Imagine the scenario: you return to school after a long summer and you see a new cutie walking down the hallway. You seem to know everyone at your school but this new guy catches your eye, and you immediately start forming a plan to talk to him.

Meeting a new crush for the first time can be really, really exciting with many future days spent strolling down the hallway together, laughing at each other’s quirky jokes, and planning group dates with your friends on the weekends!

Sometimes, though, having a crush can be exactly what it sounds like; the outcome of meeting and getting to know your new boy may not work out the way you hoped. But believe it or not, the outcome of your budding romance could potentially be written in the stars before it even starts.

Consulting astrology to see if you and your new beau are compatible enough to make it to having one-on-one hang out time may even answer all of your burning questions.

Some couples may be destined to be together forever, or they may not have the staying power to last until next week! Read on to see if your couple destiny is meant to be, or if you two are better off working as best buds with a recipe for a perfect friendship to last a lifetime.

24-Astro Goals: Pisces And Scorpio

When you meet a Pieces, no matter what sign you are, you’re winning the lottery of star signs! A Pieces is always loyal and willing to lend you an ear which provides for excellent communication, two surefire signs for success within a relationship.

A Pisces pairs well with a Scorpio because a Scorpio has the ability to keep a very romantic Pisces on their toes.

A Scorpio can also benefit from a kind Pieces reminder to slow down and smell the roses every once in a while because a headstrong Scorpio can feel a little anxious about relationships sometimes!

23-Astro Don’ts: Leo And Cancer

One of the trickiest elements of a Leo and Cancer pairing is that both signs love attention. So when one sign has the tendency to require more attention than the other, the road to love can be a bit of a winding one.

Leos tend to be a bit more outspoken than their Cancer counterparts, so learning how to find an equal medium where both members of the couple feel like they are receiving equal amounts of attention is the key to being successful. If it’s harder for the two signs to find this medium, Cancers and Leos are better off being friends!

22-Astro Goals: Capricorn And Cancer

Capricorns and Cancers are perfect matches because they care about every single aspect of their partners! Both signs take getting to know one another very seriously, so don’t hesitate to spill your deepest secrets to your Capricorn or Cancer partner.

These signs will remember your most trusted information and hold it close.

Capricorns and Cancers are also on the same page when it comes to similar interests, so you will never run out of things to talk about on a second date. Your gabfests will also keep the relationship fresh and interesting. You’ll be instantly at ease with your partner!

21-Astro Don’ts: Leo And Taurus

Both Leos and Tauruses both have a tendency to be outspoken and do not hesitate to share what’s on their minds at any given moment. While being blunt with one another can be good, it has the potential to cause an unnecessary argument, resulting in unintentionally hurt feelings!

Such outspoken signs should be advised to take a minute to cool off when they feel a tense moment coming on; with a few deep breaths, a Leo and Taurus pairing can go from an “Astro Don’t” to an “astro Goal!” Set an “astro Goal” by sending periodic texts to each other during your day!

20-Astro Goals: Capricorn And Gemini

Like the summer and winter seasons, Geminis and Cancers are total opposites! Having a partner who is your sign’s complete opposite may sound kind of iffy.

But opposite signs always keep each other on their toes by keeping their relationship fun and interesting.

When it comes to going on dates, making the transition from group dates to solo outings will be quite easy. Your Gemini partner will always be secretly checking you out and listening to everything you’re saying because he’s taking notes for the next time he’ll be hanging with you. Plus, you can expect to go on some really unique dates!

19-Astro Don’ts: Taurus And Cancer

A Taurus and Cancer couple is an example of a pairing where opposite personalities may be a little concerning. Tauruses are known for being very headstrong and Cancers tend to lean more on the shy and timid side of the line, so it is very important for this couple to watch how they interact with one another; a Taurus may have to remind themselves to speak a little more kindly to their Crab partner!

As a Taurus, spending as much time around your Cancer partner and taking your relationship slowly will help you get to know each other better for sure.

18-Astro Goals: Aries And Sagittarius

An Aries and Sagittarius pairing is among the most enviable of couple goals. A Sagittarius is known for being incredibly patient, which is very helpful when it comes to offsetting an Aries’ anxious tendencies. A patient and shy Sagittarius will feel drawn to their more extroverted Aries partner on a date.

And an Aries will have no trouble getting their quieter partner to strike up a conversation.

If you’re a Sagittarius, try texting your Aries cutie an interesting question. They’ll have no problem filling you in with a fun and flirty answer. For an Aries, your Sagittarius sweetheart will love listening.

