Loving a depressed woman can be very difficult but also challenging. Only those who have been through this harsh disease know what I am talking about. It is a constant feeling that you are sinking even if you are trying to get to the surface all the time.

It is a feeling of confusion and a roller coaster of emotions for every single thing that happens to you. That’s why depressed women have deep scars—no matter if they are already over it or they are still struggling with it.

Because of all these facts, all depressed women love differently and here is how:

1. They are constantly over-analyzing

Do you remember that inner voice that told you that you are not worthy or good enough? Yeah, that one! Well, sometimes that same voice can be screaming that you are not good at what you are doing and that it would be better to just drop it.

Just because of this, depressed women are constantly over-analyzing things. They have inner battles that can exhaust them so much. Even the smallest argument can be transformed into a big fight because of these things. And I must admit, it doesn’t look nice at all!

2. They think they are not good enough

It is very difficult to love someone else if you don’t love yourself first. That’s why depressed women often can’t develop a successful relationship. They always think that they are not good enough for their partners and step by step their way of thinking affect that relationship.

3. They can be selfish sometimes

Depressed women fight with depression on a daily basis. That’s why they will think about themselves more than you. Please, don’t be too harsh on them because they are just trying to make their loved ones happy. But the truth is that it is very difficult to accomplish that when you are fighting with demons inside of you!

4. They are too sensitive

Did you ever catch yourself crying to a sad movie? Or did you feel bad when you saw those homeless people seeking some food? All these things are something that depressed women feel. Just because they have been through so many things in life, they can understand those in need.

5. They enjoy the feeling of belonging

Just because they are fighting with depression alone, that feeling of belonging means the world to them. That’s why they love to share all their life experiences with their loved ones. That is one of the rare things that can surely put a smile on their faces, so if your partner is going through this state, be there for her. Trust me, broken people love the best!

6. They want to feel alive

If you ever felt depressed, you probably know what I am talking about. The thing is that depressed women can be happy if their depression lets them. Otherwise, they will feel down all the time. They won’t be capable of doing the easiest house chores like washing dishes or vacuuming the house. Instead of that, they would rather spend the whole day in bed, begging God for that day to finish ASAP.

7. They are great listeners

The common thing with all depressed women is that they tend to listen more than to talk. This means they are not such great conversationalists but they don’t do it on purpose. It is their state of mind that doesn’t let them think of anything else than their f..ked up lives and that constant feeling of anxiety and depression all the time!

8. They are empathetic

This is something that all depressed women are good at. They feel empathy even for the people they are not close to. It simply breaks their hearts when they see poor and hungry kids in war zones or old people struggling to survive. They take care of other people’s feelings and can even spend sleepless nights just trying to figure out solutions to improve their lives.

9. They don’t want s.. like they did before

All depressed women have experienced this at least once in their lives. The catch with depression is that it lowers your s.. drive, so you won’t be as h*rny as you used to be. That can be very tricky, especially if you don’t have a loving and understanding partner. If you ever catch yourself in a situation like this, try to talk to your partner and ask him to give you some time to relax.

10. They are sometimes moody

It is not easy to be cheerful all the time while your world is falling apart. That’s why depressed women can sometimes be moody. If you think about it like PMS, you better watch out if you are going to talk to your partner. It is difficult but all those bad things are there to teach us a lesson. So does depression!


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