Finding true love – it’s a complicated thing. Navigating your way through dating and romance can often be intimidating, miss-leading and even sometimes, a complete waste of time. Sure, there are the clear signals that might make you believe it’s going well; he constantly texts you first, you’ve been spending a lot of time together, and he even says that he likes you. But on the flip side, there are players out there and he could just be using you.

It’s tough to believe, but better to know early on rather than when you’ve really fallen for him. Women have great intuition, it’s just one of our many blessings, yet, even we get blinded by guys sometimes. There’s nothing worse than being used or getting ghosted when you thought things were going great – so how can we protect ourselves from feeling hurt?

Thanks to the Zodiac and personality traits that go with every individual star sign, we have great ways of telling from his natural behavior if he is either truly falling or using. Here’s a handy guide to keep close by and look out for these sure signs. (You can thank us later!)

If He’s Just Using You:

24 Sagittarius Is Using You If He Never Reveals His Childish Side

When a Sagittarius guy falls, he is really open about just how childish he can be. If he likes a girl, then he will let his guard down and start having more fun – you’ll slowly watch his reserved personality change. If he’s still sensible, straight to the point and a bit dull then this is likely because he’s not really that into the relationship.

For the more mature woman this might come across as very silly and if you shut down his jokes then he will feel hurt. “Grow up” are two words he never wants to hear. Being a natural prankster, he loves to hear the sound of you laughing and really likes you if he goes out his way to make you smile. To understand his sign well, it can be summed up as No Laugher = No Love.

23 Capricorn Is Using You If He Always Insists Meeting At Your Place

You will notice you’re with a true Capricorn if he starts cooking up a huge breakfast the next day, he’s excellent in the kitchen and loves showing off his culinary skills. If he really likes you then expect to be kept well fed. On the flip side, if he’s always staying over at your place and sneaks out early in the morning then it’s time to realize he’s just using you.

Sure there are dozens of reasons why he would prefer being at yours, maybe his own place isn’t up to scratch or he has rowdy housemates. But if you have been dating for several months and you couldn’t even say where his actual home is located then don’t expect to be hearing wedding bells with him anytime soon.

22 Aquarius Is Using You If He Doesn’t Take You On An Adventure

Aquarius guys are into an adventure – they don’t like to fill their life with dull moments. He’s addicted to the adrenaline rush of quad biking, extreme water sports, and rock climbing. If you haven’t received an invite to take part of any of these activities with him then be warned he might just be using as his side chick.

Nobody likes the feeling of being left out but if an Aquarius guy isn’t into you that’s how it will feel. Sure, he enjoys his freedom to explore the world but deep down he also craves another thrill seeker to come along for the ride with him and he’ll keep searching until he finds the one. That’s just a typical air sign, he’s here today gone tomorrow.

21 Pisces Is Using You If He Never Lights A Candle Or Buys A Rose

Pisces guys are die-hard romantics. If you’ve been seeing each other for awhile and you’re yet to see one candlelit dinner, post-its notes left around with sweet messages or a bunch of flowers arrive at your workplace – he’s likely not interested in anything long term. If a Pisces guy really likes you, he will say it with gifts. When he falls, these are the romantic gestures you will have to get used to as they are a walking cliche.

Pisces is a water sign and can be very deep and moody on occasion. Usually, if he’s into someone then he will keep his mood swings to himself, so if he appears withdrawn then don’t get too carried away with fantasies of you both running off into the sunset together.

20 Aries Is Using You If He Never Introduces You To His Friends

Aries are very social and always the life of the party. When you’re his number one girl he will want to introduce you to this side of his personality, so if you never receive an invite to his fun nights out then, unfortunately, this is a clear sign he’s just not into you. Sure, this might not happen straight away when you first start dating but if it’s been going for a few weeks and still you have no idea who he hangs around with, it’s time to tap out before you get hurt.

Also, if this happens, then it’s likely he doesn’t see you as his girlfriend at all. Instead, he will just be using you for the good times when his social circle is too busy. And no girl wants to be the second option for any guy.