17-Astro Don’ts: Libra And Taurus

Two signs headed for disaster right from the beginning are a Taurus and Libra pairing, but not because they don’t have chemistry with one another! Both Taurus and Libras can be very headstrong, which can potentially cause some disagreements or misunderstandings. Having clear communication and a mutual understanding when it comes to matters of the heart is, of course, extremely vital to a relationship’s success.

One way to save the Taurus and Libra couple from growing and flourishing within their relationship is to make sure the two signs are clearly communicating, and a weekly “catch up” date can ensure it.

16-Astro Goals: Virgo And Taurus

A Taurus and Virgo pairing is the ultimate Astro “do” pairing! Virgos are extremely loyal to their Taurus partner. Also, a Virgo’s loyalty works incredibly well alongside a Taurus’s quality of being extremely partial to stability!

The combination of loyalty and stability in a potential relationship will make dating so easy.

A Taurus won’t have to worry about their Virgo partners texting them back or initiating the next date. The conversation will always flow at any time, making the getting-to-know-you process so much easier. Dating as a Virgo and Taurus couple will be really fun because there’s no shortage of unique outing ideas.

15-Astro Don’ts: Pisces And Cancer

When two signs both require lots of attention, relationships have the potential to be complicated! Cancers and Pisces are both very in touch with their emotions, which can be a good thing. But when both you and your guy begin competing for the other’s attention, one of you could unintentionally start to feel left out or ignored.

For a Pisces and Cancer, turning a relationship into “astro goals” from being an “astro don’t” requires a lot of patience; make sure you’re regularly switching between date ideas that you both want to do, and giving each other fair attention in conversations.

14-Astro Goals: Gemini And Cancer

Geminis and Cancers are on the cusp from each other, so the two signs automatically have a unique understanding of each other’s needs. They have the awesome ability to keep each other in check when times get tough and provide each other with endless emotional support.

The differences between a Gemini and Cancer’s personalities are still clear enough to the point where they complement each other, though.

Geminis are very extroverted; they never meet a stranger. Cancers are the complete opposite; a Cancer partner would rather hide in their shells than meet someone new, so a Gemini’s push can be really beneficial!

13-Astro Don’ts: Scorpio And Aries

The pairing between an Aries and Scorpio can only end in disappointment, sadly. An Aries is very driven and in touch with themselves; they have goals and a plan for the future, which demands a lot of devotion. A significant other just might not be the best option for an Aries’ life plan at the moment, and this is okay! In order to turn your relationship from an “astro don’t” to an “astro goal,” a Scorpio may need to be patient with their partner and respect their need for some space! Respecting what your partner needs is a big plus.

12-Astro Goals: Leo And Capricorn

A Leo lion is usually the life of the party; you can easily find a Leo going around a party talking to everyone! A Capricorn is a little bit of an opposite; they are essentially shy when you first meet them and just need time to come out of their shell.

An outgoing Leo is an awesome option to give that Capricorn just a little nudge to embrace their true selves and become the life of the party as well.

When a Leo and Capricorn are alone together, the fun never stops. Both can make their own entertainment, so every date is a party.

11-Astro Don’ts: Capricorn And Sagittarius

As the old saying goes, opposites attract! However, some signs may be a little too opposite for success.

For a Sagittarius and a Capricorn, the chances of becoming and staying a successful couple may take a lot of work and patience. A Sagittarius is much more outgoing than his Capricorn partner, which might put them at risk for some trouble. If you are a Sagittarius, a good way to change your relationship from an “Astro don’t” to an “astro goal” is to make sure your partner is comfortable at all times; dating can be pretty overwhelming! Communication is key for you.

10-Astro Goals: Virgo And Libra

Virgos are totally romantic! Being born in the late summer season, they tend to always have a sunny personality. Having a partner who is able to always complement their partner’s personalities so well is a recipe for a successful astro goal.

Sometimes, Libras can become very wrapped up in themselves.

They are very headstrong people who may often wonder if they’re being a good partner. But with a little reassurance from their sunny Virgo, the two will have a recipe for success! A Virgo’s constant positivity will always be really fun and uplifting for their partners on their occasional difficult days.

9-Astro Don’ts: Gemini And Sagittarius

Geminis can be the queens (or kings!) of being the partner who gives the most tough love within a relationship; they know exactly what they want out of a relationship and they will stop at nothing to achieve these relationship goals. But this can be a little difficult for the more timid Sagittarius; patience and taking it slow in relationships are their biggest strengths!

