You know what they say—once a cheater, always a cheater. Sometimes, it’s not true, though, when you have the most amazing relationship that proves infidelity can actually strengthen it. But, mostly, it ends the relationship and he’s left to work on his behavior. But what happens when he’s just fine with being an asshole? You get a serial cheater.

It could be because he loves the chase but not the catch. His self-esteem is so low, he needs it to boost his ego. Or he has simply accepted it as something that’s a part of him and has no intention of changing it. Whatever the reason is, it’s messed up. Seriously, falling in love with a cheater is bad as it is but a serial cheater is a whole different level to it.

So, to see if the dude is full of it, check the list below!

1. You haven’t met any of his friends or family

This is usually a sign that he’s not interested in keeping you around long enough to introduce you to his friends or family. It could be because he’s afraid of commitment, because he’s hiding something from you or hiding you from someone. It’s completely normal if you just started dating but if you’ve been in a relationship for more than a couple of months, that’s a red flag right there!

2. Vague details

If he’s trying to hide something, he will go out of his way to do it. You’ll basically have no idea where he is, with whom and for how long. And when you ask him about his day, you’ll get nothing but undefined answers like, “Oh, just fine. Did some work stuff.” Like, no shit Sherlock, you did work stuff at work. Oh my God. We’re not asking for specific details but a little bit of insight into your work and day would be nice, since someone actually cares about you enough to be interested in them.

3. He just loves the chase

If he was super into you while he was chasing you but he suddenly turned cold once he got you, it could mean that he simply loves the chase more than he loves the prey. And it could also mean that he is already chasing someone else. Unless he’s ready to talk about it and actually do something to fix it, let him go. He’s just another emotionally unavailable asshole you don’t need in your life.

4. He’s unavailable most of the time

No matter how busy he is, there are at least two minutes in his busy schedule for him to let you know that he’s fine and that he is thinking of you. But if he’s offline most of the time and there’s always some work to do late at night, it could just be him looking for excuses to have some side action without you noticing. If your gut is telling you that something is off, maybe you should listen to it and not buy into another one of his bullshit lines.

5. Showers you with gifts and attention

Cheaters usually use this to ease their conscience, because they know what they did was wrong. And if you notice that there is a certain pattern in his expressions of affection, maybe it’s time to listen to your gut a little bit better. If he stays out late one night and there’s a whole week of him being the best boyfriend there ever was, only for this to be followed by another week of him being unavailable and working late, if this repeats on and on, you got yourself a serial cheater.

6. He is extremely protective of his phone

If he carries his phone with him everywhere he goes, and I mean literally everywhere, maybe it’s time you ask yourself why that is so. Unless the lad is working for the CIA, there is no reason for him to carry his phone even when he’s going out to throw away the trash. I mean, it only makes you all antsy and worried what the hell is on that phone that he’s so protective of. And let me tell you, it can’t be a good thing. If he doesn’t trust you enough to leave his phone alone for like thirty seconds, there is a good reason for it.

7. His friends are assholes

And he seems like the sweetest boyfriend ever. Something is not adding up here. We spend time with people who are similar to us. If we are caring and gentle, there’s no way we can be best friends with someone who is an A-list asshole. And if we’re not into that steady and calm life with our significant other, chances of us being best friends with a married couple who are the very definition of that life are really small. The point is, if his friends are jerks and cheaters who brag about it, there is a huge possibility of him being the same.

8. Mood swings

One week he’s the boyfriend of the year and the next he’s picking fights over everything. Even the tiniest thing is bothering him enough to pick a fight. Mood swings can come from problems at work or health issues but if you recognized a few more signs from this list together with this one, it’s pretty clear why it’s happening.

9. At one point, you were the other woman

The chances of you two actually working out are one in a million. It’s simple for him actually. If he did it once, he can do it again. And if he was able to find someone better than his ex, what’s stopping him from looking for someone better than you?

10. He was never honest about his cheating in the past

If his friends or exes are the ones who told you about him being a cheater, that’s a huge, red flag right there. A man who seriously regrets his cheating past will tell you about it and tell you how it was the worst thing he ever did. A real man will hide nothing from you, because he already knows how dishonesty hurts. But if he tried to hide it from you and there are more than one relationships which ended because of his infidelity, what are you still doing with him?


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