You know that saying, ‘men are from Mars and women are from Venus’?

Well, it is true. We don’t have the same outlook on life and we definitely don’t think about the same things.

Women are always so caring, loving and supportive.

On the other hand, men act like they don’t give a damn about others.

But there are some common situations in which all women, no matter where they live think in the same way.

1. When we walk alone at night, we always think that someone will attack us.

So, when we walk near others, there is that crazy look in our eyes, saying: “Don’t come near me, or I will kick you so hard that you will count all the stars!”

Yes, a little bit crazy but that’s the way we are. And we are not planning to change!

You can love us or hate us but we will always be super careful!

2. Feeling a bit strange when being complimented

This is a difference between some men and women.

I am not saying we are all the same.

There are cold-blooded b*tches that wouldn’t compliment you even if you were Miss Universe.

Guess what they are? Jealous!

3. To smile like crazy when someone compliments your outfit or makeup.

I don’t know why, but I can not accept a compliment. Sometimes, I think people give compliments to get to a higher goal.

Who knows, maybe I am wrong!

Anyway, it looks bad, so girls please stop doing this!

4. Stressing out about what to wear to work especially if you have an important event

Yeah, we are crazy but still, we want to look attractive and beautiful.

So, spending two hours in a bathroom trying to have makeup like Kim Kardashian with all those contours will eventually pay off!

At least you will be able to reach some business goals faster, especially if your boss or client is a male!

5. Knowing that time to become a mom won’t last forever

That’s why you hate the fact that you won’t have time to devote yourself both to family and your career. And that really sucks, right?

6. Finding a pair of jeans that don’t show your belly

This can be so awkward but fashion nowadays is so cruel.

You can wear fashionable clothes or something from your mother’s closet which you can ‘sell’ under retro.

Poor girls, even the simplest things in life can make us so many problems!

7. Instinctively feeling like you should apologize if you go out in public without wearing makeup or showering.

Because if you do go out without makeup, someone always says, “You look exhausted today. What’s up?”

And you just want to yell, “I’m not tired! I just didn’t feel like putting on mascara today!”

Only women can understand this.

8. Trying to find the right balance in the workplace.

For women it is really hard to find work balance. We would love to be bosses, leaders but also best friends and shoulder others could cry on. But that is simply impossible.

9. I just want to stop talking to some people.

I hate those women who have the right to ask me why I am single and that they alreday had kids when they were my age.

Oh my God, how I hate this!

10. Should I sleep with someone on a first date?

For me, it is a big no-no but some women like it.

But let’s be honest. If a guy sees that he can easily have you on a first date, you will not be a mystery to him anymore.

He got what he wanted and there is a big possibility that he will just dump you.

So, girls, even if the guy looks like a supermodel, don’t sleep with him on a first date.

Your honor is more important than your orgasm!


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