Steely eyes that take in every thing, a smile or rather a smirk and a head held high, that’s the Capricorn woman for you. No wonder it’s easy as pie to spot her in a crowd. Here’s why the Capricorn woman rules the roost.

Taurus Man Secrets: Put That Hot Taurus Man Under Your Spell

1 – She is usually the boss lady in most offices.

2 – Ambitious as hell, she sets goals for herself and makes sure to achieve them.

3 – Her smile, though reserved only for few, has the power to knock you right over.

4 – She makes a lot of acquaintances and few friends, but those friends are for life. She will always be by their side.

5 – She loves to pamper herself and always smells exquisite.

6 – Her style is just like her; clean and classic cuts. Poised is what describes her best.

7 – The Capricorn woman knows her power and is confident about every project she takes on.

8 – A firecracker in bed, she knows how to make her partner come back for more.

9 – She is super independent and a natural leader.

10 – She has a great sense of humour! Capricorn ladies are usually the life of the party.

11 – She is the alpha female who craves perfection in everything and always gets it too.

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