19 Taurus Is Using You If He Never Shows You His Jealous Side

Taurus bulls have a terrible jealous side. He has a tough heart and once he’s captured his love he will do anything to keep her close by – if a guy gets between you, even if it’s for minutes during a conversation, he will blow hot air from his nose and become angered. So on the reverse of this, if he never gets jealous at all then he just doesn’t see you as girlfriend material. He likes to keep his possessions close to him and believes if he’s earned your affection then it’s all his and nobody else’s.

Sure, he approaches relationships very slowly and it’s difficult to work out what is on his mind in the beginning, but even if he likes you a little he will be possessive. To summarise the Taurus guy simply: No Temper = No Real Romance.

18 Gemini Is Using You If There Are Never Any Gifts

Going back to the point that you will always be on his mind, he won’t be able to resist walking past a store window and not buying the perfect gift for you. He’s quite materialistic and not a very good saver, so splashing out on random, little treats is a guilty pleasure of his and if he can share that with you then that’s even better.

If you don’t see any signs of a treat coming your way – even if it’s just a small something – then you’re not on his mind. The bad news is he will either be preoccupied with someone else or you’re not girlfriend material in his eyes. When it comes to Gemini guys there is no middle ground, he either likes you or he’s outright using you – hence his two-faced sign.

17 Cancer Is Using You When He Is Overly-Guarded

Once a Cancerian guy has retired to his shell there is very little chance you’re going to be able to pull him out again. His sensitivity is also a curse and if you ever feel like his guard is up then you are probably right. He won’t, of course, tell you this, he doesn’t want to hurt your feelings, but if you feel he is being too moody – he really is.

He loves relaxing nights in, so if you hear him say ‘I’m spending some time on my own tonight’ or the invites to join him for a sofa night no longer exist, then it’s all coming to an end. He hates confrontation so his sneaky plan is to push you away enough so that you finish things instead of him having to deal with it.

16 Leo Is Using You If He Didn’t Approach You First

If a Leo guy likes you, he will chase. If you make the first move then his fragile ego might feel as if he could get so much better. Based on how you first got together, he will still hook up with you even if you did make the first move but don’t expect to last. His eye will constantly be on the lookout for someone else – it’s hard to hear but it’s only a matter of time before he gives you the brush off.

Leo’s are not very good at planning ahead, so he won’t ever reveal his next move and just disappear. If you’ve ever been ghosted before then it’s likely this was a Leo. He is known to love hard and fast, then he’s gone.

15 Virgo Is Using You If He Never Discusses His Ambitions With You

On the flipside, if he’s so obscure about his business dealings or career then you likely will never be part a permanent part of his life. Work to him is not just somewhere you go 9 – 5, it’s his entire world and if he does not want you to be part of that it’s a bad sign. Guys who fall under this sign are more likely to fall for someone he already works closely with, so they are known to stray when on business trips.

He is a big communicator, so if he is leaving something out then sorry but you’re not the head girl in his life. This is one guy who is more likely to fall for the barista who makes his morning coffee than someone he’s dating on-and-off as he deeply craves consistency.

14 Libra Is Using You If He Continues To Flirt With Other Girls

When a Libra really falls hard he won’t even dream of flirting with another girl. If you’re in a social situation together, or you’ve found some comments on social media where he’s chatting up another girl, these are sure signs he’s just not into you. They are natural peacekeepers, so if you confront him on his outrageous flirting then he will probably just shut you out completely.

There is nothing more frustrating than falling for a Libra guy believing his flirting skills were reserved just for you and then realizing he chats to every girl who’s breathing. Basically, if a guy appears to sweep you off your feet too early and it’s too good to be true – you’re probably dating a Libra. Time to call this one quits early on before you begin to feel insecure.