This relationship could greatly benefit from open and honest conversations. After all, a Sagittarius needs to remind their partner of exactly what they’re feeling at the moment, and how gentle their tougher partner needs to be with their feelings.

8-Astro Goals: Libra And Aries

Libras and Aries are two of the emotionally strongest signs! They’re both driven and committed to every avenue in their lives. Also, they’re both honest with themselves, so it’s pretty much a guarantee they will be committed to each other in the relationship.

An Aries and Libra are also strong communicators, so you’ll never have to worry about insecurity or any hidden info with your partner.

Because both signs aren’t shy about communicating well, dating and keeping the relationship fun will be a breeze! You’ll constantly have the opportunity to try new date ideas and be able to keep it fresh.

7-Astro Goals: Cancer And Taurus

Two signs who are not destined to be together according to the stars are Cancer and Taurus. Despite a Cancer crab’s very shy personality trait, Cancers have the biggest hearts and they care for the well being of everyone around them. Due to Taurus’ headstrong qualities, and tendency to be on the stubborn side, though, a Cancer could misunderstand a Taurus’ thoughts.

If a Cancer takes the time to explain how gentle they need their partner to be, a Taurus should understand, and remember to speak sweetly for future reference! If this couple practices this, they will surely be an “astro goal!”

6-Astro Goals: Scorpio And Aries

Scorpios are often extremely upbeat people, so their sparkling nature is a good match for the headstrong Aries. When an Aries gets a little too consumed in their own personal bubble, a shiny Scorpio is often around to bring them back to their earthly reality!

When a pair complements each other this well, a bright and secure future between the two is inevitable.

As an Aries, you will have no problem trusting your Scorpio partner to brighten your day! Having a companion who can always see the good in every day when you have trouble finding it is so important and extremely helpful.

5-Astro Don’ts: Sagittarius And Aquarius

Sagittarius partners tend to be more on the nervous and introspective side; they spend hours living in their own heads, wondering what their partner could be thinking! Sagittariuses are not afraid to express their feelings, but they may just need an extra push forward. For an Aquarius, who is almost as equally concerned with the inner workings of their partner’s thoughts and feelings, getting everything out in the open will be the key to turning this coupling from an Astro “don’t” to an Astro “goal!”

Also, weekly coffee dates are a must for this pairing so they can catch up on what’s going on in the relationship.

4-Astro Goals: Virgo And Scorpio

Scorpios have the tendency to radiate positivity within their relationships and their upbeat natures easily complement those of their Virgo partners. Virgos are very thoughtfully detail oriented, so there’s a good chance they may be often wondering if they are being good and understanding partners for their sunny Scorpios.

Getting the answers to a Virgo’s burning questions will be easy, too; they are always quick to say exactly what’s on their minds.

Dating is almost never dull with a Scorpio. Since they are so open-minded and positive, they’re likely to be open with almost any idea whether it’s simple or wild!

3-Astro Don’ts: Sagittarius And Taurus

A Taurus can have the reputation for being kind of stubborn. And stubbornness is fine because it’s a sign they care for you and know exactly what they want out of a relationship. Sometimes for a Sagittarius, though, a Taurus’ stubborn nature can be a little confusing; they may wonder if their partner is unhappy with them, and that’s often not the case. In order to turn this pairing into an “astro goal,” a Sagittarius should try to encourage their partners to be a bit more open to date ideas or everyday activities in order to keep each person always happy.

2-Astro Goal: Aquarius And Libra

An Aquarius and Libra couple are complete opposites, luckily a good thing for success as a couple! Aquarius’ know exactly how to have fun; their quirky and extroverted personalities are a very good and solid match for the very practical thinking Libra.

When this power couple is in a social setting, outsiders can always tell they’re full of chemistry and are actively enjoying each other’s company.

One secret to this paring’s longevity is they never think about the future; the Aquarius and Libra couple know that having fun in the moment is the most important key to staying together long-term.

1-Astro Don’t: Virgo And Pisces

When a Pieces meets someone they’re interested in, the other member of the party doesn’t have to wait long or guess whether their Pieces love interest is into them. While some may see this as an “astro goal” for a couple, a Virgo might need more time and convincing due to their nature of being unwilling to completely and quickly commit. They need the time to think about exactly who they need and want for a partner; taking the time to process exactly what you want in a relationship is so important for its success in the long run.


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