing—both of these signs have trouble settling down. But if they find the right person, they CAN definitely settle in for the long haul. However, if they are not with the right person, they find it so difficult to be honest and loyal. And Aries and Gemini are definitely not right for each other. This Valentine’s Day, one of them will probably catch the other texting their ex.

1-Will Have The Best Valentine’s Day: Aries and Taurus

Aries and Taurus might seem like an odd combo, but that’s only if you’ve never seen them together in action! Why do Aries and Taurus actually get along so well? They balance out each other’s strongest qualities—Aries is more spontaneous and adventurous, while Taurus is more of a grounded homebody. But they both love to push themselves out of their comfort zones, they are both certain about what they want, and they both have high self-esteem—so if they want each other and are willing to work for it, this relationship will be smooth sailing from Day 1! This Valentine’s Day, this couple will probably have an awesome date planned in an exciting city, and they are ready to celebrate just how much they love each other.


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