13 Scorpio Is Using You If He Never Socializes With You Alone

As mentioned before, Scorpios love being sociable and his mantra is always – more the merrier. He likes to be surrounded by both males and females, anyone who is up for the party, so expect to turn up to meet with him and there’s already a full table he’s talking to. This is the thing you have to watch out for – is your Scorpion really falling for you or are you just another person to add to his social circle?

If every time you hook up, he’s spent the night with the group but going home with you, it might feel like you’re special but it’s just a sign he’s using. If he was really falling he’d spend more one-on-one time with you and cancel out the rest.

If He’s Falling For You:

12 Sagittarius Is Falling For You If He Can’t Stop Complimenting You

Sagittarius guys are one of the most gentle in the zodiac. He will be kind, affectionate and very romantic if he’s falling for you. If he constantly compliments you, even on the little things like your jewelry or how you handled a certain situation then this is his way of saying, “Please say you like me too!” He’s extremely genuine so when he gives you a compliment – he really means it. This isn’t a guy who opens his mouth just for the sake of it, everything he says

A true Sag gets hurt easily, so is unlikely to make the first move but looking out for these little clues will help you feel more secure. Feel free to compliment him back as well as this will be a huge confidence boost for him.

11 Capricorn Is Falling For You If He Brags About His Achievements

Capricorn guys love business – they live and breathe the hustle and are the most at home when hard at work. They find it hard to switch off and everything they talk about will likely be all about the daily grind. This is why he will openly start bragging about his latest achievements and how he scored a big sale, landed a new promotion or he’s been praised by his manager.

They are very sensitive and need constant reassurance that they are doing their very best. Developing a relationship with him will turn you into his cheerleader as that’s his perfect partner. He only has time in his day for people that he truly cares about so when he’s bragging away, feel safe that he is trying to impress you because he wants you to be genuinely proud of him.

10 Aquarius Is Falling For You When He Goes Deep In Conversation

The key to attracting an Aquarius guy is deep and meaningful conversations. If he spends his hours with you talking about philosophy, current international affairs, and literature, then take this as a huge thumbs up that he really, really likes you. He wants someone who is in tune with his own beliefs and shares his strong opinions about things that matter to him. It’s very rare you will find an off-switch when it comes to dating an Aquarius guy.

Just like the Taurus sign, they love their food so expect to be wined and dined at a quiet, intimate restaurant. If he’s still engaging with you long after the dessert plates have been cleared away then expect him to be sticking around for a very long time.

9 Pisces Is Falling For You If He Shares His Fantasies With You

Pisces guys are one of the most secretive and mysterious signs of the zodiac. If he lets you know whats going on in his head this means he’s falling for you hard. Their secrets mean the world to them, so if he shares with you his dream holiday destination or plans for a future home he would like to build one day then he wants you to become an important part of his life.

He loves confidence in his women; so walk with confidence, keep an air of ambition about you and don’t be afraid to offer the occasional humblebrag about your own successes. He wants someone he can show off to the world and there’s no such thing as a show off in the eyes of a Pisces guy.

8 Aries Is Falling For You If He Can’t Keep His Hands Off You

Public displays of affection (a.k.a PDA) is a good sign that he’s so into you he can’t keep his hands off. It’s normal during the honeymoon phase of any relationship for this to happen but when it comes to dating an Aries guy – he will only pull this move if he is really into you. Aries is one of the most passionate signs of the zodiac so physical touching is a huge part of their confidence in you and also helps them to feel secure.

He will give you a big hug when you first walk in, will have his arm around you when you talk and will just make a random excuse to reach out for your hand. He just can’t get enough and won’t be able to let go.

7 Taurus Is Falling For You If He Cooks For You

Taurus men are one of the most nurturing zodiac signs and he loves to feed you up. He won’t be out in the car fetching a takeaway, as he loves the finer things in life and will be delighted to cook everything from scratch – he just loves to eat! If you brush up on your wine knowledge and know exactly what bottle to pair with his cooking then expect to hear wedding bells soon.

Don’t let his outgoing demeanor fool you, behind closed doors he is shy, retiring and just wants to be with only you. He’s fiercely loyal and a sucker for routine – so if you compliment a meal he has made for you then expect to see that dish time after time again.

