What Aries can’t tolerate:

1. Scheduled Weekends Aries love surprises. 
2. Partners who stay at work until late at night. 
3. Sweaty feet. 
4. Dirty clothes. 
5. Cheap perfumes and cologne

6. Gifts that you need to ask. Aries want to get surprises. 
7. People who, while laughing, snort. 
8. Unkept promises. 
9. Impromptus. Aries say when they feel ready. 
10. Smokers. You can smoke yourself, but you are not around.

What Taurus can not tolerate:

1. Bad breath. 
2. Lies. 
3. Houses that do not have their own face. 
4. People who are not able to confess love. 
5. Tasteless food. 
6. Small portions and poor service in restaurants. 
7. Partners who love to stay at work in the evenings. 
8. Those who drink too much. 
9. Those who talk too much. 
10. People who speak louder than Taurus itself.

What Gemini can’t stand:

1. Jealousy. 
2. Cheating. 
3. Thrift. 
4. Gluttony. 
5. Those who copy them6. Meanness. 
7. People who dance, although they do not know how to do it. 
8. People dressed tasteless. 
9. The word “commitment.” 
10 Those who plan everything in advance.

What Cancers Can’t Endure:

1. Liars. 
2. Sluts. 
3. Beer stomachs. 
4. Empty promises. 
5. People who constantly talk only about themselves. 
6. People who put their own interests above all. 
7. Tasteless and cheap clothes. 
8. People who snore loudly. 
9. Men and women who do not want to talk about love. 
10. Non punctuality.

What the Leo can’t stand:

1. Bad taste in clothes. 
2. Nose hair. 
3. Controllers. 
4. Evil-smelling people. 
5. Those who smoke bad cigarettes6. Laziness (of course, only in other people).

7. Those who speak loudly. 
8. Those who spend more than they earn. 
9. Those who borrow money. 
10. Fake designer clothes.

What Virgo Can’t Endure:

1.Vseznaek (Virgos themselves know everything). 
2. Chewing gum. 
3. Foul odor. 
4. Non punctuality. 
5. Fetching. 
6. Poorly cooked food. 
7. Facial hair. 
8. People who burp after eating. 
9. Untidiness. 
10. Organizers (this is the case of the Virgin).

What Libra can’t stand:

1. Malice. 
2. Dirt under the nails. 
3. People who step on their feet. 
4. Flirting (it is allowed to flirt only by Libra himself!). 
5. Casual wear for special occasions. 
6. Greasy jokes in a mixed company

7. People who wear nightgowns after nine in the morning. 
8. False nails. 
9. People who do not know how to drink. 
10. Notorious liars.

What Scorpios can’t stand:

1. Bored underwear. 
2. Bad breath. 
3. Lack of ambition. 
4. Lies. 
5. Infidelity. 
6. Former girlfriends or buddies of your partner. 
7. People who bite their nails. 
8. Insufficiency of funds. 
9. Predictability. 
10. Cheap shoes.

What Sagittarius can’t stand:

2. Those who always apologize. 
3. Envy. 
4. Those who speak more than themselves. 
5. Organizers.

6. The words “long”. 
7. Men and women who gather for a long time. 
8. Pathological cleanliness. 
9. Sarcastic grins. 
10.Tech who counts money.

What Capricorns hate:

2. Unlimited makeup. 
3. Sad stories. 
4. People in tight clothes. 
5. Those who speak in order to speak. 
6. Slabolovolny persons. 
7. Drawing (although Capricorns themselves love to draw). 
8. Those who are trying to lead them. 
9. Those who are unsteady on their feet. 
10. Those who cannot drink.

What the Aquarius can’t stand:

1. Those who do not share good gossip. 
2. Bore. 
3. People without life experience. 
4. Woody stories. 
5. Those who eat with greed. 
6. Those who love to lisp.

7. Those who pose as know-alls. 
8. Those who like to shake their hair (this is the favorite habit of the Aquarius themselves). 
9. Those who bite their nails. 
10. Bad companies.

What Pisces Can’t Endure:

1. Those who dress too modestly. 
2. Those who talk about s** in public. 
3. Those who wear cheap shoes. 
4. Oilyness in public. 
5. Those who do not allow dirty jokes alone. 
6. Those who do not drink. 
7. Those who do not have style. 
8. Strangers. 
9. Those who are alert and cheerful in the morning. 
10. Tickling heels in a dream.


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