In this modern age of dating, it is very difficult to find a good boyfriend. If you want a handsome, easygoing, successful and fun guy you will have to go the extra mile to actually find him. But all women around the world are united in the idea of what a perfect boyfriend actually is. So, if you want to know what the traits of an ideal man are, I suggest you keep reading.

1. He makes you laugh

It is not so difficult to make you laugh when you are happy but a man who can make you laugh in your moments of sorrow is worthy of your attention. It means that he wants to see you happy and that he will do anything to see a smile on your face even for a second. A man like this will act like a fool just to make you feel better. He will be your best friend in the first place and then your boyfriend. All these things make him a real keeper.

2. He never controls you

A guy like this has his shit together so it won’t be a problem if you have a girls’ night out or if you go on a business trip with a colleague from your office. He is aware of the fact that you gave him your heart and he doesn’t want anything else. He is completely satisfied in his own skin and he knows that if things between the two of you don’t function, then it was never meant to be.

3. He respects your parents

A man like this knows that your parents are the most important people to you and that they helped you to become the woman that you are today. That’s why he wants to get to know them and spend some time with them. He thinks that having a good family relationship is very important and he will never be jealous of them in case you decide to spend some time with them instead of with him.

4. He supports your goals

It is a fact that every woman has some goals that she wants to accomplish. And in case a man is there to help her on that path, that is an amazing thing. Just imagine how great it would be to have a partner who understands all your needs, who helps you to meet tight deadlines and who is there for every single thing you need. It would be great, right? Well, ladies, men like that still exist, you just need to dig a little bit deeper to find them and make them yours.

5. He prepares small surprises

Whether it is just a dinner after an exhausting day at work or a massage when you finish showering, small things make all the difference. He can just come to your workplace when you least expect him and buy you lunch. Or he can do all the laundry instead of you and leave you to enjoy your favorite movie instead. The thing is that he needs to think of these things and you shouldn’t be the one having to ask him to do something nice for you.

6. He tells you how proud he is of you

A real man can be proud of you for a million small things. It doesn’t need to be a big deal like your career, it can be the way you cooked that meal or the way you drive a car. A real guy sees everything, so he will compliment you and tell you how proud he is to have a woman like that next to him. He will cherish all that you do for him and he will tell all his friends that he won the lottery when he met you.

7. He reminds you how special you are

It is great when you have a boyfriend who reminds you how special you are. For him, you are a gift from heaven who came into his life to make it better. He tells you that without you he wouldn’t be able to cope with life problems so easily and that you are his safe harbor. He uses every opportunity to tell you how special and amazing you are and that there is no place he would rather be than in your arms.

8. He plans things with you

Whether that is travel or just a concert that the two of you will go to together, he is all in regarding the planning thing. He wants to find a good way for both of you to have fun and he wants to remember every trip or time spent together in a good way. He doesn’t make it hard to sit down and make some long-term plans with you because he enjoys doing that!

9. He always has time for you

For him, you are the most important person in his life. No matter if he has some important business or some clients that he has to spend time with, he will put everything on hold just to be with you. He is the type of guy who will comfort you during a nasty case of PMS or the one who will help you choose the best outfit. He is all-in-one—your best friend and your lover, so you better be nice to him because men like this don’t grow on trees.

10. He makes you be the best version of yourself

A guy like this believes in you and that is enough for a stable relationship. He doesn’t pretend that he is someone else and he never plays mind games with you. He is mature enough to handle problems by talking and he doesn’t freak out because of the small issues. He wants you to be the best version of yourself and with his support, you can do it. Sometimes he believes in you more than you do in yourself and he finds your happiness more important than his own.


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