6 Gemini Is Falling For You If He Calls You For No Reason At All

Gemini guys love to keep it light, free and laidback; if he really likes you then he will spend a lot of time chatting all day on the phone. He enjoys flirting more than actually meeting up, so expect to spend a lot of time listening to him rather than being in his actual presence – that’s just how they roll. Geminis also like to appear confident and not needy so it will be amusing to hear all his small excuses about why he has decided to call for the third time today.

Geminis also like to appear confident and not needy so it will be amusing to hear all his small excuses about why he has decided to call for the third time today. When he is falling for a girl she will be on his mind all the time, so you will likely hear a lot of ‘I was just walking past a shop and saw something that reminded me of you’ or ‘I was just thinking about that show you mentioned.’

5 Cancer Is Falling For You When He Loves To Make You Laugh

Cancerian guys are sensitive, thoughtful, and romantic. Above all else, they adore seeing you when you’re smiling and they know the easiest way to do this is by making you smile. Sure he will lay out the roses on the bed, light a candle at dinner and have a hot bath running when you return from work but he will poke fun at him doing this for along the way.

If he takes you on a date to see a stand-up show or a comedy movie at the theater then you know you are onto a winner. The sound of your laughter is a huge turn-on for him as he needs constant reassurance that you are really enjoying his company. You will have both security and fun with this guy so it’s a win-win situation for you all the way.

4 Leo Is Falling For You If He Is Enjoying The Chase

Leo guys are the hunters of the zodiac sign and they love the chase. When he first starts texting you, if you’re not immediately available and make him wait then he will enjoy pursuing you. They never downgrade and always look for the next best thing, so if he’s made to wait (and he will) then he knows you’re really going to be worth it.

Once he’s in a relationship, he likes to feel secure and has a sure thing on his arm. Don’t push to make him feel jealous as he’s very proud so this will make him turn tail and run. Being that proud, he always needs his ego nursing so when he’s caught up in the chase make sure you reassure him with comments like ‘Wish I was spending the evening with you instead’ or ‘Really looking forward to seeing you soon.’

3 Virgo Is Falling For You If He Consults You About Business

Virgo guys get a pretty bad rep when it comes to the zodiac as they are so focused on themselves it makes them appear self-centered and ignorant. This is just how they appear on the surface, when actually deep down he just really wants a partner who will compliment his success. When he begins to turn to you for advice on certain business decisions or what your opinion is on a new project then he really is falling.

If he knows you have faith in him and you believe in his dreams then it will make him fall hard. Next time he has an important event lined up, if you’re the first person he calls to talk all about it then he’s hooked on your positivity – so keep it up!

2 Libra Is Falling For You If He Jumps To Solve Your Problems

Libra guys are incredibly giving but not materialistic gifts more unselfish with their own time. The greatest test if he’s falling hard for you is to give him a DIY task, call for a lift home or just ask if he could take a look at some broken software – whatever your little problems in life are he will jump to help. This is why they make ideal life partners because when committed they will always be there for you.

They are drawn to relationships where they will be challenged to fix things. That doesn’t mean you should instantly turn the drama on but being too independent will turn him off. After all, everyone knows it’s a nice feeling to be needed and he loves being kept as your useful partner.

1 Scorpio Is Falling For You If He Puts Your Loyalty To The Test

Scorpio guys have one of the most intense stares you will ever feel. His gaze will constantly be on your when you’re dating and he’ll look to see if you are willing to flirt with other guys right in front of him. Don’t be surprised if he invites a guy friend along (those he has plenty of) to see just how far he can test your loyalty. This might seem like a bad move to pull but really it means he’s falling for you and doesn’t want to make a mistake.

Once he’s involved with someone, he is just as intense as his gaze and the type of guy who will move a girl in before you’ve even hit six months of dating. He’s very reserved at first but once he’s got you right where he wants you, he’ll not be quick to let go.


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